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bow1 (n.) bow, bhow, builley toshee, imlaght, sock; (v.) cammey, croymmey, lhoobey, loobey, obbraghey y bow, sleaghtey

bow2 (n.) (of saddle) corrane

bow3 (n.) (of ship) boogh, gob, kione toshee, toshiaght

bow pl. bowaghyn, bowghyn, boweeyn bow: bee'n bow ocsyn er ny vrishey. Bible; fiddlestick; prow

Inexact matches:

battle bow (n.) bow-chaggee

bow chaser (n.) gunn toshee

bow compasses (npl.) combaaseyn lheimaghan

bow down (v.) crommey

bow drill (n.) biol

bow knot (n.) sniem

bow legs (npl.) cassyn cammey; lurgaghyn cammey

bow oar (n.) boogh, maidjey boogh, maidjey toshee

bow shot (n.) orraghey sidey

bow thruster (n.) seiyder-toshiaght

bow tie (n.) carvat folican, kiangley folican

bow window uinnag hostynagh; uinnag vowagh

elm bow (n.) bow-lhiouanagh

steel bow (n.) bow staillin

Bow Ghorree Milky Way

bow liauyr longbow

bow staillin steel bow

bow yank string beneath knee

streng bow (f.) bowstring, rest-harrow

obbraghey y bow bow

bow-chaggee bow-chaggee

bow-chaggee battle bow: bee'n bow-chaggee er ny vrishey Bible

I will break brish-ym: I will break the bow of Israel - brish-ym bow Israel Bible

boogh pl. booghyn bulge, pommel, protrusion, protuberance; (of ship) bow; bow oar; (of sail) bunt; soft bark, soft yelp

bowstring (n.) streng bow

fiddlestick (n.) bow

longbow (n.) bow liauyr

rest-harrow (n.) streng bow

venture (v.) ventreil; (n.) ventyr: And a certain man drew a bow at a venture - As ren dooinney dy row tayrn bow er ventyr Bible

bhow See bow bow: Cayrn v'er ny heidey, ny ainleyn bannee cheet ny sleaie na sideyn ass bhow steillin cloit PC

bow-lhiouanagh elm bow

builley toshee bow

carvat folican bow tie

cassyn cammey (f.) bow legs

combaaseyn lheimaghan bow compasses

corrane (of saddle) bow; twill

gunn toshee bow chaser

imlaght (f.) bow, intrusion, meekness

kiangley folican bow tie

lurgaghyn cammey bow legs

maidjey boogh bow oar

maidjey toshee bow oar

seiyder-toshiaght bow thruster

uinnag hostynagh (f.) bow window

uinnag vowagh (f.) bow window

bow-drill (n.) tharrar vowagh

bow-saw (n.) saaue bowagh

Bow-wow (n.) (of dog) Woogh, Woogh

string beneath knee (n.) bow yank

saaue bowagh bow-saw

tharrar vowagh (f.) bow-drill

Woogh, Woogh (of dog) Bow-wow

kione toshee (of ship) bow; fore-end, leader, starting place

loobey bow: Ec ennym Yeesey dy jinnagh dy chooilley ghlioon loobey Bible

ry-lhiattee apart, aside: lheïm ry-lhiattee myr bow brisht. Bible; abeyance

sleaghtey bow, get down, kneel, kneeling: Ren eh sleaghtey roee. DF

steillin steel: nee'n bow-steillin eh dy woalley trooid Bible

I will look jeeaghym; jeeagh-ym: And the bow shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it - As bee yn goll-twoaie ayns y vodjal; as jeeagh-ym er Bible

Milky Way (n.) Bow Ghorree, Raad Mooar Gorree, Raad Mooar Ree Gorree; Raad Mooar Bainnagh

prow (n.) bow, gob lhuingey, kione keyl lhuiney, kione lhuingey, kione toshee lhuingey, staim toshee, toshiaght lhuingey

biol (f.) bow drill, fiddle, viol, violin: Ta goaill arrane gys feiyr yn viol Bible

cammey bow, buckling, crook, distort, distortion, slope; (of object) crank; (as finger) hook; crooked: neem's ny ynnydyn cammey y yannoo jeeragh Bible; winding

crommey (=Ir. crommadh) bow down: Lhig da pobble uss y hirveish, as ashoonyn crommey hood Bible; bending

croymmey bend, bow, crouch, double over, double up, hold down, incline, lean forward, obeisance, stoop, tip over: croymmey sheese gys ny jeeghyn oc Bible

lhoobey arching, bend, bow, coil, coiling, curl up, curve, double over, flex, hunch, incurvate, inflect, inflexion, loop, looping, meander, meandering, sag, squirm, stoop, stooping, twine, winding, wriggle, writhe: t'eh er lhoobey e vhow, as er n'yannoo eh aarloo. Bible

orraghey sidey arrow shot, bow shot: As hiee as hoie ee sheese jeeragh er, thammylt mie veih, mysh orraghey sidey Bible

sniem (f.) bow knot, snare; (n., v.) knot: Vod ushag ve goit ayns ribbey er y vagher, raad nagh vel sniem soit er y hon ? Bible Kiangle ad kinjagh er dty chree, as sniem ad mysh dty wannal. Bible

sock (f.) 1 pl. sick bow, horn of anvil, nose, snout, toe a: Cur scain er y sock. DF; 2 mould-board, ploughshare, share; 3 jet, nozzle, rose

toshiaght (f.) (of ship) bow; beginning, commencement, curtain raiser, dawn, fore, forefront, forepart, forestalling, genesis, getaway, inception, initiation, lead, opening, outset, preliminary, start: veih toshiaght gys jerrey kerraghey er y noid Bible; (of pain) threshold; onset

treishteil ayns trust in: t'ad treishteil ayns scape, as shleiy, as bow, as shling Apoc

ventyr enterprise, undertaking; venture: As ren dooinney dy row tayrn bow er ventyr, as woaill eh ree Israel eddyr juntyn yn êilley-caggee Bible

wapin See wappin weapon: Nee eh chea veih'n wapin-yiarn, agh nee'n bow-steillin eh dy woalley trooid Bible

gob pl. gib 1 apex, headland, hook, jet, jut, nose, nosepiece, pee of anchor, point, prominence, promontory, spit a: Ec gob y cheiy. DF; 2 beak, lip of jug, nib, spout; 3 mouth, muzzle: phrow rheynn ny croutyn sollagh dy dooney yn gob echey. Carn; 4 (of ship) bow

lheim 1 bounce, bound, buck, embrace, hop, jump, limp, lope, pant, pounce, spring, start, tup, vault; 2 leap a: Myr feiyr fainee er mullagh sleityn nee ad lheim Bible; 3 leaping, jumping, starting a: lheïm ry-lhiattee myr bow brisht Bible; 4 skippedst a: Son neayrs loayr oo jeh, tou lheim son boggey Bible; 5 leaped; 6 skip


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