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bwoid saggyrt orchis, spotted orchis: Cre va'n blaa shen? Ta'n Moddey gra dy re bwoid saggyrt v'ayn. Dhoor

bwoid pl. bwid membrum virile, penis, phallus: Bleaystan çhesh- veanagh, shen smaght, pooar, niart as bwoid mooar. Dhoor; cock, tool

Inexact matches:

bwoid lhiggee discharge cock

bwoid niaghan battledore, chopper

bwoid niaghyn dolly

bwoid niargan penis

bwoid rioee icicle

bwoid skeddan crane fly, daddy-longlegs

bwoid suggane rope stone

bwoid trimmid corbel

penis1 (n.) bossan, bwoid, bwoid niargan, cudjal beg, rollian

battledore (n.) bwoid niaghan

corbel bwoid trimmid

crane fly (n.) bwoid skeddan

daddy-longlegs (n.) bwoid skeddan

discharge cock (n.) bwoid lhiggee

membrum virile (n.) boid, bwoid

orchis (n.) bwoid saggyrt

phallus (n.) bwoid

rope stone (n.) bwoid suggane

spotted orchis (n.) bwoid saggyrt

chopper (n.) bwoid niaghan; scolteyder; teigh

dolly (n.) bwoid niaghyn, maidjey mestee

icicle (n.) bwoid rioee; kibbin rioee; rioghar

tool bwoid; grainnaghey; greie, greih; guilley; yiarn

cock1 (n.) cockeyder; kellagh: The cock crowed - Gherr y kellagh. DF idiom; sheeig; (vulgar) bwoid


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