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Briw Brehon, Deemster

briw (=Ir breithem) pl. briwnyn adjudicator, arbiter, judge, justice of the peace, referee: t'eshyn briw mastey Jeeghyn Bible

Inexact matches:

briw agglish Vicar general

briw beg beak, magistrate

briw croghee hanging judge

briw marrey water bailiff

Briw Shee justice of the peace

justice of the peace (n.) briw, Briw Shee

adjudicator (n.) briw

arbiter (n.) briw

beak (n.) briw beg; gob

Brehon (n.) Briw

Deemster (n.) Briw

hanging judge (n.) briw croghee

Vicar general (n.) briw agglish

water bailiff (n.) briw marrey

judge (n.) briw: He who acknowledges no judge condemns himself - Eshyn nagh gow rish briw erbee t'eh deyrey eh hene. JJK idiom; briwnys: Judge others by yourself - Briwnys feallagh elley liort hene. JJK idiom; (v.) jannoo briwnys, jannoo briwnys er; (to); (dy) vriwnys

magistrate (n.) briw beg; fer reill

referee (n.) briw, eddyr-chiartagh, fer reaghys; (v.) eddyr-chiartaghey

briwnyssit decided, judged: Verriu, ta'n Briw er jeet, Trog-jee, ny whail nish shegin diu roie Son dy ve briwnyssit. LH

fer-toyrt bestower: Son ta'n Chiarn y briw ainyn, yn Chiarn fer-toyrt nyn leigh, ta'n Chiarn nyn ree; nee eh shin y hauail. Bible

marr-ym I will slay: As giare-yms jeh yn briw veih yn vean echey, as marr-ym ooilley ny princeyn echey marish, ta'n Chiarn dy ghra. Bible

rheynneyder 1 allotter, dispenser, distributor, divisor, shareholder; 2 divider a: quoi t'er my hoiaghey's seose son briw ny rheynneyder harrishdiu? Bible; 3 partaker

slatt (f.) 1 pl. slattyn batten, birch, cane, mace, rail, rod, slat, stem, switch, verge, wand, waterline a: nee ad briw Israel y woalley lesh slatt er y lieckan Bible; 2 (of animal) penis

sollaghey-laue corruption, gift, reward: ta'n prince geearree leagh, as yn briw shirrey sollaghey-laue Bible

surransagh forbearing, passive, patient, sufferable, supportable, tolerable, tolerant: Ta Jee briw cairagh, niartal as surransagh Bible; pl. surransee in-patient, sufferer

ymmyrkey feanish attest, depose, testify: As hug eh sarey dooin dy phreacheil gys y pobble, as dy ymmyrkey feanish dy nee eshyn, liorish oardagh Yee, ta dy ve briw ny bioee as ny merriu. Bible

he bock; collagh; eh: He hasn't been there yet - Cha nel eh er ve ayns shen foast. JJK idiom; eh-shen; (emph.) eshyn: He who acknowledges no judge condemns himself - Eshyn nagh gow rish briw erbee t'eh deyrey eh hene. JJK idiom; firryn; firrynagh


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