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bossan lesser reed mace, wort: Yn boayl ta bossan, luss as blaa Nyn soaral millish skeaylley lhean. Coraa; penis; protrusion

Inexact matches:

bossan ardnieu bistort, snakeweed

bossan argid silverweed

bossan dhoa burweed

bossan doo greater reedmace

bossan feeackle dog violet, violet

bossan friogganagh awlwort

bossan gennish Alpine barrenwort

bossan gorrym sheep's bit

bossan ingyr whitlow-grass

bossan jargan fleabane, greater fleabane

bossan keylley wood sanicle

bossan mollagh hoary ragwort

bossan Pheddyr feverfew

bossan pibbyragh pepperwort

bossan tessen crosswort

bossan Vreeshey buckshorn plantain, nipplewort

bossan mollagh mooar broad-leaved ragwort

bossan ny jeeigey waterwort

Alpine barrenwort (n.) bossan gennish

awlwort (n.) bossan friogganagh

burweed (n.) boagandhoa, bossan dhoa

dog violet (n.) bossan feeackle

fleabane (n.) bossan jargan

lesser reed mace (n.) bossan

pepperwort (n.) bossan pibbyragh

sheep's bit (n.) bossan gorrym

waterwort (n.) bossan ny jeeigey

whitlow-grass (n.) bossan ingyr

protrusion (n.) att, boogh, bossan, seiy

silverweed (n.) bossan argid, duillag argid

snakeweed (n.) bossan ardnieu, glionnagh ghuiy

wood sanicle (n.) bossan keylley, caardys

bistort (n.) bossan ardnieu, glioonagh ghuiy, glionnagh ghuiy

broad-leaved ragwort (n.) bossan mollagh mooar, cuishag vollagh

buckshorn plantain (n.) bollan Vreeshey, bossan Vreeshey

crosswort (n.) bossan tessen, lus ny croshey

feverfew (n.) bossan Pheddyr, lus y chiassagh

greater reedmace (n.) bossan doo; quiggal ny ben-shee

hoary ragwort (n.) bossan mollagh, cushag vollagh

penis1 (n.) bossan, bwoid, bwoid niargan, cudjal beg, rollian

violet (n.) blaa villish, bossan feeackle, lus y chree

wort (n.) bollan; bossan; brellish; jough aeg

greater fleabane (n.) bossan jargan, lus y chartan, lus y taghys

nipplewort (n.) bossan Vreeshey, duillag vie, duillag Vreeshyn, lus ny kee

chengey ny cheerey (f.) language of the country, vulgar tongue: Lhisagh eh ve ny sassey da ny Manninee nyn bossan dy loayreyderyn y vooadaghey er y fa dy vel foast cooinaghtyn er mayrn jeh'n Ghaelg myr chengey ny cheerey. Carn

straue (f.) straw: Cha nel ny Stanleeyn agh nyn bossan elley dy vaarlee t'er jeet dy chur keeshyn orrin as dy gheid nyn dhalloo liorish gastyral cummaltys ny straue. Dhoor


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