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bottle (n.) boteil: Draw the cork of a bottle - Yn eairkey y hayrn ass boteil. DF idiom; costrayl; (v.) cur ayns boteil, boteilaghey

Inexact matches:

baby's bottle (n.) boteil yiole

bottle brush (n.) skeaban voteil

bottle green boteil-ghlass

bottle holder (n.) fer cooyl duirn

bottle imp (n.) flaiee ayns boteil; thummeyder boteil

bottle rack (n.) cratch voteil

bottle washer (n.) ard-ghuilley, nieeder boteil

bottle wrack (n.) costrayl ferrish; famlagh bolgagh

brandy bottle (n.) boteil vrandee; lilee lheeanagh, lilee ny lheeantyn

child's bottle (n.) boteil yiole

ink bottle (n.) boteil doo

leather bottle (n.) costrayl

smelling bottle (n.) boteil soar

urine bottle (n.) saagh mooiney

washing bottle (n.) boteil niaghyn

water bottle (n.) boteil ushtey, caraafe

weighing bottle (n.) meih-voteil

wine bottle (n.) boteil feeyney, costrayl feeyney

bottle of wine (n.) boteil feeyney

hot water bottle (n.) boteil heh

neck of bottle (n.) scroggyl, sluggane

teat of bottle (n.) diddee

boteil yiole (f.) baby's bottle, child's bottle

ard-ghuilley bottle washer

boteilaghey bottle, bottling

boteil doo (f.) ink bottle

boteil feeyney (f.) 1 wine bottle; 2 bottle of wine a: As ghow Jesse lught assyl dy arran, as boteil feeyney as mannan, as hug eh ad lesh David e vac gys Saul. Bible

boteil-ghlass (f.) bottle green

boteil niaghyn (f.) washing bottle

boteil soar (f.) smelling bottle

boteil ushtey (f.) water bottle

boteil vrandee (f.) brandy bottle

caraafe carafe, water bottle

costrayl (f.) pl. costrayllyn bottle, jar, leather bottle: smooinee e huyr dy row eh er çhee geddyn baase, as myr shen chionnee ee lheiney-vaaish as caashey as costrayl dy ushtey-vea son e oanluckey GB

costrayl feeyney (f.) wine bottle

costrayl ferrish (f.) bottle wrack

cratch voteil bottle rack

lilee lheeanagh (f.) brandy bottle

meih-voteil weighing bottle

nieeder boteil bottle washer

saagh mooiney urine bottle

skeaban voteil (f.) bottle brush

thummeyder boteil bottle imp

bottle-drainer (n.) sheeleyder boteil; teaumeyder boteil

bottle-holder (n.) cummeyder boteil

bottle-nosed (adj.) mooar-hroinagh; mooar-hronnagh

bottle-opener (n.) fosleyder boteil

bottle-screw (n.) scrod costrayl

half-bottle lieh-voteil

boteil heh (f.) hot water bottle

cummeyder boteil bottle-holder

cur ayns boteil bottle, bottling

diddee (f.) dummy, teat of bottle

flaiee ayns boteil bottle imp

fosleyder boteil bottle-opener

lieh-voteil half-bottle

lilee ny lheeantyn (f.) brandy bottle

mooar-hroinagh bottle-nosed

mooar-hronnagh bottle-nosed

scrod costrayl bottle-screw

scroggyl foil; neck of bottle

sheeleyder boteil bottle-drainer

teaumeyder boteil bottle-drainer

famlagh bolgagh bladder wrack, bottle wrack

fer cooyl duirn aider, backer, bottle holder, helper

boteil (=Ir. buideal) (f.) pl. boteilyn bottle: lhieen ee yn boteil lesh ushtey Bible

sluggane (=Ir. slugthan) (f.) Greenland laver, neck of bottle, sea lettuce, slake

cork corc; corcaghey; cur corcyn er ingagh; cur eairkey ayn; cur mollagyn er ingagh; eairkey: Draw the cork of a bottle - Yn eairkey y hayrn ass boteil. DF idiom; slaa corc lostit er

scent (n.) rah: Bottle of scent - Boteil rah. DF idiom; soar: Blazing scent - Soar oor. DF idiom; (v.) soaraghey, soaral


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