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cabbage (n.) caayl; cabbash: Shall I boil spinach or cabbage? - Jeanym broie spinach ny cabbash? JJK idiom

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Cabbage Harbour (n.) Purt ny Cabbage

cabbage head (n.) kione caayl

cabbage lettuce (n.) glassan garroo; glassan mooar; glasseyr mooar

cabbage patch (n.) garey caayl

Cabbage Shore (n.) Traie Cabbage

cabbage stump (n.) bwon caayl

cabbage white (n.) foillican bane

cabbage worm (n.) braddag chaayl, durrag

field cabbage (n.) reap

garden cabbage (n.) cabbash vane

palm cabbage (n.) cabbash phalm

savoy cabbage (n.) cabbash chraplit

turnip cabbage (n.) cabbash nappinagh

Traie Cabbage Cabbage Shore

Isle of Mann cabbage (n.) cabbag Vanninagh

larva of cabbage moth (n.) braddag chaayl, durrag

Purt ny Cabbage Cabbage Harbour

braddag chaayl (f.) cabbage worm, larva of cabbage moth

durrag (f.) cabbage worm, larva of cabbage moth; wicket, wicket gate

bwon caayl cabbage stump

cabbash (f.) cabbage

cabbash chraplit (f.) savoy cabbage

cabbash nappinagh (f.) turnip cabbage

cabbash phalm (f.) palm cabbage

cabbash vane (f.) garden cabbage

foillican bane cabbage white

glassan garroo cabbage lettuce

glassan mooar cabbage lettuce

glasseyr mooar cabbage lettuce

kione caayl cabbage head

reap (f.) field cabbage, rape

garey caayl cabbage patch, kailyard

caayl (f.) cabbage, cole: Veagh caayl oc. JJK

cabbag Vanninagh (f.) Isle of Mann cabbage

boil (n.) askaid, gaer, mamm; (v.) broie: Shall I boil spinach or cabbage? - Jeanym broie spinach ny cabbash? JJK idiom; cloie


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