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bright bio, bioyr, gial, lonragh, lossanagh, sollys, sullyr

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Bright Ground (n.) Grunt Sollys

bright intervals (npl.) traaghyn gial

Bright Rift (n.) Skinscoe

bright yellow (adj.) buigh-ghial

quite bright glen-hollys

buigh-ghial bright yellow

glen-hollys quite bright

Grunt Sollys Bright Ground

Skinscoe Bright Rift [Scand]

traaghyn gial bright intervals

side cheu: The bright side of things - Yn cheu share jeh'n skeeal. DF idiom; cheughey rish; lhiattee: Side of beef - Lhiattee 'eill vart. DF idiom; wass: The near side - Yn cheu wass. DF idiom

bio activated, afloat, alive, bright, hot, lifelike, live, live person, mercurial, pictorial: Agh ta my noidyn bio as niartal Bible [L. vita]

bioyr (=Ir. beomhar) breezy, bright, brisk, frisky, graphic, lively, nippy, smart, soul stirring, spirited, sprightly, spry, vibrant, vivacious, volatile: Son aynsyn ta shin bio, as bioyr, as baghey Bible; (as imagination) vivid

gial (=Ir. geal) bright, clear, fulgent, light-coloured, shining, snowy, white: bee ad gial myr sniaghtey Bible

lonragh bright, effulgent, glistening, glowing: Moal-inchynagh va'n oaie echey as neeal glass er, as yn folt echey slaait sheese lesh shelliu lonragh ennagh GB

lossanagh aglow, auroral, blazing, bright, flaming, flaring, inflamed, inflammable, luminous, phosphorescent: 'sy voghrey te brishey magh myr aile lossanagh Bible; genial; impassioned; varnish

sollys 1 (adj.) bright, brilliant, clear, resplendent, shining, shiny, transparent a: va skell sollys er e eddin Bible; 2 (n.) brightness, lamp, light [L. sol]

sullyr ANTONYM dullyr :2 bright, clear, limpid, resplendent: Ta e brooinyn cha pishagagh, e hushtaghyn cha sullyr. JJK


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