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breag (f.) pl. breagyn See breg fallacy, fiction, invention, leg-pull, lie, prevarication, sham, untruth: Tan breag sbaney va rieau er ny insh cha doo as yn ayr ec yn jouyll. EF

Inexact matches:

breag lhiassit (f.) big lie, whopper

ginsh breag put on, tell a lie: S'feer eh,' dreggyr Peddyr, 'as my ta mee ginsh breag, she breag va inshit dou. Dhoor

gyn breag veritably

insh breag tell a lie: Insh breag elley dou! DF

cur y breag er rebut, rebuttal

Gyn breag erbee (intj) No kidding

insh breag da kid

insh breag er belie

tell a lie (v.) flipperagh; insh breag; ginsh breag

fallacy (n.) breag; foalsaght

fiction (n.) breag; far-skeeal; far-skeealaght

leg-pull (n.) breag

veritably (adv.) gyn breag

mock-heroic (n.) breag-eniaghtagh

No kidding (intj) Gyn breag erbee

pharisaic (adj.) breag-chraueeagh, fariseeagh

prevarication (n.) cassey yn irriney, breag

breag-chraueeagh pharisaic

breag-eniaghtagh mock-heroic

belie (v.) cur y vreag er; insh breag er

big lie breag lhiassit; lhaiee vreag

invention (n.) ynlaght; breag; cleays; cummey; cummeyderaght; feddyn magh

kid (v.) insh breag da; (n.) mannan, paitchey

rebut cur y breag er; floutey; floutyraght

rebuttal (n.) cur y breag er; flout

untruth (n.) anfirrinys; breag; foalsaght; foalsid; neufirrinys

alleged lhiassit: Alleged lie - Breag lhiassit. DF idiom

sham breag, lhiggey; foalsey: Sham fight - Co-streey foalsey. DF idiom; lhiggey er

whopper (n.) breag lhiassit, fer mooar, lhaiee vreag, lhei vreag

lie1 breag, breg: He said that I told a lie - Hug eh y vreag orrym. DF idiom; flip; lhiaght, lhiaghtey

put on (v.) chionney; cur er bun; cur er obbyr; ginsh breag; cur mysh: He put on his clothes - Hug eh mysh. DF idiom

jannooyn activities: Ta shoh soilshit dy ve breag vooar tra ta shin aayeeaghyn ec ny jannooyn bunneydagh va ry-gheddyn dy aashagh ec yn chenn agglish veih traa Augustine. Dhoor

appearance (n.) caslys, cheet magh, cheet rish, croo, shassoo stiagh, ymmyrkey; cummey: His appearance belies him - Ta'n cummey echey ginsh breag er. DF idiom; reayrtys: At first appearance - Er yn chied reayrtys. DF idiom; tuarystal: He has a hungry appearance - Ta tuarystal yn accrys er. DF idiom


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