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burst1 bleastey; brishey; fosley; raght; roie; sceilt; scelt; scoltey: Ready to burst - Er chee scoltey. DF idiom; scoltey piob; scoltit; skioot; (impv) bleayst; vrish: He burst his bonds - Vrish eh ny geulaghyn v'er. DF idiom

burst2 (v.) (of sound) bleastey magh; buirrooghey

Inexact matches:

burst asunder (v.) brishey veih my cheilley

burst forth1 (v.) scelley magh, soilshaghey magh

burst forth2 (v.) (of liquid) brooightey, skiootal

burst in (v.) brishey stiagh; bwoalley stiagh

burst open (v.) brishey magh; brishey stiagh

burst out (v.) brishey magh, skiootal magh

burst up (v.) (quarrel) tuittym magh

will burst scoltee: the new wine will burst the bottles - scoltee yn feeyn noa ny boteilyn Bible

burst of speed ratch

I will burst scolt-yms

bleastey blast, burst

bleastey magh (of sound) burst

brishey magh 1 bud, burst open, burst out, crop out, declare, erupt a: veih'n ooh brisht ta ardnieu brishey magh Bible; 2 eruption, outbreak, outburst

brishey stiagh 1 beat in, break in, burgle, burst in, burst open, gate crashing, stave in a: raad ta maarlee brishey stiagh as geid Bible; 2 encroachment, intrusion

scelley magh burst forth

scoltey piob burst

brishey veih my cheilley burst asunder

brooightey (of liquid) burst forth; debouch, debouchment, emission, emit, flush, gush, uprush

sceilt See scelt 1 burst a: Sceilt eh thoyn ny breechyn echey. DF; 2 cloven

scolt-yms I will burst: scolt-yms dty gheulaghyn ayns peeshyn Bible

skioot (pl -yn) burst, gush, jet, rush of liquid, spout, spurt, squirt

gallop garrey; lhigey; ratchal: The horse burst into a gallop - Ren y cabbyl ratchal roish. DF idiom

spilled deayrtit: new wine doth burst the bottles, and the wine is spilled - tan feeyn noa scoltey ny boteilyn, as tan feeyn deayrtit Bible

bleayst (=Ir. blaosc) (f.) pl. bleaystyn body, crust, gill cover, hull, husk, pod, shell, shield; bang, peal; (impv) burst

buirrooghey bellowing, boom, growl, growling, low, roar, roaring, rumble, vociferate; (of sound) burst; (of sea) thundering: Ta'n aarkey buirrooghey. DF

bwoalley stiagh barge in, beat in, burst in, strike in; charge in: Ren mee bwoalley stiagh noi echey. DF

raght (of anger) blaze; burst, nature, orgasm, sexual climax, spasm, violent emotion, wave of emotion: Ayns raght ny barriaght. DF

ratch1 (=Ir. rás) pl. ratchyn burst of speed, dart, dash, race, run, rush, sprint: Hug mee eh stiagh 'sy ratch. DF

scelt burst, cloven, cut asunder: Kys ta oayrd mooar y theihll scelt as brisht! Bible

scoltee will burst: cha vel dooinney erbee cur feeyn noa ayns shenn voteilyn er-nonney scoltee yn feeyn noa ny boteilyn Bible

scoltit 1 burst, chopped, cleft, cloven, fissured, gutted, hewn, slit, sprung; 2 parted, split a: As ayns Sostyn hene, ta'n cheer ny smoo scoltit na v'ee rieau. Carn

skiootal (of liquid) burst forth; cascade, gush, jet, rush, spout, spurt; cascading, spouting, squirting: Va'n ushtey skiootal harrish ny cassyn eck, choud's v'ee ny soie geaishtagh rish y trooan va roie harrish ny claghyn. Dhoor

skiootal magh break forth, burst out: Shoh yn altan as shoh my ghraih Meeir e chass syn ushtey, Fockleyn skiootal magh ass e veeal, Nagh mooar e raaghyn tustagh? Dhoor

vrish broke: hug y sniaghtey-garroo naardey ooilley glassyraght y thallooin, as vrish eh ooilley biljyn y vagheragh Bible eish haink ny sajuryn, as vrish ayd lurghyn yn ghied 'err, as yn 'err elle va erna ghrossy marishsyn. PB1610; burst

brishey (=Ir. briseadh) bankrupt, breach, break, burst, cash, change money, crash, decode, depose, dismiss, fracture, go back, interrupt, raise, repulse, ruin, stump, wane, smash: Nee oo brishey eh ayns peeshyn Bible; (n.) pl. brishaghyn bankruptcy, breakage, contravention, dismissal, failure, infringement, interruption, violation; breaking; small change

fosley 1 burst, develop, disclose, disillusion, explode, open, opening, open out, open up, orifice, overture, passage, slit, strike out, unblock, unbosom, unclasp, unclench, unfold, unlace, unlock, unroll, untie a: ren Noah fosley uinniag yn arg v'eh er hroggal. Bible; 2 (door) answer; 3 (as cargo) broach; 4 (as clothing) unhook; 5 (in ice) lane; 6 introduction

roie (=Ir. rith) bolt, burst, cursive, dart, flow, full retreat, melt, race, range, run, scurry, slip, sprinting: roie dy mooar ayns eash Bible; raced; smuggle, smuggling; (as animals) charging; (as pain) shooting; (ale) draught; ladder; flowing, flying, running; See roïe before: Myr dooyrt shin roie Bible; ran; rushed; See roïe previously; heretofore

scoltey burst, chop up, crack, fault, feed, fracture, gut, hew, rend, skive, sliver, split; analysis; cleave: ren yn thalloo va foue scoltey veih-my-cheilley Bible; bursting, cracking, gutting, slitting, venting; cleavage, cleft, crevasse, disunion, fissure, scission, slit, slot; part; fission; vent; beanfeast, blow out, heavy meal, tuck in

soilshaghey magh 1 advert, advertise, advertising, announce, burst forth, declare, denote, depict, publicise, publish, publishing, reveal, set forth a: Shen-y-fa neem's oural y hebbal ayns e ynnyd casherick lesh ard-ghennallys: nee'm arrane y ghoaill, as soilshaghey magh moylley yn Chiarn. Bible; 2 exposition, revelation; 3 announcer

tuittym magh (quarrel) burst up; disagree, drop off, estrangement, quarrel, quarrelling, rupture, tiff: As my nee deiney tuittym magh, as my woaillys y derrey yeh yn jeh elley lesh clagh, ny lesh e ghoarn, as gyn eh dy gheddyn baase, agh cummal e lhiabbee Bible


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