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buigh 1 See bwee fair headed, fair-headed a: cur-my-ner, my te, ayns shilley, ny sdiuney nan chrackan, as fynney buigh thanney ayn Bible; 2 jaundiced, sallow, tan; 3 yellow: ceaghlit myr shoh, er skianyn buigh myr airh getlagh gys yrjey, lheie ad ersooyl 'syn aer PC; 4 dun [O.Ir. buide]

Inexact matches:

aunlyn buigh custard

Baare jiarg-buigh Orange Tip

balsym buigh touch-me-not

Beinn Buigh Yellow Peak

ben buigh (f.) mulatto woman

billey buigh bay tree, sweet bay

blaashagh buigh corn marigold

buigh chroymagh (f.) chrome-yellow

buitçhoor bane-buigh Isabelline shrike

Caaig ghob-buigh Yellow-billed Chough

cabbyl buigh dun horse

capan buigh chanterelle

chiassagh buigh (yn) yellow fever

Close Buigh Yellow Enclosure

Coan Buigh Yellow Hollow

cooag ghob-buigh (f.) yellow-billed cuckoo

corkan buigh citril finch

corran buigh (ripe) banana

Curragh Buigh Yellow Marsh

drean buigh goldcrest

fer buigh Cape coloured; mulatto

fliughane buigh chanterelle

fosfaar buigh yellow phosphorous

gah buigh hemp nettle

goblan buigh greater yellowlegs

grine buigh maize

Gullad Buigh Yellow Inlet

jallyn buigh yellow bunting, yellowhammer

kiaulleyder buigh yellow warbler

Laagh ghob-buigh Yellow-billed Duck

lhune buigh pale ale

Magher Buigh Magheraboy

Pompee scoarnagh-buigh Yellow-throated Bunting

ratçheyder bane-buigh cream-coloured courser

Reeast Buigh Yellow Moor

shalmane buigh morel

Skibbag chione-buigh Yellow-headed Wagtail

spyrryd buigh hydrochloric acid

urley buigh golden eagle

Ynnyd Buigh Yellow Place

Cass Buigh Connee Yellow Gorse End

Close Rheynn Buigh Yellow Division Close

cur buigh er sallow

goblan buigh beg lesser yellowlegs

grine buigh rostit popcorn

Laa Buigh ny Boaldyn May Day

leayrane cleeau ghone-buigh buff-breasted sandpiper

scryss buigh ny greg common yellow lichen

chanterelle (n.) capan buigh, fliughane buigh

sallow buigh; cur buigh er; lheeah-vuigh; shellagh; treih

dun (v.) clowaney, croaganaghey, dorraghey; doon; ouar, ouyr; buigh: Dun horse - Cabbyl buigh. DF idiom

yellow buigh, bwee: Gold is yellow - Ta airh buigh. JJK idiom; wuigh; cowartagh, mettey; (v.) buighaghey, buighey

banana2 (n.) (ripe) corran buigh

Cape coloured (n.) fer buigh

chrome-yellow buigh chroymagh

citril finch (n.) corkan buigh

dun horse (n.) cabbyl buigh

fair headed buigh

fair-headed buigh

golden eagle (n.) urley buigh

greater yellowlegs (n.) goblan buigh

hemp nettle (n.) gah buigh

jaundiced (adj.) buigh

Magheraboy (n.) Magher Buigh

maize (n.) grine buigh

mulatto (n.) fer buigh

mulatto woman (n.) ben buigh

pale ale (n.) lhune buigh

popcorn (n.) grine buigh rostit

sweet bay (n.) billey buigh

touch-me-not (n.) balsym buigh

Yellow Enclosure (n.) Close Buigh

yellow fever (n.) (yn) chiassagh buigh

Yellow Hollow (n.) Coan Buigh

Yellow Inlet (n.) Gullad Buigh

Yellow Marsh (n.) Curragh Buigh

Yellow Moor (n.) Reeast Buigh

Yellow Peak (n.) Beinn Buigh

yellow phosphorous (n.) fosfaar buigh

Yellow Place (n.) Ynnyd Buigh

yellow warbler (n.) kiaulleyder buigh

bay3 (adj.) (colour) buigh-ruy

bright yellow (adj.) buigh-ghial

carroty (adj.) buigh-ruy, carradjagh

custard (n.) aunlyn buigh, custart, oohaghan

fawn2 (colour) buigh-ghone

flaxen (adj.) buigh-vane, lhieen

fulvous (adj.) buigh-ruy

Isabelline shrike (n.) buitçhoor bane-buigh

lesser yellowlegs (n.) goblan buigh beg

morel (n.) mittag vuigh; shalmane buigh

nacarat (n.) buigh-yiarg

Orange Tip (n.) Baare jiarg-buigh

Yellow-billed Chough (n.) Caaig ghob-buigh

Yellow-billed Duck Laagh ghob-buigh

yellow-dun buigh-ouyr; ouyr

Yellow-headed Wagtail (n.) Skibbag chione-buigh

yellowish green buigh-ghlass

yellowish red buigh-yiarg

yellowish white buigh-vane

Yellow-throated Bunting (n.) Pompee scoarnagh-buigh

buigh-airhey golden

buigh-ghial bright yellow

buigh-ghlass yellowish green

buigh-ghone (colour) fawn

buigh-ouyr yellow-dun

buigh-ruy (colour) bay, carroty, fulvous

buigh-vane flaxen, yellowish white

buigh-yiarg nacarat, yellowish red

bay tree (n.) billey buigh; billey millish; laurys; beith

buff-breasted sandpiper (n.) leayrane cleeau ghone-buigh

common yellow lichen (n.) scryss buigh ny greg

corn marigold (n.) bastag wuigh; blaashagh buigh; jean airhey

cream-coloured courser (n.) ratçheyder bane-buigh; Roieder bane-wuigh

goldcrest (n.) drean buigh, ushag y juys

hydrochloric acid (n.) geayr hiddracloaragh, spyrryd buigh

tan1 buigh; daah ny greiney; ruy; ruyid; (v.) cartaghey

yellow bunting (n.) jallyn buigh, ushag wee, ushag wuigh

Yellow Division Close (n.) Close Rheynn Buigh

Yellow Gorse End (n.) Cass Buigh Connee

yellowhammer (n.) jallyn buigh, ushag wee, ushag wuigh; buighag

May Day (n.) Beeal Voayldyn, Laa Boaldyn, Laa Buigh ny Boaldyn

yellow-billed cuckoo (n.) cooag rangagh, cooag yn ouyir; cooag ghob-buigh

Guilcagh Broom Place: huitt scell er magher buigh lesh plaggad, as roym va tholtan beg, guilcagh as dress cho ard as ny boallaghyn glassey. Coraa

wuigh See buigh yellow: Ayns mean ny noidyn Satan va ny hoie ayns fainagh-caggee berchagh lesh airh wuigh PC

golden (adj.) airhey: The goose that lays the golden eggs - Yn guiy jeh ny h-oohyn airhey. DF idiom; buigh-airhey

is t': He is exceedingly angry - T'eh corree ass towse. JJK idiom; ta: Gold is yellow - Ta airh buigh. JJK idiom; (interrog.) vel: Is dinner ready? - Vel jinnair aarloo? JJK idiom; (emph.) she: He is an Englishman - She Sostnagh eh. JJK idiom; (interrog.) nee: Is that your pen? - Nee shen y penn ayd? JJK idiom


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