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bwoirryn female: feed assyl bwoirryn, as jeih sharree

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assyl bwoirryn she-ass: Jeih camelyn as feed bluight, marish ny sharree, da-eed booa, as jeih therriu, feed assyl bwoirryn, as jeih sharree. Bible

cleragh bwoirryn clerkess

fam bwoirryn sweet tangle

famlagh bwoirryn sweet tangle

feeaih bwoirryn doe, hind

filliu bwoirryn she-wolf

goayr bwoirryn pl. goair woirryn she goat: As dooyrt eh rish, Gow hood colbagh jeh three bleeaney dy eash, as goayr bwoirryn three bleeaney dy eash, as rea three bleeaney dy eash, as calmane turtle, as eean calmane. Bible

lion bwoirryn she-lion: Cre ta dty voir? Lion bwoirryn: lhie ee sheese mastey lionyn, hrog ee seose ny quallianyn eck mastey lionyn aegey

shynnagh bwoirryn (f.) she-fox, vixen

moddey oaldey bwoirryn she-wolf

she-wolf (n.) filliu bwoirryn, moddey oaldey bwoirryn

sweet tangle (n.) fam bwoirryn, famlagh bwoirryn

she goat (npl.) goayr bwoirryn

she-lion (n.) lion bwoirryn

clerkess (n.) ben chleragh, cleragh bwoirryn

she-fox (n.) shynnagh bwoirrin; shynnagh bwoirryn

coo-bwoirryn (canine) bitch

moddey-bwoirryn (f.) (canine) bitch

hind cooylloo, jerree; feeaih bwoirrin, feeaih bwoirryn

she-ass (n.) assyl bwoirrin, assyl bwoirryn, laair assyl

doe (n.) bwoirrinagh, conning bwoirrin, feeaih bwoirrin, feeaih bwoirryn, mwaagh bwoirrin

vixen (n.) gaddee dy ven, shynnagh bwoirrin, shynnagh bwoirryn, spittag

arroo corn, grain: jeih assylyn bwoirryn laadit lesh arroo as arran Bible

piyryn pairs: Jeh eeanlee yn aer myrgeddin shiaght piyryn, fyrryn as bwoirryn Bible

bitch (n.) (canine) coo-bwoirryn, gass, gast, moddey-bwoirryn; bitchey: She's an old bitch! - T'ee ny shenn vitchey! DF idiom

female1 (pref.) ben-, kiark; (adj.) bwoirrin, bwoirryn: Female child - Lhiannoo bwoirrin. DF idiom; bwoirrinagh: One female - Un' woirrinagh. DF idiom; woirrin: The female side - Yn rheynn woirryn. DF idiom

eeanlee roauyrey (npl.) fatted fowl: feeaih fyrryn as bwoirryn jeh dy chooilley horch, as eeanlee roauyrey Bible

feeaih pl. feeaihee deer, hart: marish feeaih fyrryn as bwoirryn jeh dy chooilley horch Bible

feeaih mooar elk, moose; roebuck: nee'n persoon glen as neu-ghlen gee jeh co-laik, myr jeh'n feeaih mooar fyrryn, ny bwoirryn. Bible


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