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brat (n.) eean: Who's that little brat? - Quoi'n eean beg shen? DF idiom; paitchey

brat (f.) 1 apron, cloak, cloth, coat, cover, curtain, film, layer, mantle, pall, pinafore, sheet, wrap; 2 overgrowth, standing crop a: ver y thalloo magh brat palchey Bible; 3 coating, covering a: Ta brat hrome sniaghtey er y thalloo Bible [O.Ir. brat]

Inexact matches:

brat altar (f.) vestment

brat chleeau (f.) bib

brat chooylloo (f.) foil

brat ghreeish (f.) stair carpet

brat jaagh (f.) smokescreen

brat laare (f.) carpet

brat lhiabbagh (f.) bedcover, coverlet

brat peintey (f.) coat of paint

brat s'jerree (f.) (paint) top coat

brat vuird (f.) table cover

fo brat coated: Boalley fo brat hibbin. DF

brat cray er (f.) daubed

brat ornaidagh chabbil (f.) caparison

cur brat er carpet, coat, sheet

cur brat leaght-daah er wash

cur brat shugyr er frost

cur brat stainnagh er tin

cur brat stainney er whiten

fo brat airh gold-plated

fo brat laare carpeted

skeaban brat laare carpet broom

daubed brat cray er: The wall is daubed with clay - Ta brat chray er y voalley. DF idiom; slaait

bedcover (n.) brat lhiabbagh

carpet (n.) carpad; brat laare: Will not the carpet have a border? - Nagh bee chemmal er y vrat-laare? JJK idiom; (v.) cur brat er

carpeted (adj.) fo brat laare

coat cooat: I shall buy a new coat - Kionneeym cooat noa. JJK idiom; (n.) brat, coodagh; (v.) coodaghey, cur brat er; jaggad

coating brat; coodagh

gold-plated fo brat airh

mantle (n.) brat; cloagey

overgrowth (n.) brat, coodagh

pinafore (n.) brat; laplin

sheet brat, duillag, leac; lhean; scoid, scoidan; brilleen; brelleein: Will you give me a sheet of paper? - Jean shiu cur dou brelleein dy phabyr? JJK idiom; (v.) cur brat er

smokescreen (n.) brat jaagh

stair carpet (n.) brat ghreeish

standing crop (n.) brat

table cover (n.) brat vuird

top coat2 (n.) (paint) brat s'jerree

vestment (n.) brat altar

backcloth (n.) brat-chooyl

carpet broom (n.) skeaban brat laare

coat of paint (n.) brat peintey

coverlet (n.) brat lhiabbagh; curlead, curleid

final coat (n.) brat-yerrinagh

monkey gaff (n.) brat-ghaff

brat-chooyl (f.) backcloth

brat-ghaff (f.) monkey gaff

brat-yerrinagh final coat

bib (n.) brat chleeau, broghil, paggan; soodrey

caparison (n.) brat ornaidagh chabbil; eilley yesheenagh

coated (adj.) coodit, fo brat, fo choodagh

foil (n.) brat chooylloo; cliwe crammanagh; scroggyl; (v.) tarmestey; molley

pall (n.) brat, coodagh carbyd, marre vaaish; (v.) irree dree

tin1 (v.) cur brat stainnagh er, stainnaghey; (n.) stainey; canastyr

whiten (v.) baneaghey, cur brat stainney er, giallaghey

hibbin (f.) ivy: Boalley fo brat hibbin. DF

film1 (n.) brat, fillym; (v.) goaill caslys jeh, jannoo fillym jeh

of paint peintey: Coat of paint - Brat peintey. DF idiom

wrap brat; cur coodagh er; filley; lappal; soailley, soilley; warpal

tayrnag (f.) drawer: Tayrnag as brat phabyr aynjee. DF; zip

terr (=Ir. tearr) tar: Brat terr y chur er bayr. DF

apron1 (n.) apyrn: I haven't had an apron - Cha nel apyrn erbee er ve aym. JJK idiom; arpin, apron; brat; laplin

cloak brat; breidaghey; breidey; ceau cloagey er; cloagaghey; cloagey: Hooded cloak - Cloagey bayrnagh. DF idiom and was clad with zeal as a cloak. - as hug eh mysh graih jeean myr cloagey Bible; coodagh; coodaghey

cloth1 (n.) eaddagh; brat: That cloth is very good, but I prefer his - Ta'n eaddagh shen feer vie, agh share lhiam eh shoh. JJK idiom; clout

covering1 (n.) brat; coodagh: that they have no covering in the cold - myr shen nagh vel coodagh oc veihn feayraght Bible; (adj., v.) coodee

curtain (n.) brat; curtan: The length of one curtain shall be eight and twenty cubits - Bee lhiurid un churtan hoght cubityn as feed Bible; (v.) cur curtan er

drawer kishteig hayrn; tayrnag: Drawer lined with paper - Tayrnag as brat phabyr aynjee. DF idiom; (n.) linneyder; tayrneyder: Refer cheque to drawer - Sheck y chur er ash hug yn tayrneyder. DF idiom

frost (v.) cur brat shugyr er, cur treinaghyn rioee er, riojey; (n.) rio: To-morrow we shall have hard frost - Bee rio creoi ain mairagh. JJK idiom

layer (n.) brat; breyder; fer y chur sheese; jastan; (v.) cur 'sy thalloo, jannoo jastan jeh

wash1 bashlagh; cur brat leaght-daah er; leaght-daah; niaghyn; niee: Wash thy hands - Niee dty laueyn. JJK idiom; oonlaghey; oonlee: Go, wash in the pool of Siloam - Immee as oonlee oo hene ayns poyll Siloam Bible

eean 1 pl. ein chick, fowl, poult a: as dy chooilley eean lurg e cheint Bible; 2 (of birds) young; 3 brat, cheeky child; 4 juvenile [O.Ir. én]

paitchey (=Ir. páiste, Sc.G. pàiste) pl. paitchyn 1 bairn, child, kid a: Ta ommijys fraueit ayns cree paitchey Bible; 2 bantling, brat, chit; 3 (boy) page, varlet [E.M.Ir. páitse]

cover coodagh: Under separate cover - Fo coodagh er lheh. DF idiom; moggaid, brat, farkyl, coamree, coodee; breidaghey; gioal; keiltyn: It is only a cover-up - Cha nel eh agh keiltyn. DF idiom; mooinney; poagey screeuee; scaa: Under cover of your wings - Fo scaa dty skianyn. DF idiom; urrysaght; fastee: To break cover - Dy irree ass yn fastee. DF idiom; (v.) coodaghey; (y) choodaghey; cur harrish


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