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by (prep.) liorish: And the Horites in their mount Seir, unto Elparan, which is by the wilderness - As ny Horiteyn ayns cronk Seir, gys Elparan, liorish yn aasagh. Bible; rish: and she laid it in the flags by the river's brink - as daag ee ehsy chlioagagh rish broogh ny hawin Bible; raad; dar

Inexact matches:

by day 'sy laa: the pillar of the cloud departed not from them by day - cha ren pillar y vodjal troggal vouesy laa Bible

by degrees veggan as ny veggan

by far (adv.) rish foddey

By George (intj) Dar y lioar

By God (intj) Dar Jee; liorish Jee: Swear unto me by God - Jean breearrey dou liorish Jee Biblr

By gosh (intj) Shee bannee mee

By gum (intj) Dar Yee; Dar y lioar

by hand (adv.) er laueyn; er louyn

By heavens (intj) Dar ny niaughyn

by her lioree: may strong men have been slain by her - shimmeyn fer trean ter ny ve stroit lioree Bible; (emph.) lioreeish

by him liorish: or is he slain according to the slaughter of them that are slain by him? - ny vel eh er varroo jehsyn corrym rish yn baase ocsyn ter ny varroo liorish? Bible; liorishyn: And those which pitch by him shall be the tribe of Simeon - As adsyn nee grunt y ghoaill liorishyn, vees tribe Simeon Bible

by itself er lheh: but wrapped together in a place by itself - agh fillit er-y-cheilley ayns ynnyd er-lheh Bible

By jingo (intj) Dar y lioar

by marriage trooid poosey: We have a distant relationship by marriage - Ta cleuinys foddey magh ain. DF idiom

by me liorym: Rachel died by me in the land of Canaan - hooar Rachel baase liorym, ayns cheer Chanaan; lioryms: And the Lord hath done to him, as he spake by me - As tan Chiarn er nyannoo er y hon-syn myr loayr eh lioryms Bible; liorym's: For there stood by me this night the angel of God - Son hass lioryms noght ainle Yee Bible

by myself lhiam pene; liorym pene: By myself have I sworn - Liorym pene ta mee er vreearrey Bible; rhym pene: I pour out my heart by myself - ta mee deayrtey magh my chree rhym pene Bible; mish mee hene: that spreadeth abroad the earth by myself - mish mee hene ta sheeyney magh yn thalloo Bible; my lieh hene: For I know nothing by myself - Son ga nagh voddym coyrt nhee erbee gys my lieh hene Bible

by night er oie

by order fo harey

by pieces dy peeshyn

by rail cur er traen; er traen

by rights ayns cairys; liorish cairys

by rotation rere shayllyn

by stealth dy follaghtagh; gyn yss

by them lioroo, lioroosyn

by us liorin, liorinyn

by virtue er coontey; liorish bree

by water er mooir; er y cheayn; er yn ushtey

by you lieriu; liort; (emph.) liorts, liort's

fly by (v.) etlagh shaghey; roie shaghey

get by (v.) (to) faarjey: I get by - Ta mee faarjey. DF idiom

go by (v.) goll shaghey

lay by (v.) cur ry-lhiattee

lie by currit gys un cheu

pass by (v.) goll shaghey; (impv) immee shaghey

put by (v.) tashtey: Money put by to fall back on - Argid tasht seose ry-hoi traa chionn. DF idiom

ride by markee shaghey

roll by (v.) goll shaghey; rowlal shaghey

slide by (v.) skirrey roish

slip by (v.) goll shaghey

Stand by (impv) Bee ullee, Er-arrey

stand by fuirraghtyn; shassoo rish: thou shalt stand by the river's brink - nee uss shassoo rish oirr ny hawin Bible; shassoo liorish: and shall stand by the post of the gate - as shassoo liorish pillar y yiat Bible; shass er: O inhabitant of Aroer, stand by the way, and espy - O chummaltagh Aroer, shass er y raad, as jeeagh magh dy gyere Bible

swear by (v.) guee er, loo er

sweep by (v.) skeabey shaghey

unmoved by neughleashit liorish

by-chooidsave lesh vouchsafed: Agh tra by-chooidsave lesh Jee, ren mish y reih veih brein my vayrey Bible

by-haittin lhiam I thought it good: By-haittin lhiam dy hoilshaghey ny cowraghyn as yindyssyn, tan Jee ard er nobbraghey orrym Bible

by hinney oldest

by-laik lesh pleased him: As by-laik lesh Haman y choyrle shoh, as doardee eh criy dy ve jeant. Bible

by lesh owning

by loo (comp./sup.) smallest: va niist mynayn tammyl mei vei, jeaghyn er: nan masky va Morre Malen, as Morre meier Iames by' lu, as dy Ioses, as Morre Salom. PB1610; less; fewest

by niessey next: nee shanstyr yn ard-valley shen by niessey da'n varroo, niee nyn laueyn erskyn y cholbagh Bible

by-niessey da next to: va aanrit-sack er, by-niessey da e chorp Bible

by velley poorer, poorest: By velley ad na eshyn. DF

by venkey oftenest

by vessey worst: Agh by vessey foast yn red va ry heet DF

by-vian lesh would fain: by-vian lesh e volg y lhieeney lesh ny bleaystyn va ny muckyn dy ee Bible; would be willing

by yerree latest: Yn red by yerree smooinee mee er. DF

mooinjer by-liesh owners

orroosyn by-liesh owners: My ta mee er n'ee ny messyn echey fegooish argid, ny er chur orroosyn by-liesh ve dy choayl nyn mioys Bible

by all means (adv.) er dy chooilley chor: I must by all means keep this feast that cometh in Jerusalem - Shegin dooys er dy chooilley chor yn feailley shoh ta er-gerrey y reayll ec Jerusalem Bible; er dy chooilley aght: the Lord of peace himself give you peace always by all means - dy jean y Chiarn hene dy Jee, sheechoyrt diu dy kinjagh, er dy chooilley aght Bible

by a miracle lesh mirril

by any means er aght-erbee: nothing shall by any means hurt you - cha jean nheesy theihll, er aght erbee, skielley diu Bible

by divine revelation liorish ashlish noo

By how much (interrog.) Er cre houd

by return of post rish cassey yn phost

by strength of arms er niart

By the book (intj) Dar y lioar

by the hand (ny) chione

by the right rere yn jesh

by the thigh ry lheayst

by way of raad: To go by way of the wood - Dy gholl raad ny keylley. DF idiom

by way of illustration myr sampleyr

chart by sounding (v.) suntal

cheek by jowl (adv.) cosh ry cholbey

corn spoilt by milling (n.) groblagh

correspond by letter (v.) co-screeu

destruction by fire (n.) deherree

drop by drop bine er bine

examine by touch (v.) loaghtey

fall by the sword (v.) a: and I will cause him to fall by the sword in his own land - as ver-yms er tuittym liorish y chliwe ayns e heer hene Bible

healing by herbs (v.) eecklus

indicted by grand jury faagit mooie

It went by the board Hie ny mucyn ny hrooid

judging by that rere shen

land by a river (n.) claddagh

learn by heart (v.) ynsee er dty hengey

little by little (adv.) beggan er veggan, veggan as ny veggan

north by east twoaie gys yn shiar

north by west twoaie gys sheeary

north by west half west twoaie gys y sheear lieh

notice of sale by auction (n.) foghrey cant

one by one (adv.) fer as fer: and ye shall be gathered one by one - as bee shiuish er nyn jaglym, fer as fer Bible; nane lurg nane; fer lurg fer: For ye may all prophesy one by one - Son foddee shiu ooilley phadeyrys fer lurg fer Bible

piece by piece peesh as peesh

Place by the Sea (n.) Mooiragh

relationship by marriage cleuinys: We have a distant relationship by marriage - Ta cleuinys foddey magh ain. DF idiom

sell by auction (v.) cantal, cantey

side by side (adj.) cheu ry heu, cosh ry cholbey, dy lieragh, lhiattee ry lhiattee

south by east (n.) jiass gys y shiar

south by west (n.) jiass gys y sheear

step by step (adj., adv.) keim er cheim

tan by sun (v.) ruyghey

three by three troor as troor

two by two jees as jees

unaffected by water gyn assee liorish ushtey

vote by proxy (v.) (to) shagh-votal y yannoo

west by north (n.) sheear gys y twoaie

west by south (n.) sheear gys y jiass

working by night (v.) jannoo arnane

By haittin lhiam I would be pleased

by hreih lhiam I was sorry

by loo eh it was the least

by vian lesh he would wish; desired

cha by-vooar lesh regardeth not: teh er hoiaghey beg jeh ny ard-valjyn, lesh dooinney erbee Bible

eshyn by-haittin lesh he that loveth: Eshyn by-haittin lesh glennid cree, son ynrickys e veillyn bee yn ree ny charrey da Bible

Joint Committee on Constitutional Principles raised by the Electoral Reform Bill (n.) Co-ving Tinvaal mychione Prinsabylyn Bunraghtoil ta girree ass Billey Lhiasaghey Reihyssagh

Dar y lioar (intj) By George, By jingo, Crikey, By gum, By the book: Dar y lioar, nagh mooar tan chraueeaght ec ny mraane! CnyO

goll shaghey elapse, get beyond, go by, miss, pass by, roll by, slip by: ta e hraa goll shaghey myr y scado Bible; pass

owners (npl.) shellooderyn; mooinjer by-liesh: the owners thereof said unto them, Why loose ye the colt? - dooyrt y vooinjer by-liesh eh roo, Cren-fa ta shiu feaysley yn lhiy? Bible; orroosyn by-liesh: or have caused the owners thereof to lose their l - ny er chur orroosyn by-liesh ve dy choayl nyn mioys Bible; mainshteryn: and what good is there to the owners thereof - as cren vondeish tec mainshteryn Bible

liorish (=Ir. le) beside, by, by him, per: Jean breearrey dou liorish Jee Bible

I would be pleased By haittin lhiam: I would be pleased with it - By haittin lhiam eh. DF idiom

by-haittin pleased: As by-haittin lesh Absalom dy mie yn choyrle shoh Bible

by-haittyn pleased: As by-haittyn lesh y cheshaght y raa shoh Bible

by-hinney eldest: ghow eh toshiaght, ec yn er by-hinney Bible

by-leaie eldest: as voall e ully by lyaei ayns Ejipt : shon b'yrje as by gniartoil ayns ynydyn vaghey Ham. Psalm1610

by-niartal mightiest: yn vooinjer b'yrjey as by-niartal ayns cummallyn Ham. Bible

cosh ry cholbey cheek by jowl, side by side: Hie ad magh cosh ry cholbey. DF

deceit (n.) cluigid, croutys, foall, grooish-volley, kialg, kialgeyrys, molley, molteyraght, molteyrys; foalsaght: It is my opinion that it was greatly by deceit - Er lhiam pene dy by vooar lesh foalsaght eh. DF idiom

desired mianit; deearree; yeearree; by vian lesh: The place where he desired to dwell - Yn ynnyd by vian lesh cummal ayn. DF idiom

fewest (adj.) (yn) chooid sloo; earroo sloo; by loo: You were the fewest of all people - Va shiuish yn ashoon by loo jeh dy chooilley ashoon. DF idiom

he would wish ballish; baillishyn; by vian lesh: That is just as he would wish - Ta shen kiart myr by vian lesh. DF idiom

it is my opinion stroo hene; er lhiam pene: It is my opinion that it was greatly by deceit - Er lhiam pene dy by vooar lesh foalsaght eh. DF idiom

oldest (adj.) by hinney: He was the oldest person - V'eshyn yn fer by hinney. DF idiom; shinney: He was the oldest person - V'eshyn yn fer shinney. DF idiom

by-verchee wealthiest: haink jymmoose trome Yee orroo as varr eh yn vooinjer by-verchee jeu Bible

by-yilley brightest: kiongoyrt rish Jee, geeck ammys injil da, veih'n chooid sloo corrym rish yn ainle by-yilley PC

cantal sell by auction

cantey sell by auction

Dar Jee (intj) By God

eecklus (=Ir.joclus) healing by herbs

Er-arrey (impv) Attention, Stand by

etlagh shaghey fly by

markee shaghey ride by

neughleashit liorish unmoved by

rere shayllyn by rotation

rowlal shaghey roll by

skeabey shaghey sweep by

trooid poosey by marriage

veggan as ny veggan See beggan by degrees, gradually, little by little: Ny veggan as ny veggan neem's ad y eebyrt magh royd

abominable (adj.) dwoaiagh: How much more abominable and filthy is man - Cre-woad sloo dwoaiagh as neu-ghlen ta dooinney Bible; dwoaieagh; dwooiagh: or any unclean beast, or any abominable unclean thing - ny baagh, ny rish neu-ghlennid dwooiagh erbee elley Bible; dwoaioil; eajee: that ye commit not any one of these abominable customs - nagh jean shiu cur-rish veg jeh ny cliaghtaghyn eajee; feohoil; feohdoil: And if it be eaten at all on the third day, it is abominable - As my vees eh er ny ee eddyr er y trass laa, te feohdoil Bible; feohdagh: ye shall not make your souls abominable by beast, or by fowl - cha jean shiu shiu-hene feohdagh liorish baagh ny eean Bible; neu-ghlen: Ye shall not make yourselves abominable with any creeping thing - Cha jean shiu neu-ghlen jiu hene lesh red snauee erbee Bible; oaiagh

brightest (adj.) by-yilley; s'gilley

by-child (n.) fer oainjeragh, fer thammag, 'neen oainjeragh

by-election (n.) fo-reihys

by-end jerrey follit

by-issue fo-eiyrtys; fo-skeeal

by-law fo-leigh; leigh er lheh

by-motive fo-chooish

by-name lhiass-ennym

by-pass raad shaghnee; shagheydane; shallane

by-product (n.) fo-hroar

by-road raad er lheh; raad laue

by-street straid er lheh

by-way raad follit

by-word far-ockle; shennockle

fly-by-night (n., adj.) flid

laid hands on ghreim: And they laid hands on her; and she went by the way by the which the horses came into the king's house - As ghreim ad ee, as hug ad lhieu ee er raad ny gabbyl gys thien ree Bible

mightiest (adj.) stroshee; by-niartal: the most principal and mightiest in the dwellings of Ham - yn vooinjer byrjey as by-niartal ayns cummallyn Ham Bible

next-by my-niessey


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