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bus (n.) barroose; bus, buss: The bus was jam full - Va'n bus lane gys y dorrys. DF idiom; carbyd

bus bus, omnibus: Er lhiam nagh vel mee er ve ayns bus rish feed vlein. DF

Inexact matches:

bendy bus (n.) barroose lhoobagh

bus conductor (n.) ben higgad, guilley tiggad

bus depot (n.) garreish bus

bus drivers (npl.) immanee-varroose

bus journey (n.) turrys barroose, turrys bus

bus passes (npl.) kiedyn-barroose

bus route (n.) bollagh bus

bus station (n.) stashoon barroose, stashoon bus

bus stop (n.) stad barroose, stad bus, ynnyd hassoo

bollagh bus bus route

bus foshlit mammy-wagon

dooinney bus busman

garreish bus bus depot

roih-trolleetrolley bus trolley arm

stad bus bus stop

stashoon bus bus station

turrys bus bus journey

bus drivers' union (n.) sheshaght-cheirdey ny h-immanee-varroose

Douglas bus station (n.) stashoon-barroose Ghoolish

Isle of Man Bus Service (n.) Shirveish Bus Vannin

Isle of Man Bus Services (npl.) Shirveishyn Barrooseyn Vannin

Shirveish Bus Vannin (f.) Isle of Man Bus Service

Shirveishyn Bus Vannin Isle of Man Bus Service

full up (adj.) lane da'n chrossag; lane: The bus is full up - Ta'n bus lane gys y dorrys. DF idiom

busman (n.) dooinney bus

mammy-wagon (n.) bus foshlit

omnibus (n.) barroose; bus

trolley arm (n.) roih-trolleetrolley bus

barroose lhoobagh bendy bus

ben higgad (f.) bus conductor

buss bus

immanee-varroose bus drivers

kiedyn-barroose bus passes

stad barroose bus stop

stashoon barroose bus station

turrys barroose bus journey

ynnyd hassoo (f.) bus stop

stashoon-barroose Ghoolish Douglas bus station

guilley tiggad bus conductor, train conductor

sheshaght-cheirdey ny h-immanee-varroose (f.) bus drivers' union

Shirveishyn Barrooseyn Vannin (f.) Isle of Man Bus Services

barroose bus, char-a-banc, omnibus: Smooinnee orrym, shiuish ta my chaarjyn, er barroose rish kiare ooryn as gyn caa erbee son tudjeen er-lhimmey jeh kerroo oor ec Balley Aah Luain. Carn

carbyd pl. carbid pl. carbydyn bus, coach, vehicle; bier, hearse: haink eh, as venn eh rish y carbyd Bible; stretcher; cabin


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