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bwaane rioee igloo

bwaane booth, cabin, cottage, hovel, hut, kiosk, outhouse, shack, shanty, shed, shelter, stall, stand: My va'n chleaysh follit shoh currit sy bwaane dyn yss da'n Oik Post Goaldagh, ta turneyryn as sleih elley gra dy row shen jeant noi'n leigh. Carn; (on barge) cuddy

Inexact matches:

Bwaane Bane White Cottage

Bwaane Beg Little Cottage

bwaane cairt cart shed

bwaane chellvane callbox, telephone box, telephone kiosk: ren ad goaill rish dy row "greie ry hoi eaishtagh" er ve currit sy bwaane-chellvane. Carn

bwaane cowree signal box

bwaane cowrey signal box

bwaane craitnagh wigwam

bwaane faarkee bathing hut

bwaane jeshaght engine shed

bwaane lhiggee shooting box

bwaane lioar bookstall

bwaane lommyrt shearing hut

bwaane pabyragh news stand, newsstand

bwaane shelgeyragh hunting box

Bwaane Shellee Willow Lodge

bwaane slieau Alpine hut

bwaane sniaghtee igloo

bwaane tiggad box office

garey bwaane cottage garden

Bwaane ny Ferrishyn Fairy Cottage

bwaane y clieau mountain box

Bwaane y Drine May Cottage

igloo (n.) bwaane rioee, bwaane sniaghtee

signal box (n.) bwaane cowree, bwaane cowrey

hut (n.) bwaane, bwane: Alpine hut - Bwaane slieau. DF idiom; bwaag; cabbane

Alpine hut (n.) bwaane slieau

bathing hut (n.) bwaane faarkee

bookstall (n.) bwaane lioar

box office (n.) bwaane tiggad

callbox (n.) bwaane chellvane

cottage garden (n.) garey bwaane

cuddy (n.) (on barge) bwaane

engine shed (n.) bwaane jeshaght

hovel (n.) bwaane; shenn thie

hunting box (n.) bwaane shelgeyragh

kiosk (n.) bwaane

Little Cottage (n.) Bwaane Beg

newsstand (n.) bwaane pabyragh

news stand bwaane pabyragh

shack (n.) bwaane

shanty (n.) bwaane, shenn thie

shooting box (n.) bwaane lhiggee

telephone box (n.) bwaane chellvane

telephone kiosk (n.) bwaane chellvane

White Cottage (n.) Bwaane Bane

wigwam (n.) bwaane craitnagh

Willow Lodge (n.) Bwaane Shellee

booth (n.) booage; bwaag; bwaane; paalan

Fairy Cottage (n.) Bwaane ny Ferrishyn

May Cottage (n.) Bwaane y Drine

mountain box (n.) bwaane y clieau

outhouse (n.) boalane; bwaane; thie mooie

shed (n.) bwaag; bwaane: Lean-to shed - Bwaane rish boalley. DF idiom; dreeym; (v.) shilley; shill, shillit; skah; skahit, skaht, tilgit; deayrt; gheayrt: And shed innocent blood - As gheayrt ad yn uill gyn loght; deayrtey: For their feet run to evil, and make haste to shed blood - Son ta ny cassyn oc roie gys olk, as jannoo siyr gys deayrtey folley Bible

bwaane-lhiggey rifle range

cabin (n.) bwaag, bwaane, cabbane, carbyd, shamyr lhuingey

cart shed (n.) bwaane cairt, thie cairt

rifle range (n.) reayn raifyl; bwaane-lhiggey

shearing hut (n.) bwaane lommyrt; thie bwoaillee

Solley va (intj) So it was: 'solley va, heb eh son y bwaane. Coraa

shelter (v.) aaghtaghey, cur fastee da, goaill fastee, keiltyn; (n.) bwaane; fastee: The boats were anchored in the shelter of Ramsey Bay - Va ny baatyn raadey ayns fastee Vaie Rhumsaa. DF idiom

stand (n.) ardan, boayl, bwaane, shasstan, soiaghan, sorghyn, stad, ynnyd; (v.) cur ny hassoo, irree ny hassoo, shass, shassoo

bwane See bwaane, pl. bwaneyn cottage: ta inneen Zion treigit myr bwane ayns garey-feeyney Bible; cote; cot; hut

lheeish hers: Va ben-seyr ny cummal 'sy valley veg cheerey shoh, as s'lhee hene va'n bwaane, as s'lheeish myrgeddin thieyn elley ayns Doolish, as ny maylyn oc ry haglym. Coraa

oik post post office: My va'n chleaysh follit shoh currit sy bwaane dyn yss da'n Oik Post Goaldagh, ta turneyryn as sleih elley gra dy row shen jeant noi'n leigh. Carn

poggaid (=Ir. pocadh) (f.) pocket: Ayns y bwaane chellvane, hooar eh greie quaagh goll rish radio poggaid. Carn

cottage (n.) bwaag: The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage - Neen thalloo leaystey noon as noal myr dooinney meshtal, as bee eh er ny astyrt myr bwaag Bible; bwane: And the daughter of Zion is left as a cottage in a vineyard - As ta inneen Zion treigit myr bwane ayns garey-feeyney Bible; bwaane; cott

stall bwaane: and the calves out of the midst of the stall - as ny lheiyee ass ny bwaneyn Bible; manjoor: And Solomon had four thousand stalls for horses - As va ec Solomon kiare thousane manjoor son cabbil Bible; coayl bieauid, cur 'sy stholl, scuirr; stholl; sthollal


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