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breckey brindle, chequer, chequering, dapple, freckle, jotting, mottle, rough, spot, variegate; dappled, speckled: Bee yn maase breckey dt' aill's Bible; bespeckle, sprinkle; embroider; variegation; sharpen

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Bollee Breckey Speckled Tracks

breckey kerrinagh chequer

breckey lhiare pebble

spohttyn breckey smallpox

breckey er lhiare pebble

breckey lesh ponkyn dot

breckey yn laa first light of dawn

chequer1 breckey; breckey kerrinagh

pebble (v.) breckey er lhiare, breckey lhiare; (n.) clagh scailley, mynchlagh

bespeckle (v.) breckey

chequering breckey

dapple breckey

dappled breckey

jotting breckey

mottle boayl breck; breckey

Speckled Tracks (npl.) Bollee Breckey

variegate (v.) brackey, breckey, schimmeigey

speckled (adj.) breck; brack; breckey; spottagh

variegation (n.) breckey, schimmeigys, ym-daahys, ym-horchys

brindle (adj.) brack; brackan; breck; breckan; breckey; brigginagh

first light of dawn breckey yn laa

smallpox (n.) (yn) volgagh vreck, volgagh, vreck wooar, vreck; spohttyn breckey

kiyt cats: Ta tree kiyt breckey eck 'sy thie. DF

embroider (v.) breckey, jannoo grease, laatchey; broaidrail: And thou shalt embroider the coat of fine linen - As nee oo broaidrail yn cooat dy aanrit keyl Bible; (story) daaghey skeeal

freckle (n.) breck greiney; breck 'sy ghrian; breck 'sy nane; (v.) breckey; cur breck 'sy ghrian er

sharpen (v.) birraghey, brackey, breckey, cur foyr er, foyraghey, geyraghey, geyrey, goaill foyr, shleeu; cur baare er: Sharpen the pencil - Cur baare er y phennleoie. DF idiom; shlieu, slhieu

spot ard: Beautiful spot - Ard aalin. DF idiom; boayl: Sheltered spot - Boayl fasteeagh. DF idiom; spoht, spot, ynnyd; breck, cron; crottey; breckey, faagail cron er, spohttey; cur tastey da, fakin; jeir

sprinkle breckey; craa; skeaylley; spreih: Aaron's sons shall sprinkle the blood thereof round about upon the altar - nee mec Aaron yn uill echey y spreih mygeayrt er yn altar Bible

dot (v.) breckey lesh ponkyn, cur ponk er; ponkey: To dot and carry one - Dy phonkey as unnane y chur er e hoshiaght. DF idiom; (n.) floag, poynt; ponk, ponck: Dot the i's - Ponck y chur er ny h-i-aghyn. DF idiom

rough1 barb; barbagh; breckey; carragh; garroo: We had a rough passage - Va turrys garroo ain. DF idiom; mollagh; neurea; raghtanagh; rastagh: he stayeth his rough wind in the day of the east wind - teh lhiettal e gheay rastagh rish traa yn gheay-niar Bible; reeastagh; reeastaneagh; ruggagh; thalloo garroo

cheet appee mellow: eddyr immyryn breckey-va blah-hieyn liauyrey ayn, ny ooylyn-ghraih ayndoo cheet appee, 'solley va orroo daah ny greiney er oirr ny cruinney fastyr meein y tourey. Coraa


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