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breath (n.) ennal: There's not a breath of air - Cha nel ennal aer ayn. JJK idiom; ennalagh; soar

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breath test (n.) prowal ennalagh

first breath (n.) (yn) chied ghooishtey

take breath (v.) (to) ennal y hayrn

draw breath again (v.) tayrn ennal reesht

short of breath reeanagh

speak under breath (v.) sansheraght, sonsheraght; (to); (dy) loayrt myr sannish

tightness of breath reean

chied ghooishtey (yn) first breath

prowal ennalagh breath test

ennal y hayrn (to) take breath

reean asthma, tightness of breath

loayrt myr sannish (dy); (to) speak under breath

reeanagh asthmatic, short of breath; short-winded person

ennal (=Ir. anail) (f.) breath, wind: s'coan va ennal faagit aynym Bible [O.Ir. anál]

blast1 bleastey; bleaystey; blestal; osney; dorrin, readan, sheeb, sheebane; blest: at the blast of the breath of his nostrils - ec blest ennal e yymmoose Bible

let in (v.) cur peesh ayn, jingey, ushtey y yannoo; lhiggey stiagh: To let in a breath of air - Dy lhiggey stiagh readan geayee. DF idiom

wherein (adv.) ayn: to destroy all flesh, wherein is the breath of life - dy stroie dy-chooilley eill, ayn tan ennal y vea Bible; raad: the land wherein thou art a stranger - yn cheer raad tou dty yoarree Bible

ennalagh aspiratory, breath, breathing, respiratory: Vrie eh jeem's "Insh dou yn skeeal reesht mychione y dragane lesh aile ennalagh cheet magh ass e veeal! Dhoor; winded

sansheraght (=Ir. sanasaireachd) (f.) See sonsheraght whisper; (v.) annunciate, speak under breath, whispering: Ta ooilley my noidyn sansheraght cooidjagh m'oï Bible

soar pl. soaraghyn aroma, bouquet, breath, odour, pong, scent, sense of smell, smell, sniff: Ta ny mandrakeyn cur soar millish Bible

sonsheraght (v.) speak under breath, susurrate, whisper; (f.) whispering: aghterbee, choud's va shin nyn shassoo ayns shen cheayll shin sonsheraght cheet veih cheu-mooie y chenn thie-chabbyl va eddyr y thie-cheirdey Louis Corkill, ny ghaaue-dhoo, as yn oik Yimmy Clague, marchan-geayllyn. Coraa

tayrn ennal reesht again respire; draw breath: Fy yerrey va'n astan currit gy baase as va ooilley'n cheshaght tayrn ennal reesht. CJ

blast5 (of wind) blest: at the blast of the breath of his nostrils - ec blest ennal e yymmoose Bible; fowaney; sheidey: And with the blast of thy nostrils the waters were gathered together - As ec sheidey dty yymmoose va ny ushtaghyn er nyn jaglym dy cheilley Bible


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