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Bridge (n.) (The); (Yn) Droghad

bridge1 (n.) biritch; droghad: He built a bridge - Hrog eh droghad. JJK idiom

bridge2 (n.) (of nose) droghad ny stronney, keylid ny stronney

bridge3 (n.) (of ship) droghad

Inexact matches:

Ballig Bridge (n.) Droghad Vallig

Braddan Bridge (n.) Droghad Vraddan; Droghad Skylley Vraddan

Bridge Croft (n.) Croit y Droghad

Bridge Enclosure (n.) Close y Droghad

Bridge Garden (n.) Garey yn Droghad

Bridge Head (n.) Kione Droghad

Bridge House (n.) Thie yn Droghad

bridge house (n.) thie droghad

Bridge Marsh (n.) Curragh ny Droghad

Bridge Meadow (n.) Lheannee y Droghad, Lheannee Droghad

Bridge Road (n.) Raad y Droghad

bridge train (n.) traen droghad

Caine's Bridge (n.) Droghad y Caine

Campbell's Bridge (n.) Droghad Campell

Charry's Bridge (n.) Droghad Charry

Cubbon's Bridge (n.) Droghad Cubbon

Fairy Bridge (n.) Droghad Balley Glionney

Fayle's Bridge (n.) Droghad Fayle

ferry bridge (n.) droghad traenagh

Governors Bridge (n.) Droghad y Chiannoort

Greeba Bridge (n.) Droghad Ghreeba

Heywood's Bridge (n.) Droghad Heywood

Kinley's Bridge (n.) Droghad Kinley

Level Bridge (n.) Droghad Rea

Monk's Bridge (n.) (Yn) Chrossag

pontoon bridge (n.) droghad pontoon

Quarter Bridge (n.) Droghad y Cherroo

Stone Bridge (n.) Droghad Cloaie

Sulby Bridge (n.) Droghad Sulby; Droghad Hulby

suspension bridge (n.) droghad croghit

toll bridge (n.) droghad keesh

transporter bridge (n.) droghad ymmyrkey

trestle bridge (n.) droghad stellyn

truss bridge (n.) droghad thruss

weigh bridge (n.) droghad meihaghey

White Bridge (n.) Droghad Bane

Bridge Croft End (n.) Kione Croit y Droghad

Bridge Head Meadow (n.) Lheannee Kione Droghad

Bridge of the Battle (n.) Droghad y Caggey

Bridge of the Flies (n.) Droghad y Whallag

Kraun's Valley Bridge (n.) Droghad Cranstal

Patrick's Church Bridge (n.) Droghad Keeill Pharick

Patrick's Mire Bridge (n.) Droghad Curragh Pharick

Ridge of the Bridge (n.) Dreeym ny Droghad

Chrossag (f.) (Yn); (The) Monk's Bridge

Droghad1 Bridge

Droghad2 (Yn); (The) Bridge

Droghad Campell Campbell's Bridge

Droghad Charry Charry's Bridge

Droghad Cloaie Stone Bridge

droghad croghit suspension bridge

Droghad Cubbon Cubbon's Bridge

Droghad Fayle Fayle's Bridge

Droghad Ghreeba Greeba Bridge

Droghad Heywood Heywood's Bridge

droghad keesh toll bridge

Droghad Kinley Kinley's Bridge

droghad meihaghey weigh bridge

droghad ny stronney (of nose) bridge

droghad pontoon pontoon bridge

Droghad Rea Level Bridge

droghad stellyn trestle bridge

Droghad Sulby Sulby Bridge

droghad thruss truss bridge

droghad traenagh ferry bridge

Droghad Vallig Ballig Bridge

Droghad Vraddan Braddan Bridge

droghad ymmyrkey transporter bridge

keylid ny stronney (of nose) bridge

Lheannee Droghad Bridge Meadow

thie droghad bridge house

traen droghad bridge train

Close y Droghad Bridge Enclosure

Croit y Droghad Bridge Croft

Curragh ny Droghad Bridge Marsh

Droghad Balley Glionney Fairy Bridge

Droghad Cranstal Kraun's Valley Bridge

Droghad Skylley Vraddan Braddan Bridge

Droghad y Caine Caine's Bridge

Droghad y Cherroo Quarter Bridge

Droghad y Chiannoort Governors Bridge

Garey yn Droghad Bridge Garden

Lheannee y Droghad Bridge Meadow

Raad y Droghad Bridge Road

Thie yn Droghad Bridge House

biritch bridge: Cloie biritch fud ny hoie. DF

Dreeym ny Droghad Ridge of the Bridge

Droghad Curragh Pharick Patrick's Mire Bridge

Droghad Keeill Pharick Patrick's Church Bridge

Droghad y Caggey Bridge of the Battle

Droghad y Whallag Bridge of the Flies

Kione Croit y Droghad Bridge Croft End

Lheannee Kione Droghad Bridge Head Meadow

clearance1 (n.) chiarrey, glenney, shiaulley; scoip: There is not enough clearance under the bridge - Cha nel scoip dy liooar dy gholl fo'n droghad. DF idiom

go over goll harrish: Praise the bridge as you go over it - Moyll y droghad myr hed oo harrish. JJK idiom; goll tessen; gow noon

over breish; coar; ec kione; erskyn; harrish: Praise the bridge as you go over it - Moyll y droghad myr hed oo harrish. JJK idiom; noal; noon; snaie daa cheayrt

droghad (=S.G. drochaid; Ir. drochiott) arch, gantry; bridge: Ta baggyrt rish yn traa ry-heet er ny Ellanyn Canna as Sanday mannagh vel yn droghad eddyr oc mooadit yn aght oddagh gleastanyn goll harrish. Carn

Droghad Hulby Sulby Bridge: Verryms dhyt coamrey noa noght as heeym oo ec stashoon Droghad Hulby ec shiaght er y chlag moghrey ny vairagh. JyC

Kione Droghad Onchan, Bridge Head: Ta barrantagh ayns Kione Droghad shirrey er y lught-reill ynnydagh as ny meoiryn-shee ad dy obbraghey ry cheilley, dy ghellal rish drogh ymmyrkey-bea syn ard. BS

fairies (npl.) ad hene: He saw the fairies at the bridge - Honnick eh ad hene ec y droghad. DF idiom; cloan ny moyrn; ferrishyn: The fairies haunt that glen - Ta ferrishyn goaill 'sy ghlion shen. DF idiom; mooinjer ny king veggey; sleih beggey; (yn) vooinjer veggey


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