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breid vaynagh (f.) amice

Breid Gorge, Sheltered Vale

breid (f.) pl. breidyn cowl, frieze, front, kerchief, napkin, veil, veiling: hug ee breid er yn eddin eck Bible; (hair) lock; splinter

Inexact matches:

breid aspickagh (f.) bishop's cape

breid feayr cold front

Breid Foss Waterfall Gorge

breid ghoal (f.) loincloth

breid phoosee (f.) bridal veil

breid vestit (f.) occluded front

breid vlah (f.) warm front

Breid Farran Fing Penny Land Gorge

Breid ny Boshen Rocky Brook Gorge

Breid ny Darragh Gorge of the Oakwood

bishop's cape (n.) breid aspickagh

bridal veil (n.) breid phoosee

cowl (n.) breid, coghyl

frieze (n.) breid, chemmal, freesh

Gorge (n.) Breid

loincloth (n.) breid ghoal

napkin (n.) breid; naptin

Sheltered Vale (n.) Breid

veiling breid, breidys

Waterfall Gorge (n.) Breid Foss

amice (n.) breid vaynagh, cloaghey erin

kerchief (n.) bayrn bussallagh; breid; bussal

cold front (n.) breid feayr; frontey feayr

Gorge of the Oakwood (n.) Breid ny Darragh

occluded front breid vestit; toshiaght dooint

Penny Land Gorge (n.) Breid Farran Fing

Rocky Brook Gorge (n.) Breid ny Boshen

warm front (n.) breid vlah, toshiaght blah

splinter (v.) skeiltey; (n.) skirrag, speilt, spollag, shlig, breid, skeltag, speeineig

lock (v.) cur glass er, kiangley, lock; (n.) glass, gliass: They forced the lock - Vrish ad y glass. DF idiom; (n.) scabbag, skeog, skeoag; breid

veil (n.) breid, coodagh, curtan, veil; (v.) breidaghey, coodaghey, follaghey, keiltyn; curtan scarree: the veil of the temple was rent in the midst - va curtan scarree yn chiamble raipit veihmy Bible

braid (=Ir. braigh and braid) (pl -yn) strut; splinter bar; theft; stolen goods; COMPARE Breid upper part, heights, mountain top

covered1 cloagit: Covered with snow - Cloagit lesh sniaghtey. DF idiom; coodit; (v.) choadee, choodee: She took a veil and covered her face - Ghow ee breid as choodee ee e heddin. DF idiom; vreid: She covered her face - Vreid ee e heddin. DF idiom

front eddin: The front of the house - Eddin y thie. DF idiom; oaie: The front of the house - Oaie y thie. DF idiom; (n.) breid, broghil, glaare; toshee: Front-line soldiers - Sidooryn toshee. DF idiom; (v.) cur eddin er, cur oaie er


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