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bush (n.) bush, crouw, immyr chorree, immyr correy, thammag; tammag: A bad bush is better than an open field - Ta drogh hammag ny share na magher foshlit. JJK idiom; (v.) cur coob ayn, dossey

bush bush

Inexact matches:

big bush (n.) billey

blackberry bush (n.) dress, thammag ghress

Broken Bush (n.) Thammag Vrisht

bush country (n.) cheer eaynnee

bush fighting (v.) caggey keylley

bush hat (n.) edd Austraalagh

Bush Mill (n.) Mwyllin y Thammag

bush vetch (n.) pishyr ny gabbil

currant bush (n.) thammag verrish

dark bush-cricket (n.) criggad y thammag dhone

gooseberry bush (n.) drine berrish

gorse bush (n.) crouw chonnee, thammag chonnee

ivy bush (n.) thammag hibbin

kissing bush (n.) thammag phaagey

raspberry bush (n.) crouw gharagh

thorn bush (n.) drine, drine skeag

whin bush (n.) thammag aittin

Withered Bush (n.) Croau Creen

wren bush (n.) thammag: Going about with the wren-bush - Goll mygeayrt lesh y thammag. DF idiom

bush with little sap (n.) creeney

Fold of the Bush (n.) Bwoaillee ny Thammag

Lower Withered Bush (n.) Croau Creen Neese

rufous bush chat (n.) torspittag ruy-dhone

small bramble bush (n.) dressag

Withered Bush Slope (n.) Liargee ny Croau Creen

thammag (f.) pl. thammagyn 1 bosket, clump; 2 bush, thicket a: va rea goit ayns thammag er e eairkyn Bible; 3 wren bush; 4 (of herring) shoal; 5 fascicle

cheer eaynnee (f.) bush country

Croau Creen Withered Bush

crouw chonnee (f.) gorse bush

crouw gharagh (f.) raspberry bush

cur coob ayn bush

dossey bush

dressag (f.) small bramble bush

drine berrish gooseberry bush

edd Austraalagh bush hat

immyr chorree (f.) bush

immyr correy (f.) bush

thammag aittin (f.) whin bush

thammag chonnee (f.) gorse bush

thammag ghress (f.) blackberry bush

thammag hibbin (f.) ivy bush

thammag phaagey (f.) kissing bush

thammag verrish (f.) currant bush

Thammag Vrisht Broken Bush

bush-fighter (n.) sidoor keylley

drine skeag hawthorn, thorn bush

Mwyllin y Thammag Bush Mill

pishyr ny gabbil (f.) bush vetch

sidoor keylley bush-fighter, guerilla

torspittag ruy-dhone rufous bush chat

Bwoaillee ny Thammag Fold of the Bush

caggey keylley bush fighting, guerilla war

criggad y thammag dhone dark bush-cricket

Croau Creen Neese Lower Withered Bush

Liargee ny Croau Creen Withered Bush Slope

tammag (pl -yn) bush: Mastey ny tammagyn ren ad caayney; Bible

bird (n.) ushag: A bird in the hand is as good as two in he bush - Ta ushag 'sy laue chammah as jees 'sy tammag. JJK idiom

field1 (n.) magher: A bad bush is better than an open field - Ta drogh hammag ny share na magher foshlit. JJK idiom; rheam; (v.) tayrtyn

hunting shelgagh; shelgeraght; shelgeyragh; shelg: Hunting in the bush - Shelg 'sy cheyll. DF idiom

billey pl. billaghyn bank bill: Billey y 'aagail gyn eeck DF; (proposed law) bill: Hug eh lesh stiagh billey ayns Y Chiare as Feed DF; pl. biljyn :1 big bush, tree: Ta mess y dooinney cairagh billey dy vea Bible [O.Ir. bile]

creeney (=Ir. críonna) advisable, common sense, dry, matured, provident, prudent, sharp-sighted, shrewd, wise: Ta creenaght niart smoo da'n dooinney creeney Bible; bush with little sap; ripe

crouw (f.) bunch, bush, dwarf tree, shrub, stick, stock, wide spreading tree: ayns yn aer foshlit eeanlee bishagh ghow, dagh cronk, dagh dress, dagh billey as dagh crouw, keylljyn as coanyn ooilley swarmal lhieu. PC; Masonic lodge; (of society) branch; (of river) tributary

dress (f.) (pl -yn) blackberry bush, bramble, briar: hig yn dress as yn onnane seose er nyn altaryn Bible

drine (=Ir. draighean, Sc. draighionn) pl. drineyn hawthorn, may, thorn bush, thorn tree, thorns: Ayns ynnyd y drine nee gaase seose yn billey-juys Bible; thorn


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