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broojit fo-chosh downtrodden

broojit 1 bruised, compressed, contusive, mashed, nipped, pounded, pressed a: hilg ad sheese ad gour nyn mullee jehn chreg, as vad broojit dy baase Bible; 2 (as fruit) crushed

Inexact matches:

broojit ry-cheilley bunch

clou broojit batter

praaseyn broojit mashed potatoes

compressed broojit; cohionnit

contusive (adj.) broojit

crushed2 (as fruit) broojit; lahnit

mashed broojit; lahnit; mestit

pounded broojit; bwoailt; mynvroojit

bruised (adj.) brooit; broojit: Ye shall not offer unto the Lord that which is bruised - Cha jean shiu chebbal gys y Chiarn shen ny ta broojit Bible; (v.) vroo: and they bruised the breasts of her virginity - as vroo ad keeaghyn e moidynys Bible

downtrodden (adj.) broojit fo-chosh, fo smaght

nipped broojit; mingit; spolgit; spuilgit

batter battyr; bwoalley; clou broojit; faaney; sooslagh; mestey-freeghee

mashed potatoes (npl.) praaseyn broojit; praaseyn lahnit

bunch1 (v.) broojit ry-cheilley; chionney ry-cheilley, kiangley ayns dossanyn; (n.) crouw, deaill, dhoss, doss, dossan, gass, glackaid, keshag, possan

brisht stiagh baptized with fire: scolt ad hene lesh lhieggey er nyn mooin, ad broojit fo; nyn armyn creoi cur guin, torchagh as pian, myr v'ad brisht stiagh ayndoo lesh trimmid wooar PC

cheet huggey hene come round, pull round: s'coan t'eh cheet huggey hene, erreish da ve dy mooar broojit. Bible

drogh-choyrle (f.) misadvice: Ta Ephraim broojit as brisht ayns briwnys: er-yn-oyr dy jimmee ad dy arryltagh lurg drogh-choyrle. Bible

greienyn caggee war equipment: ga v'ad wheesh broojit, foast veih haink ad bio; agh plooghit fo va saase y taarnagh mollee nyn eillaghyn as slane nyn greienyn caggee. PC

tuittym neeal swoon, swooning: As cur-my-ner, ta spyrryd dy ghoaill eh, as doaltattym t'eh gyllagh; as tuittym neeal, t'eh keshal, as s'coan t'eh cheet huggey hene, erreish da ve dy mooar broojit. Bible

pressed broojit; glackit; jingit; lhiannit; preaysagh; stret; traastit; hraisht; daast: He pressed her to his heart - Daast eh ee da'n oghrish echey. DF idiom; hionn: She pressed him to her breast - Hionn ee eh da'n oghrish eck. DF idiom; êginit


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