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brash (f.) extra, good quantity, increase, spare: Ta brash vie d'eash urree. DF; impetuous; pl. brashyn brace

Inexact matches:

water brash brooighe

ayrn brash spare part

ayrnyn brash spare parts, spares

leagh brash excess fare

penshyn brash pension supplement

brash vie d'eash er well up in age

excess fare (n.) leagh brash

good quantity (n.) brash

impetuous (adj.) brash, raghtal, siyragh

paroxysm (n.) brash, teaym

pension supplement (n.) penshyn brash

spare parts (npl.) ayrnyn brash

spares (npl.) ayrnyn brash

prios-brash surcharge: Ta'n colught Gas Vannin er chur sheear leodaghey prios-brash, myr v'ad kiarail jannoo roish shoh. BS

extra brash; frea; harrish y chadjinys; loggyr; loggyragh

spare part (n.) ayrn brash, ayrn spaare

well up in age brash vie d'eash er

surcharge (n.) eeck smoo; prios-brash; (v.) cur cost elley er

fit brash; builley; coamrey; fhyt: She fell into a fit - Haink fhyt urree. DF idiom; teaym: Fit of rage - Teaym eulys. DF idiom; yn-

increase1 aavooadaghey, ardjaghey, bishaghey, cur seose, sheeyney; brash; mooadys; mooadaghey: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow - as eshyn ta mooadaghey tushtey, teh mooadaghey deinys DF idiom

spare brash; ford; fordrail; goan; keyl; lhiggey lesh; lhome; spaarail, sparail: You've no time to spare, for it's very late - Cha nel traa erbee eu dy spaarail, son te feer anmagh. JJK idiom; tayrnit

brooighe eructation, pyrosis, to bring up wind: Ta skeddan cur brooighe agglagh orrym. DF; rift; water brash

obbreeaght (f.) operation: Ga dy row yn obbreeaght kiarit dy ve ny 'olliaght, va pobble ny Brooghyn er n'gheddyn raaue voish caarjyn ayns Glaschu dy row ny meoiryn shee brash er y raad. NNS

prios mooar high price: V'eh jerkal dy beagh yn mooadaghey-prios mooar dy liooar da costyssyn-troarey brash eddyr nish as jerrey yn gheurey, agh cha dod eh ve shickyr mychione shen. BS

straneagh staggered: Bee ny costyssyn brash er nyn eeck liorish troggal y cheesh-ushtey dy straneagh, va coardit ec Tinvaal sy vlein nuy cheead jeig, kiare feed as nuy-jeig. BS

brace bann: Brace a drum - Dollan y hionnaghey. DF idiom; beemyl; brash; brashlagh; brashlagh drommey; chionneyder; cubbyl, jees, piyr; maidjey coonee; quing; tead king; (v.) chionnaghey, cur bann er, cur maidjey coonee rish, cur quing er, cur tead king er, niartaghey

colught gas gas company: Ta'n colught Gas Vannin er chur sheear leodaghey prios-brash, myr v'ad kiarail jannoo roish shoh. BS

Gas Vannin Manx Gas: Ta'n colught Gas Vannin er chur sheear leodaghey prios-brash, myr v'ad kiarail jannoo roish shoh. BS


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