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Braaraghyn Bros, Brothers: Ta'n strane dy hoght cowraghyn coardit ec Benrein Hostyn as Braaraghyn Warner. BS

braaraghyn brethren: ny nooghyn as braaraghyn firrinagh ayns Creest Bible

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brethren (npl.) braaraghyn

Bros (npl.) Braaraghyn; Brn

brothers (npl.) Braaraghyn; Brn

strong men (npl.) deiney pooaral: A gracious woman retaineth honour: and strong men retain riches - Ta ben ghraysoil geddyn ooashley, as. deiney pooaral cosney berchys Bible; deiney trean: whose brethren were strong men - ny braaraghyn oc va deiney trean Bible; deiney lajer: And Meshelemiah had sons and brethren, strong men, eighteen - As va ec Meshelemiah mec as braaraghyn, deiney lajer hoght-jeig Bible

gaueghyn perils: ayns gaueghyn mastey braaraghyn foalsey Bible

shall go2 (interrog.) jed: Shall your brethren go to war - Jed ny braaraghyn eu gys y chaggey Bibe

braar (=Ir. brĂ¡thair) pl. braaraghyn brother, friar, monk: Vel ayr, ny braar eu? Bible [L. frater]

charrey2 (voc.) (Y) Dear Sir; friend: Charrey, t'ou jannoo dy credjuagh cre-erbee t'ou jannoo son ny braaraghyn, as son joarreeyn Bible

choyrlee advised, bade, besought, exhorted, persuaded: choyrlee ad ny braaraghyn lesh ymmodee goan Bible; admonished

daa-chassagh biped, two-footed, two-legged: honnick eh yn aght dewil as mee-onneragh v'ad dellal rish fer jeh ny braaraghyn echey, cretoor daa-chassagh fegooish fedjagyn va annym echey CnyO

graih firrinagh true love: Fakin dy vel shiu er chasherickey nyn anmeenyn ayns cur biallys da'n irriney trooid y Spyrryd, gys graih firrinagh jeh ny braaraghyn Bible

cummal cooidjagh cohabit, cohabitation, live together: My ta braaraghyn cummal cooidjagh, as fer jeu dy gheddyn baase gyn cloan, cha jean ben y varroo poosey, ass e kynney, rish joarree: te kainlt er braar y dooinney dy ghoaill ee son ben Bible

straneyn lines: Er y laa pointit, haink y ghaa heshaght ry cheilley ec Rhumsaa as hoie ad sheese ayns straneyn, y ree as y vooinjer echey er yn derrey heu as ny braaraghyn as adsyn maroo, er y cheu elley. Chron; ranks; series


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