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bound1 (v.) cagliaghey, kianglit; goll lesh: Ship bound for England - Lhong goll lesh Sostyn. DF idiom; lheim: With one bound - Lesh un lheim. DF idiom; kianlt; chiangle; fo bree

bound2 (constrained) cochianglt; soillit

bound3 (constipated) thartagh

Inexact matches:

bound up (adj.) soilit

bound upon kianlt er: And every open vessel, which hath no covering bound upon it, is unclean - As bee dy chooilley haagh foshlit, nagh vel coodagh erbee kianlt er, neu-ghlen Bible

homeward bound er y raad dy valley; er y raad thie

outward bound (v.) goll magh

cagliaghey bound, confinement

thartagh (constipated) bound; costive

iron-bound kianglt lesh yiarn; skerragh

muscle-bound (adj.) muskyl-chroobit

out-bound as e hoaie rish y cheayn

weather-bound (adj.) lhiettrimit ec yn emshir; 'sy phurt

kianglt lesh yiarn iron-bound

muskyl-chroobit muscle-bound

lhiettrimit ec yn emshir weather-bound

skerragh reefy; cragged; unnavigable; iron-bound

'sy phurt weather-bound, in the harbour

as e hoaie rish y cheayn out-bound

kianlt bound: Insh dou cre lesh oddys oo ve kianlt Bible; fastened

chiangle bound, girded: As hug eh er yn cooat, as chiangle eh yn cryss mysh Bible

cochianglt associated, combined, joined, united: Carn Ta shin clashtyn fockleyn as raaghyn cochianglt rish y red shen ass beeal nyn moir Carn; (constrained) bound; integrated

er y raad thie homeward bound: As myr v'eh er y raad thie, ny hoie ayns e ainagh Bible

fo bree within the meaning; bound: ta mee goll fo bree yn Spyrryd gys Jerusalem Bible

goll lesh bound, go with, make for: Ta'n gheay goll lesh y jiass, as chyndaa mygeayrt gys y twoaie, t'ee kinjagh cassey mygeayrt, as chyndaa reesht rere e combaaseyn. Bible

goll magh egress, exit, go out, issuing, outgoing, outward bound, retire, slip out, sortie: nee ad goll magh ayns yn nah rank. Bible

kianglit bound, coupled, pinioned: By heidagh vuigh yn folt oc, as kianglit lesh eggeeyn argidey, feiosagh myr feegan Coraa

kianlt er bound upon: As va coamrey Yoab v'eh er choyrt mysh cryssit er, as er e chryss va cliwe ayns fine kianlt er e veeghyn, as myr v'eh goll huitt y cliwe ass. Bible; fastened upon; imposed

soilit swaddled, wrapped, bound up: cha bee eh soïlit seose cour lheihys, ny rolley currit mysh dy niartaghey eh Bible

soillit bound: haink eshyn va marroo magh soillit cass as laue ayns aanrityn oanluckee Bible

er y raad dy valley homeward bound: Nish hie eh er e hurrys derrey haink eh gys yn Raue as tra v'eh er vaghey ayns shen choud as baillesh, ren eh toshiaght er y raad dy valley; huitt eh feer ching, as haink eh dy ve feer ghraney. Coraa

lheim 1 bounce, bound, buck, embrace, hop, jump, limp, lope, pant, pounce, spring, start, tup, vault; 2 leap a: Myr feiyr fainee er mullagh sleityn nee ad lheim Bible; 3 leaping, jumping, starting a: lheïm ry-lhiattee myr bow brisht Bible; 4 skippedst a: Son neayrs loayr oo jeh, tou lheim son boggey Bible; 5 leaped; 6 skip


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