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braag foiee (f.) patten

braag (=Ir. brĂ³g) (f.) pl. braagyn brogue, shoe: Cha vel mee er ghoaill cooid ghooinney erbee, wheesh as braag: as cha ren dooinney erbee eshyn y gheyrey. Apoc

Inexact matches:

braag charmeish (f.) canvas shoe

braag chooag (f.) heart's ease

braag chruin (f.) mast step

braag hraie (f.) bathing shoe

braag lheiltys (f.) gym shoe

braag shliawin (f.) skate

braag vaidjagh (f.) clog: V'ad jannoo faghid jeh'n chengey ayns ny schoillyn, liorish croghey braag-vaidjagh mygeayrt mwannal jeh paitchey erbee va loayrt assjee Carn

braag vaidjey (f.) sabot

croan braag boot tree

follid braag shoe polish

glenneyder braag bootblack

gyn braag unshod

sollyssid braag boot polish

cur braag da hoof

cur eaghtyr er braag vamp

daunse braag vaidjagh clog dance

gys beeal ny braag ankle-deep

bathing shoe (n.) braag hraie

bootblack (n.) glenneyder braag

boot polish (n.) sollyssid braag

boot tree (n.) croan braag

brogue (n.) braag

heart's ease (n.) braag chooag

mast step (n.) braag chruin

patten (n.) braag foiee

sabot (n.) braag vaidjey

shoe polish (n.) follid braag

canvas shoe (n.) braag charmeish, kittys

clog dance (n.) daunse braag vaidjagh

gym shoe (n.) braag lheiltys, kittys

skate (n.) braag shliawin; scarrag; (v.) skyrraghtyn

ankle-deep (adj.) gys beeal ny braag, gys yn abane

clog (n.) braag vaidjagh, far-vraag; (v.) lhiettal, toghtey

vamp1 (v.) cur eaghtyr er braag; peeshal kiaulleeaght

hoof (n.) crub, ingin, spaag, yngyn; (v.) cur braag da: Hoof out - Yn vraag y chur da. DF idiom

polish (v.) cur sollyssid er, gloasaghey, gloasey; scooirey: Shoe polish - Follid braag. DF idiom; (n.) follid, gloas; sollyssid: He has a certain polish - Ta sollysid ennagh er. DF idiom; stoo-gloasee

shoe (n.) braag: Every man knows where the shoe pinches him - Ta fys ec dy-chooilley ghooinney raad ta'n vraag gortagh eh. JJK idiom; crou; (v.) croughey

unshod (adj.) gyn braag, gyn crou; cass rooisht: The man was unshod - Va'n dooinney cass rooisht. DF idiom

gyn nearey abashless, bare-faced, shameless, unabashed, unbashful, unblushing, barefaced: Dinsh eh braag gyn nearey. DF

jannoo faghid scorning: V'ad jannoo faghid jeh'n chengey ayns ny schoillyn, liorish croghey braag-vaidjagh mygeayrt mwannal jeh paitchey erbee va loayrt assjee, as craidjey mysh adsyn va ceau Carn


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