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braew 1 fine, handsome, nice, splendid a: Va'n moghrey kiune as braew DF; 2 brave; 3 precious, rare

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lhongey braew hearty meal

reayrt braew fine perspective

Shenn Seihll Braew Auld Lang Syne

hearty meal lhongey braew

famously (adv.) dy-braew

nice (adj.) braew: The tea was nice and sweet - Va'n tey braew millish. DF idiom; taitnyssagh: Nice tune - Carr taitnyssagh. DF idiom; mie: That is a nice situation - Ta shen boayl mie. DF idiom; jesh: Nice car - Gleashtan jesh. DF idiom; coar: Nice man - Dooinney coar. DF idiom

dy-braew famously

Auld Lang Syne Shenn Seihll Braew

fine perspective (n.) reayrt braew, reayrt mie

handsome (adj.) aalin, braew, breagh, bwaagh, bwoyagh

before him roish: A fine future lies before him - Ta seihll braew roish. DF idiom; roishyn; fosyn

boxer (n.) doarneyr: He is a fine boxer - T'eh ny ghoarneyr braew. DF idiom

brave braew; dunnal: Thou hast not been brave - Cha nel oo er ve dunnal. JJK idiom; dunnalagh; rootagh; trean

fine1 (adj.) braew, fine, keyl, meein; stoamey: I wish the weather were fine - Saillym dy beagh yn emshir aalin. JJK idiom; (v.) cur final er, cur ooley er, final; (n.) ooley, uail

rare (adj.) braew; do-gheddyn; goan; goaney; gonney; lieh-aw; neuchadjin, neu-chadjin: And it is a rare thing that the king requireth - As te red neu-chadjin tan ree dy hirrey Bible; thanney; tiark; yindyssagh

splendid (adj.) aalin: We've had a splendid autumn this year - Ta fouyr feer aalin er ve ain mleeaney. JJK idiom; ard-yindyssagh; braew; soilsheanagh

broish (=Ir. brathae) farrago, medley, miscellany: Va'n emshyr braew as gien mie er ny deiney, goaill arraneyn as gee jinnair blasstal jeh feiys as broish Ghaelgagh! NNS; oatcake in milk, soup with bread included, stew, soup

coyrlaghyn counsels, motions: Hie shen er jannoo dy phrowal ny kiare coyrlaghyn hug m'ayr dou," as Flaaree, "as nish ta mee braew shickyr dy nee creeney ta ny kiare coyrlaghyn shoh. Bible

jeantagh (n.) doer, fabricator, maker, manufacturer, performer, producer; (adj.) practical: t'eh braew shickyr bunnys nish nagh bee eh jeantagh da dooinney erbee syn Ellan shoh aghin erbee y chur roish y Cho-chruinnaght ayns Strasbourg Carn

seshoonyn sessions: Laa braew aalin v'ayn yn Jesarn shen yn çhiaghtoo laa jeh Jerrey Geuree, 1978, as va mee jeeragh erreish çheet back dys Beeal Feirshtey voish seshoonyn as giensyn yn Vlein Noa ayns Mannin. GB

shannadeyr senator: Agh y Shannadeyr Frank Walker, Eaghtyrane Argidys as Tarmaynys ayns Jersey, t'eh gra dy vel shoh braew feeu, ga dy vel gaue ayn. BS

precious (adj.) braew, ennoil, leagh mooar, leaghar, leagharagh; costal: he gave also to her brother and to her mother precious things - hug eh myrgeddin dan vraar as y voir eck cowraghyn costal Bible; goaun: And the word of the Lord was precious in those days - As va goon Chiarn goaun ayns ny laghyn shen Bible; deyr: because my soul was precious in thine eyes this day - er-yn-oyr dy row my vioys deyr ayns dty hilley er y laa shoh Bible; costalagh, costallagh: with the precious stones - marish ny claghyn costalagh Bible; mooar-leagh: and the adultress will hunt for the precious life - as nee ben adultrinagh shelg son y vioys mooar-leagh Bible


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