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building (v.) buildal; (n.) thie, troggalys; (v., n.) troggal: I was building a house - Va mee troggal thie. JJK idiom The official handover of the building - Yn coyrt oikoil jeh'n troggal. DF idiom

Inexact matches:

boat building (v.) troggal baatyn

body building fehaghys

building aggregate (n.) shillee

building contractor (n.) troggeyder

building control (n.) gurneil troggal

building industry (n.) jeadys-troggal

building material (n.) stoo troggee, cooid hroggee

building plot (n.) grunt thie, laaragh thie

building site (n.) laaragh troggee

building sites (npl.) ynnydyn-troggal

building slip (n.) skyrraghtane

building society (n.) colught troggal, sheshaght son troggal thieyn, sheshaght hroggee

building timber (n.) aamaid troggee

building trade (n.) troggeydys

building up (v.) niartaghey slaynt

carriage building (v.) troggal carriads

Stable Building (n.) (The) Thie ny Gabbyl

wall building boallaghey, boalley

word building troggal ny focklyn

Building Control Act (n.) Slattys Gurneil Troggal

local building projects (npl.) shaleeyn-troggal ynnydagh

Planning and Building Control (n.) Plannal as Gurneil Troggal

Sea Terminal Building (n.) Troggal Stashoon Marrey

aamaid troggee building timber

colught troggal building society

cooid hroggee (f.) building material

fehaghys body building

grunt thie building plot

gurneil troggal building control

jeadys-troggal building industry

laaragh thie building plot

laaragh troggee (f.) building site

niartaghey slaynt building up

sheshaght hroggee (f.) building society

skyrraghtane building slip

stoo troggee building material

troggal baatyn boat building

troggal carriads carriage building

troggalys building

troggeydys building trade

ynnydyn-troggal building sites

body-building troggal kirpey

coach-building seyirsnys fainee

middlemost (adj.) mean: the building was straitened more than the lowest and the middlemost from the ground - van buildal goit stiagh ny smoo na van ayrn sinshley as y mean veihn thalloo Bible; meanagh: galleries were higher than these, than the lower, and than the middlemost of the building - va ny gallereeyn ny syrjey na ad shoh, nan chamyr sinjil ny meanagh yn vuildal Bible

seyirsnys fainee (f.) coach-building, coachbuilding

shaleeyn-troggal ynnydagh local building projects

Thie ny Gabbyl (The) Stable Building

troggal kirpey body-building

troggal ny focklyn word building

boallaghey enclose, impale; wall building; (to) wall

Plannal as Gurneil Troggal Planning and Building Control

sheshaght son troggal thieyn (f.) building society

Slattys Gurneil Troggal Building Control Act

Troggal Stashoon Marrey Sea Terminal Building

buildal building: yn buildal va kiongoyrt rish yn chlose er-lheh Bible

boat (n.) baatey: They are building a boat there - T'ad jannoo baatey ayns shen. DF idiom; (v.) jannoo baateyrys, shiaulley

official fer oik: High official - Ard 'er-oik. DF idiom; oikagh; oikoil: The official handover of the building - Yn coyrt oikoil jeh'n troggal. DF idiom

boalley See voalley, pl. boallaghyn bulwark, dyke, wall, wall building: Cur piobyn trooid boalley DF

shillee (f.) building aggregate, gravel, pebbles, shingle: Ta claghyn, shillee as genniagh ayn, Yn famlagh fliugh, cha nel eh goan, As er ny niee liorish yn tonn, Skeabys claddagh Loch Linne. Dhoor

thie (=Ir. teach, Sc. taigh) pl. thieyn building, habitation, home, house, indoor, residence, residency: Cha der oo saynt da thie dty naboo CS; homeward; domestic

troggeyder booster, builder, building contractor, constructor, developer, lifter, rearer; lift, hoist: Hie ad seose 'sy troggeyder DF; breeder, fancier

troggal (=Ir. tógáil) arise, boost, building, elaborate, exalt, gather up, getting up, harvest, hoist, input, invoke, lift, lifting, pick off, pick up, pull in, raise, raise up, rally, rig up, set in rows, sing up, take, winch, wind; (f.) upbringing, uplift; (tax) charging; (as disease) contract; (of wind) freshen; (as shoulders) heave; (as child) bringing up, nurture, rear, train: Shegin da ve feer chronnal nish nagh vodmayd goaill yn nah chesmad er ash (troggal sheeloghe noa voish y chlean) ayns Mannin derrey ta mysh lieh-cheead dy leih ayn mysh yn eash hoght bleeaney jeig as Gaelg flaaoil oc. Carn; development, edifice, structure: cha nel troggal er-lheh oc as cha nel ad er phointeil fir-ynsee noa. Carn; breed, breeding, rearing: she eshyn van chenn-ayr ocsyn ta beaghey ayns cabbaneyn, as ta troggal ollagh. Bible; build, construct, elevate, put up: scuirr ad veih troggal yn ard-valley Bible; absorption, elaboration; hoist up


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