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caa (f.) pl. caaghyn chance, croaking, occasion, opportunity: As v'eh fieau er caa dy vrah eh. Bible

Inexact matches:

ayns caa in the nick of time

caa vondeish vantage

caa yindyssagh golden opportunity

cobblyr caa dungfly

er caa on spec: nish tra va Judith er jeet stiagh as er hoie sheese, va cree Holofernes er-cannoo lhee, as v'eh dy mooar geearree yn cheshaght eck; son v'eh farkiaght er caa dy violagh ee, er-dyn laa, honnick eh ee. Apoc

cabbyl gyn caa outsider

fieau er caa wait for an opportunity: va jees jeh shamyrderyn y ree, Bigthan as Teresh jeusyn va freayll yn dorrys, lhieent lesh farg, as fieau er caa dy stroie ree Ahasuerus Bible

chance caa: Has he any chance whatever? - Vel caa echey er chor erbee? DF idiom; daill; taghyrt

opening (n.) doarlish; toshiaght; caa: Fine opening for a young man - Caa mie da dooinney aeg. DF idiom; (v.) fosley

opportunity (n.) caa: I seized the opportunity - Ghlack mee yn caa. JJK idiom; ienchys

dungfly (n.) cobblyr caa

golden opportunity (n.) caa yindyssagh

on spec er caa

seized glackit; goit; greimmit; tayrit; glack: I seized the opportunity - Ghlack mee yn caa. JJK idiom; gleck: I seized the opportunity - Ghleck mee y caa. DF idiom

croaking (n.) caa, caaghey, cliogaragh; (adj.) cliogee

occasion caa; keayrt; oyr; traa

outsider (n.) cabbyl gyn caa, joarree

vantage (n.) caa vondeish, ynnyd caaoil, ynnyd vondeish, vondeish

wait for an opportunity fieau er caa

in the nick of time ayns caa; ec yn am

foayroiley favourable: Ta shin er choayl yn caa s'foayroiley. JJK

favourable (adj.) foayragh; foayroil; foayroiley: We've missed the most favourable opportunity - Ta shin er choayl yn caa s'foayroiley. JJK idiom; mie

barroose bus, char-a-banc, omnibus: Smooinnee orrym, shiuish ta my chaarjyn, er barroose rish kiare ooryn as gyn caa erbee son tudjeen er-lhimmey jeh kerroo oor ec Balley Aah Luain. Carn

beealeragh blabber, prattle: Ta dooinney ny ghaa cummal e hengey, derrey heeys eh caa; agh cha der y pleadeyr beealeragh, ny ommydan, geill da traa erbee. Apoc; mocking, tattling

ben-choyrlee chormid (f.) equality advisor: Sue Strang, Ben-Choyrlee Chormid, t'ee gra dy vel shoh cur caa da colughtyn ynnydagh dy ronsaghey ny h-aghtyn t'ad failley sleih. BS

cheet as goll hurly-burly, movement, undulant; coming and going: son va ymmodee cheet as goll, as cha row caa oc wheesh as dy ee. Bible

colleishyn colleges: Ny yeih shen as ooilley, ta caa ayn dy bee Mannin scapail veih paart jeh ny reddyn agglagh ta taghyrt ayns ny scoillyn as colleishyn ayns Sostyn as Bretin ec y traa t'ayn. Carn

cosnee will obtain, will redeem: cosnee eh yn reeriaght lesh brynneraght Bible; obtain; acquisitive, gainful; winning: Ta feed poynt ry-gheddyn son y chlash as my ta brock jeant nish bee yn caa cosnee aym spooillit dy bollagh. Dhoor

kiaulley (=Ir. ceol) sing, sing out, sing up: Ta wheesh ny feaillaghyn ayn ny laghyn t'ayn jiu veagh caa ec kiare ny queig possanyn kiaulley as rincey goll dys jees jeu dagh vlein. Carn; singing

leighderyn legal aid practitioners: Ta sleih cummit ec ny meoiryn-shee rish shiaght laa gyn caa y ve oc loayrt rish leighderyn ny rish ny lughtyn-thie oc. Carn; lawyers

Mooiragh Place by the Sea: Va caa ain son talkal trooid Pairk ny Mooiragh roish chaglym ec y Hydro cour coheshaght currit liorish y Kiannoortys Manninagh Coraa

ooridagh refreshment: Va ooridagh as caa dy hoie sheese as cur fea da cassyn skee ny gerjagh yindyssagh ! Coraa

robaig (f.) whisker, whiskers: ta caa eu dy phoosey yn çhiarn smoo ayns America Jiass, echey ta robaig feer stoamey CnyO

tilgane cast, casting; missile: T'eh ymmyrchagh er dy chooilley chor dy bee Nerin aa-unnaneyssit dy tappee roish my vees caa ec Sostyn ny tilganenyn shoh y chur ayns twoaie ny hErin. Carn

tudjeen cigarette: Smooinee orrym, shiuish ta my chaarjyn, er barroose rish kiare ooryn as gyn caa erbee son tudjeen er-lhimmey jeh kerroo oor ec Balley Aah Luain. Carn

wheesh as much, so much: cha row caa oc wheesh as dy ee Bible

jesh (=Ir. deas) adept, becoming, dexter, elegant, fancy, felicitous, groomed, neat, nice, ready, right, righthand, rightwing, seemly, smart, starboard, suitable, tidy, trim; convenient: hig eh tra vees caa jesh echey. Bible gow raad erbee hee oo jesh dhyt Bible; comely; apposite [O.Ir. dess]


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