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bore1 tharrarey, thiolley, towley, lheead tuill, saih marrey; (v.) keylaghey, saih trooid; dymmyrk: He bore himself well - Dymmyrk eh eh hene dy mie. DF idiom; (v.) rug: She bore a son to the world - Rug ee mac da'n theihll. DF idiom; (to); (dy) vransey; (n.) towl; feer ghree: This work is a bore - Ta'n obbyr shoh feer ghree. DF idiom

bore2 (n.) (in river) saih marrey

bore3 (n.) (of gun) towl

bore4 (n.) (size of) lheead tuill

Inexact matches:

bore hole (n.) towl meainey

choke bore keylaghey

smooth bore (n.) barryl rea

bore with talk (v.) cur skeeys er, jannoo blaaderys er

barryl rea smooth bore

lheead tuill (size of) bore

saih marrey (in river) bore

saih trooid bore

tharrarey bore

towl 1 pl. tuill aperture, bore, boring, cavity, crater, eyehole, hole, hollow, leak, penetration, perforation, port, pothole, shaft, vent, vent-hole, water supply a: follee eh ayns shen ayns towl fo'n chreg Bible; 2 (of gun) bore; 3 (of fox) burrow, den, earth

cur skeeys er bore with talk, make tired

dymmyrk bore: dymmyrk mee feanish nyn'oï Bible

jannoo blaaderys er bore with talk

towl meainey bore hole, mine shaft

feer ghree bore: Ta'n obbyr shoh feer ghree. DF

towley bore, boring, broach, drilling, hole, transfix: T'eh towley stiagh 'sy dorrys. DF

keylaghey bore, choke, constrict, constriction, contraction, dilution, slim, taper, weakening, whittle down; (as mixture) watering, weaken, dilute; edge: Ren mee keylaghey mee hene stiagh 'sy chamyr. DF

rug 1 bore a: as haink ee dy ve e ven, as rug ee mac da. Bible; 2 born a: v'er ny yientyn liorish y Spyrryd Noo, rug jeh'n voidyn Voirrey Bible

thiolley See thoylley bore, boring, perforate, pierce, punch; (pin) hole; (of acids) pit; perforation, thole pin; raise

vransey (dy); (to) bore; (y) dash: as yn chloan oc nee uss y vransey, as giarey seose nyn mraane torragh. Bible


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