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caart post post card; postcard

caart (pl -yn) card, playing card; quart: Caart dy lhune vie. DF; cart: cha row saase erbee dy chur ersooyl cement agh er y raad yiarn ayns kishtey vooar queeylagh, as er ny choyrt lesh cabbyl as caart gys y stashoon. JG

Inexact matches:

caart banshey wedding card

caart caslyssagh picture postcard

caart emshir weather chart

caart enney identity card

caart erin mass card

caart fliaghee rain chart

caart lettyragh letter card

caart olley (7lb) wool card

caart ratch race card

caart dy lhune vie quart of good ale

caart prowalys dy h-eash proof of age card

identity card (n.) caart enney

letter card (n.) caart lettyragh

mass card (n.) caart erin

picture postcard (n.) caart caslyssagh

playing card (n.) caart

post card (n.) caart post

quart (n.) caart, kaart

race card (n.) caart ratch

rain chart (n.) caart fliaghee

weather chart (n.) caart emshir

wedding card (n.) caart banshey

wool card (n.) (7lb) caart olley

postcard (n.) caart post, kaart post

proof of age card (n.) caart prowalys dy h-eash

quart of good ale caart dy lhune vie

lhune (=Ir. lionn) (pl -yn) ale, beer: Caart dy lhune vie DF

card1 caart, kaart, kaart olley, screbban; (v.) caartey, kaartey; screeu er caartyn

cart cairt: The cart was caught in the bog - Va'n cairt fest 'sy voglagh. DF idiom; cart: To put the cart before the horse - Cur yn cart roish y chabbyl. JJK idiom; caart; (v.) cartey, cairtey, tayrn

fer mooinjerey manservant, young male servant: Dooyrt fer mooinjerey aym, dy dod eh goll dys y chey, tra v'eh ny ghuilley, lesh cabbyl as caart as kionnaghey tunney dy gheayll son jeih skillin! JG

seose yn ughtagh uphill: ta'n raad yiarn roie ayns lhag lesh broogh ard er dagh cheu, myr shoh b'egin da'n cabbyl as y caart goll sheese y lhergagh er y derrey heu, as seose yn ughtagh er y cheu, elley. JG


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