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breck (f.) 1 brown trout, trout; 2 (adj.) brindle, dapple-grey, dotty, medley, piebald, pied, speckle, spot, spotty, tartan; 3 chequered, dotted, mottled, spotted, pocked, speckled, trout-coloured, variegated a: scarrey veih my-chielley ooilley yn maase breck as spottagh Bible

Inexact matches:

aanrit breck check, chequer cloth

ard-firryn breck spotted dead-nettle

Ayrey Breck Speckled Gravel Bank

boayl breck mottle

breck airhey dory

Breck Aittin Speckled Gorsy Place

breck awin brown trout

Breck Bwoaillee Speckled Fold

Breck Bwoailtyn Speckled Folds

breck dhoan brown trout

breck faasaagagh barbel

breck fiddyr trout fry

breck frangagh1 horse mackerel, scad

breck frangagh2 (yn) syphilis

breck-ghooinney treoghe grass widower

breck gial salmon trout, sea trout

breck greiney freckle

breck kiark chickenpox

breck kirkey chickenpox

Breck Lhaggagh Speckled Hollow

breck marrey mackerel

breck oayllee sciolist

breck ollee (f.) cowpox

breck ruy char

breck Spaainagh Spanish mackerel

Breck Woaillee Speckled Fold

Breck Wooaillagh Speckled Fold

bwilleen breck (f.) bunloaf

Bwoaillee Breck Speckled Fold

bwoalleyder breck brown thrasher

cabbyl breck dapple grey, piebald horse

Carnane Breck Speckled Cairn

chiassaghey breck (yn) typhoid fever

Cor Breck Brushwood Slope, Kori's Slope

Croch Breck Speckled Gallows

Cronk Breck Speckled Hill

Crosh Breck Speckled Cross

diane breck branding

dy breck-cherrinagh chequerwise

foillican breck fritillary, tortoiseshell butterfly

garee breck oystercatcher

Garey Breck Speckled Garden

Gob Breck Speckled Point

greeb gob-breck pied-billed grebe

guiy breck brent goose

kayt breck tabby cat, tortoise-shell cat

kione breck razorbill

leayrane breck spotted sandpiper

Liargee Breck Speckled Slope

lubban breck moon jellyfish

Magher Breck Speckledfield

Meayll Breck Maol Breac

myn-hiassagh breck paratyphoid

peegagh breck spur dogfish

shellan breck bumble-bee

skibbyltagh breck pied flycatcher, spotted flycatcher

snoggeyder breck lesser spotted woodpecker

spoht breck pustule

tayreyder breck spotted flycatcher

urley breck spotted eagle

Breck ny Keylley Speckled Wood

breck 'sy ghrian (f.) freckle

breck 'sy nane freckle

breck 'sy vainney fly in the ointment

Breck y Broom Slope of the Spring

breck y speyr cirro-cumulus

cur breck 'sy ghrian er freckle

eean raip breck spotted crake

goblan marrey breck spotted redshank

gollan marrey breck spotted redshank

Magher Breck Carn Speckled Field Cairn

Urley breck beg Lesser Spotted Eagle

freckle (n.) breck greiney; breck 'sy ghrian; breck 'sy nane; (v.) breckey; cur breck 'sy ghrian er

Speckled Fold (n.) Bwoaillee Breck, Breck Wooaillagh, Breck Woaillee, Breck Bwoaillee

brown trout (n.) breck, breck awin, breck dhoan

chickenpox (n.) breck kiark, breck kirkey

spotted flycatcher (n.) skibbyltagh breck, skybbyltagh lheeah; tayreyder breck

spotted redshank (n.) gollan marrey breck; goblan marrey breck

dotted floagagh; ponkagh; breck: Hill which was dotted with houses - Cronk va breck lesh thieyn. DF idiom

spotted (adj.) breck: Lesser spotted woodpecker - Snoggeyder breck. DF idiom; brigginagh; spohttagh, spottagh; spohttit; brack

barbel (n.) breck faasaagagh

branding daajey; diane breck

brent goose (n.) guiy breck

brown thrasher (n.) bwoalleyder breck

Brushwood Slope (n.) Cor Breck

bunloaf (n.) buncurran; bwilleen breck

chequer cloth (n.) aanrit breck

chequered1 breck; breck-cherrinagh

cirro-cumulus (n.) breck y speyr

dapple grey cabbyl breck

dapple-grey (n.) breck

Kori's Slope (n.) Cor Breck

mackerel (n.) breck marrey

Maol Breac (n.) Meayll Breck

medley (n.) breck, broish, meshtane

mottle boayl breck; breckey

mottled breck

oystercatcher (n.) bridjeen, garee breck

paratyphoid (n.) myn-hiassagh breck, paratyphoid

piebald (adj.) breck

piebald horse (n.) cabbyl breck

pied (adj.) breck, brigginagh

pied flycatcher (n.) skibbyltagh breck

pocked breck; lane spuitt

razorbill (n.) coltrag, kione breck

salmon trout (n.) breck gial

sciolist (n.) breck oayllee

sea trout (n.) breck gial

Spanish mackerel (n.) breck Spaainagh

speckle (n.) breck

Speckled Cairn (n.) Carnane Breck

Speckled Cross (n.) Crosh Breck

Speckled Field (n.) Magher Breck

Speckledfield (n.) Magher Breck

Speckled Folds (n.) Breck Bwoailtyn

Speckled Gallows (n.) Croch Breck

Speckled Garden (n.) Garey Breck

Speckled Hill (n.) Cronk Breck

Speckled Hollow (n.) Breck Lhaggagh

Speckled Point (n.) Gob Breck

Speckled Slope (n.) Liargee Breck

spotted dead-nettle (n.) ard-firryn breck

spotted eagle (n.) urley breck

spotted sandpiper (n.) leayrane breck

spotty (adj.) breck; spohttagh

tabby cat (n.) kayt breck

tartan (n.) breck, breckan; breckanagh

tortoise-shell cat (n.) kayt breck

trout (n.) brack; breck: A trout in the hand is worth two in the pool - Ta breck 'sy laue ny share na braddan 'sy lhingey. DF idiom; brick

trout-coloured breck

vreck (f.) See breck (yn) smallpox

broken weather (n.) breck-emshir

bumble-bee (n.) shellan breck; shellan meay

chequerwise dy breck-cherrinagh

cowpox (n.) breck ollee, bolgagh baa

crepuscular (adj.) breck-ghoo, dorraghey

dory (n.) breck airhey, Juan Joarree

fritillary (n.) foillican breck, lilee vreck

grass widow (n.) breck-ventreoghe

grass widower (n.) breck-ghooinney treoghe

greyish (adj.) breck-lheeah; glass-lheeah; lieh-lheeah

horse mackerel (n.) breck frangagh; lheimmeyder

lesser spotted woodpecker (n.) snoggeyder breck

mixed religion (n.) breck-chraueeaght, breck-chredjue

pied-billed grebe (n.) greeb gob-breck

pustule (n.) gurran, pushag, spoht breck

red-spotted breck-yiarg

sciolism (n.) breck-oallys

smattering breck-oallys

speckled (adj.) breck; brack; breckey; spottagh

Speckled Gorsy Place (n.) Breck Aittin

Speckled Gravel Bank (n.) Ayrey Breck

Speckled Wood (n.) Breck ny Keylley

spotted crake (n.) eean raip breck

spotty-eyed breck-hooillagh

spur dogfish (n.) peegagh breck; scoargagh

syphilis (n.) (yn) breck frangagh; (yn) volgagh rangagh

trout-brown breck-ghone

trout fry (n.) breck fiddyr, fiddyr

typhoid fever (n.) (yn) chiassaghey breck; (yn) typhoid

walleyed (adj.) breck-hooillagh

zebra crossing (n.) cassan-breck

breck-cherrinagh chequered

breck-chraueeaght mixed religion

breck-chredjue mixed religion

breck-emshir (f.) broken weather

breck-ghone trout-brown

breck-ghoo crepuscular

breck-hooillagh spotty-eyed, walleyed

breck-lheeah greyish

breck-oallys (f.) sciolism, smattering

breck-ventreoghe (f.) grass widow

breck-yiarg red-spotted

cassan-breck zebra crossing

brindle (adj.) brack; brackan; breck; breckan; breckey; brigginagh

char (n.) breck ruy; spicheraght; (v.) daahjey, jannoo geayllagh

fly in the ointment (n.) breck 'sy vainney

Lesser Spotted Eagle (n.) Urley breck beg

moon jellyfish (n.) gluddyr vreck, lubban breck

scad (n.) breck frangagh, lhiemmeyder, scad; goayr

Slope of the Spring (n.) Breck y Broom

Speckled Field Cairn (n.) Magher Breck Carn

tortoiseshell butterfly (n.) foillican breck, foillican shligganagh

variegated (adj.) breck, rimmeigit, schimmeigagh, ymmodee-cheintagh, ymmodee-daahagh

braddan salmon: Ta breck 'sy laue ny share na braddan 'sy lhingey DF

oallys usage: Ta breck-oallys jeh'n Ghaelg aym. DF

check (n.) aanrit breck; coontag; (v.) castey, cur streean er, glockey, smaghtaghey, smaghtey, shickyraghey, streeaney; lhiettalys; oght; screeuyn coontee; tarmestey; jannoo lhiettalys er: That will check them! - Nee shen jannoo lhiettallys orroo! DF idiom

dotty (adj.) breck, breckit, harrish ny sleityn; ass e cheeayl: He went dotty - Hie eh ass e cheeayl. DF idiom

rams (npl.) reaghyn: the rams which leaped upon the cattle were ringstraked, speckled, and grisled - va ny reaghyn va lheim er y maase, schimmeigagh, breck as spottagh Bible

seal (n.) raun: Lobster, mackerel and seal - Gimmagh, breck as raun. DF idiom; sail, cowrey; seal: Break the seal of a letter - Seal screeuyn y vrishey. DF idiom; (v.) sealal, cowraghey

spot ard: Beautiful spot - Ard aalin. DF idiom; boayl: Sheltered spot - Boayl fasteeagh. DF idiom; spoht, spot, ynnyd; breck, cron; crottey; breckey, faagail cron er, spohttey; cur tastey da, fakin; jeir

druiaghtagh enchanting, mysterious, romantic: er ny brooghyn breck rish blaaghyn, er ny eeanlee myr milley drilleeyn 'sy speyr, er yn cheyll soaral, as er yn vrack t'ayns kionys er yn reeriaght druiaghtagh shoh . Coraa; sorcerer, wizard

gimmagh (=Ir. giomach) lobster: Gimmagh, breck as raun. DF; cry out: tra v'eh mooie cheayll eh red ennagh lesh coraa vooar gimmagh syn oie, ''Ga-how." GB

lhingey (f.) 1 backwater, mill dam, pond, pool, river-pool a: Ta breck 'sy laue ny share na braddan 'sy lhingey. DF; 2 football pool [O.Ir. linn]

schimmeig (f.) pl. schimmeigyn chevron, dash, score, streak, stripe: verr ad ingan lesh schimmeigyn baney, breck as spottagh Bible

schimmeigagh streaky, variegated, ringstraked: ta ooilley ny reaghyn ta lheim er y maase schimmeigagh, breck as spottagh Bible

spottagh spotted, speckled, freckled: verr ad ingan lesh schimmeigyn baney, breck as spottagh Bible; grisled

'sy speyr aloft, overhead, sky-high, skywards: er yn poyll dhoo dullyragh, er yn ushtey gial grianagh, er ny brooghyn breck rish blaaghyn, er ny eeanlee myr milley drilleeyn 'sy speyrh shoh . Coraa

grisled glass: and in the fourth chariot grisled and bay horses - as ayns y chiarroo ainagh va cabbil glass as doyn Bible; glassey: the grisled go forth toward the south country - as ta ny cabbil glassey goll magh gys y cheer-jiass Bible; spottagh: the rams which leaped upon the cattle were ringstraked, speckled, and grisled - va ny reaghyn va lheim er y maase, schimmeigagh, breck as spottagh Bible


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