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breagagh bogus, delusive, extravagant, feigned, fictitious, illusive, imitation, mendacious, mock, pinchbeck, spurious, untrue, untruthful; lying: Ta'n cliwe er ny fir-faishnee breagagh Bible; false: Cha jean oo troggal, ny cur mygeayrt, goo breagagh Bible; (v.) lie: ta shin breagagh, as cha vel shin gra yn irriney Bible

Inexact matches:

coontey breagagh misrepresentation

dy breagagh fictitiously, spuriously, falsely: My ta persoon erbee jannoo peccah as loght noi'n Chiarn, as dy breagagh gobbal da e naboo shen ny va currit da, fo e churrym, ny ayns dellal Bible

jee breagagh Baal

liare breagagh artificial leather

maidjey breagagh stool pigeon

skeeal breagagh broad story, idle story

cur coontey breagagh jeh misrepresent

loayrt dy breagagh speak falsely: Eisht dooyrt Azariah mac Hoshaiah, as Johanan mac Chareah, as ooilley ny mooaralee, rish Jeremiah, Tou loayrt dy breagagh Bible

Baal (n.) Baal; jee breagagh

broad story (n.) skeeal breagagh

delusive (adj.) breagagh

feigned breagagh; foasley

fictitious (adj.) breagagh; far-skeealagh; neufirrinagh

idle story (n.) skeeal breagagh

illusive (adj.) breagagh, kialgagh, molleydagh

mendacious (adj.) breagagh

misrepresentation (n.) coontey breagagh, mee'aishnys

spurious (adj.) breagagh; foalsey

spuriously (adv.) dy breagagh

untruthful (adj.) breagagh; neufirrinagh

artificial leather (n.) far-liare, liare breagagh

bogus (adj.) breagagh; foalsey; gyn bun

falsely (adv.) dy breagagh: Thou speakest falsely - T'ou loayrt dy breagagh Bible; dy foalsey: And ye shall not swear by my name falsely - As cha jean shiu loo liorish mennyms dy foalsey Bible; dy molteyraght: Ye shall not steal, neither deal falsely - Cha jean shiu geid, ny dellal dy molteyraght Bible; dy oaiagh: Or all that about which he hath sworn falsely - Ny ooilley shen, my-e-chione teh er loo dy oaiagh Bible; oaiagh: and hath testified falsely against his brother - as dy vel eh er goaill loo oaiagh noi e vraar

fictitiously (adv.) dy breagagh; dy foalsey

pinchbeck (n.) airh vreagagh; (adj.) breagagh, foalsey

speak falsely (v.) loayrt dy breagagh

imitation (n.) arrish, caslys, maclioar; (adj.) arrishagh, breagagh

misrepresent (v.) cur coontey breagagh jeh, loayrt noi'n irriney

stool pigeon (n.) calmane cleaynee, maidjey breagagh

untrue breagagh; neufirrinagh; neuynrick; foalsey; foalsagh

extravagant (adj.) baarailagh; breagagh; ceautagh; jummalys; jummallys; mooar; stroiltagh; jeeillagh

phadeyrys prophecy: T'ad er vakin fardalys, as phadeyrys breagagh Bible

accounts (npl.) coontaghyn; coontyssyn: He's fiddling the accounts - T'eh screeu coontyssyn breagagh. DF idiom

false (adj.) breagagh, neuirrinagh; dy oalsaght; foalsey: Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour - Cha der oo feanish foalsey noi dty naboo. DF idiom; (pref.) far-

mock breagagh, craidey mysh, grinderagh, grindyragh; floutagh; floutey; jannoo craid er: Make a mock of him - Jean craid er. DF idiom; floutyraght; craid; (adj.) far-

wicked devices (npl.) saaseyn cluicagh: he deviseth wicked devices to destroy the poor with lying words - t'eh smooinaghtyn er saaseyn cluicagh dy stroie yn boght lesh goan breagagh Bible

chengey molteyragh deceitful tongue: Livrey mannyms, O Hiarn, veih meillyn breagagh: as veih chengey molteyragh Bible

cur mygeayrt announce, circulate, pass, slew, spread: Cha jean oo troggal, ny cur mygeayrt, goo breagagh Bible

faishnaghyn divinations: t'ad fockley magh diu ashlish foalsey, as faishnaghyn breagagh, as red gyn veg, as molteyrys yn chree oc hene. Bible

gobbraghey er fag: Rish ymmodee bleeantyn, va'n Breagagh gobbraghey er y fockleyr yindyssagh echey. Carn

gyn lheihys beyond recovery, incurable, terminal, uncured: Ny lhig dou ve breagagh noi'n irriney: ta my lhott gyn lheihys, as shen gyn oyr. Bible

meillyn lips: Eshyn ta keiltyn myskid lesh meillyn breagagh as eshyn ta cur scammylt er y hoshiaght, teh ny ommydan Bible

saaseyn cluicagh wicked devices: Ta aghtyn yn er-sondagh myrgeddin an-chiart: t'eh smooinaghtyn er saaseyn cluicagh dy stroie yn boght lesh goan breagagh Bible

ynrick (as behaviour) correct; earnest, faithful, forthcoming, frank, genuine, honest, intrinsic, just, open-hearted, outright, righteous, sincere, straightforward, truthful, undeviating, upright, upstanding, openhearted: ta'n boght ynrick ny share na'n berchagh breagagh Bible

lying (v.) breagagh; breageraght; breagerys; (ny) lhie: Have you read the book that's lying on the table? - Vel oo er lhaih yn lioar ta ny lhie er y voayrd? JJK idiom; ginsh breagyn: Is there anything more odious than lying? - Vel red erbee ny s'eajee na g'insh breagyn? JJK idiom

teaym (f.) attack, bout, fit, paroxysm, seizure, spasm, swoon: Teaym noa dy hingys. DF; caprice, fad, mood, notion, vagary, whim: va fys mie aym dy row Thom ny ghooinney breagagh, as v'eh meshtalagh neesht, as ny "lhiam-lhiat" myr ta sleih ennagh tra ta teaym ocsyn er red erbee JC


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