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caair vooar (f.) armchair

caair (f.) chair: Hayrn mee caair stiagh rish yn aile. DF

Inexact matches:

caair champ (f.) camp-chair

caair charree (f.) pew

caair chuirtlee (f.) cane chair

caair fillit (f.) folding chair

caair hilgee (f.) ejection seat

caair hoccoil (f.) easy chair

caair hraie (f.) beach chair, deck chair

caair hroailt (f.) sedan chair

caair leaystagh (f.) rocking chair

caair lhuingey (f.) deck chair

caair liauyr (f.) settee

caair phremmee (f.) commode

caair vriwnys (f.) bench

caair wheeylagh (f.) wheelchair

dreeym caair chair back

karreyder caair chair-mender

naptin caair antimacassar

troggeyder caair chair-lift

Caair ny Mart Westport

tram caair wheeylagh wheelchair tram

deck chair (n.) caair hraie, caair lhuingey; caayr-hraie

antimacassar (n.) naptin caair

beach chair (n.) caair hraie

camp-chair (n.) caair champ

cane chair (n.) caair chuirtlee

chair back (n.) dreeym caair

chair-lift (n.) troggeyder caair

chair-mender (n.) karreyder caair

easy chair (n.) caair hoccoil

ejection seat (n.) caair hilgee

folding chair (n.) caair fillit

rocking chair (n.) caair leaystagh

sedan chair (n.) caair hroailt

settee (n.) caair liauyr

Westport (n.) Caair ny Mart

wheelchair (n.) caair wheeylagh; caayr-wheeylagh

commode (n.) caair phremmee, coyr phremmee

pew (n.) caair charree, soiag chillagh

wheelchair tram (n.) tram caair wheeylagh

armchair (n.) caair vooar; stoyl drommey: You haven't an armchair - Cha nel stoyl-drommey mooar eu. JJK idiom

bench1 (n.) caair vriwnys, furrym; bink: She was gutting the herring on the stone bench outside - V'ee scoltey y skeddan er y vink cheumooie. DF idiom

chair (n.) caair; cummeyder; stoyl-drommey: Give Mrs N a chair - Cur stoyl-drommey da Ben N. JJK idiom

straddle (n.) maidjey, scarrey goal; (v.) shassoo scart; soie scart: To straddle a chair - Dy hoie scart er caair. DF idiom; scarrey: To straddle a horse - Dy scarrey er chabbyl. DF idiom; bwoalley daaheuagh: To straddle a target - Dy woalley er yn daa heu jeh. DF idiom


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