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booise 1 (n.) gratitude, thanks: a: Son yn oyr shoh, ver-yms booise dhyt Bible; 2 (v.) content, please

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coyrt booise (after food) grace

kianglt booise beholden, grateful: Ta mee lane kianglt booise dhyt. DF

toyrt booise thanksgiving: As assdoo hig magh toyrt-booise Bible

beggan ny booise little thanks

Booise da Jee (intj) Thank goodness, Thanks be to God: Ta mee ayds slaynt mie, booise da Jee, as ta mee geddyn bit dy bee voish laa gys laa, as choud's ta mee geddyn shen, cha bee aggle dou, yiowym trooid anshaght. Coraa

cur fo booise oblige

thanks (n.) booise: Work without request is work without thanks - Obbyr dyn shirrey, obbyr dyn booise. JJK idiom

beholden (adj.) kianglt booise

grace2 (after food) coyrt booise

thanksgiving (n.) toyrt booise

grateful (adj.) kianglt booise; taitnyssagh; (adj., n.) aachooinaghtagh

gratitude (n.) booise; bwooisal; ennaghtyn; aachooinaghtyn

little thanks beggan ny booise

Thank goodness (intj) Booise da Jee

Thanks be to God (intj) Booise da Jee

oblige (v.) chionney er, cur er, cur fo booise, eginaghey, eignaghey

dhyt's to you: Dhyt's, O Yee, eeck-ym my vreearaghyn: dhyts ver-ym booise. Bible

masteyn pobble among the people: Ver-ym booise dhyts, O Hiarn, masteyn pobble Bible

am ta: I am much obliged to him for remembering me - Ta mee lane kianlt booise da son cooinaghtyn mee. JJK idiom; (interrog.) vel; nagh vel: Am I not at home? - Nagh vel mee ec y thie? JJK idiom

content (v.) jannoo booiagh, jannoo magh, booise; meenit; booiagh: Are you not content? - Nagh vel shiu booiagh? JJK idiom; (n.) lught, stoo-sthie

giving (v.) coyrt: giving him food and raiment - coyrt da beaghey as coamrey Bible; toyrt: prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks - padjeryn, yeearreeyn, as toyrt booise Bible

please (v.) cur taitnys da; pleasal; booise; (to); (dy) wooiys; my sailt: Please, go there - Immee dys shen, my sailt. JJK idiom

sleeping kyrloghe; marroo; cadley: No, thank God, but the thunder kept me from sleeping - Cha vel, booise da Jee, agh chum yn taarnagh mee veih cadley. JJK idiom

thank (v.) cur bwooise da: I don't thank him for it - Cha nel mee cur booise da er e son. JJK idiom

very much dy mooar; er dou bastal; mooarane mooar: I'm very much obliged to you - Ta mee mooarane kianlt booise diu. JJK idiom; weight

warning (n.) raaue: I will thank the Lord for giving me warning - Ver-yms booise dan Chiarn son raaue y choyrt dou Bible

work1 (v.) labraghey; gobbragh; obbraghey: Let us work well to-day - Lhig dooin gobbraghey dy-mie jiu. JJK idiom; (n.) laboraght; obbyr: Work without request is work without thanks - Obbyr dyn shirrey, obbyr dyn booise. JJK idiom

b'laik lhiam I should like: Ren mee cur booise da as dooyrt mee rish b'laik lhiam cheet er ash laa elley dy chlashtyn tooilley Gaelg. MB

cheu elley (f.) obverse: hie yn cheshaght elley va dy choyrt booise er y cheu elley Bible

dooishtagh arousing, evocative, vigilant: bee-jee dooishtagh 'sy chooid cheddin lesh toyrt-booise Bible; wary

earroo yn phobble population: Er my hon's, ver-ym mooarane booise da'n Chiarn lesh my veeal: as nee'm eshyn y voylley mastey earroo yn phobble. Bible

eeck-ym I will pay: Dhyt's, O Yee, eeck-ym my vreearaghyn: dhyts ver-ym booise. Bible

elley (=Ir. eile, O.Ir. aile) additional, alternative, another, else, other: hie yn cheshaght elley va dy choyrt booise er y cheu elley Bible [L. alias]

er nyn son eu with you: Ta shin cur booise kinjagh gys Jee er nyn son eu ooilley, gimraa erriu ayns nyn badjeryn. Bible

gholl (dy); (to) go: Dy gholl gys Thie Yee dy chur booise gys Jee son e yiootyn gys e Agglish CS

hrooidsyn through him: jean-jee ooilley ayns ennym y Chiarn Yeesey, coyrt booise da Jee dy jarroo yn Ayr ny hrooidsyn. Bible

maryms with me: As dhyts Auddyn, ta mee cur lheid yn booise shen as dy derragh oo dooys yn baagh slane; jean oo tannaghtyn ayns shoh maryms? Coraa

nabooys neighbourhood: Nish, t'ad cur booise da troggeyderyn, lectreyryn, thieyn-nieeaghyn as fir-dellal sy nabooys ren cur cooney myrgeddin. BS

phoint appointed: Eisht hug mee lhiam seose princeyn Yudah er y voalley, as phoint mee daa heshaght vooar dy choyrt booise, yn derrey ayrn jeu hie gys y laue yesh er y voalley? Bible

psalm pl. psalmyn psalm: gow-jee arrane marish y chlaasagh lesh psalm dy hoyrt-booise Bible

sunt (=Ir. sunnd) healthy, sane, sound: cheau eh ooilley'n oie ayns gennallys as chebbal booise gys Jee hug barriaght daue, ad-hene follan sunt, 's nagh row ad lesh ny greienyn noidagh guint. PC

ver-yms I shall put: tra ver-yms my chliwe ayns laue ree Vabylon Bible; I shall give: Ver-yms booise dhyt's, O Hiarn as Ree, as nee'm oo y voylley Apoc; I will give

request (n.) aghin: I met their request - Chooilleen mee yn aghin oc. DF idiom; (v.) shirrey: Work without request is work without thanks - Obbyr dyn shirrey, obbyr dyn booise. JJK idiom; jannoo aghin; yeearree: At my own request - Rere my yeearree hene. DF idiom

broid dirt: ta ny ushtaghyn eck tilgey seose laagh as broïd Bible; grime, nastiness, pollutant, smut, vileness: As tan cheer fo slane broid Bible; filthiness: Chamoo broid, ny glare ommijagh, ny craid, nagh vel jesh; agh ayns ynnyd oc shoh coyrt booise. Bible; filth: cha nee liorish cur ersooyl broid yn eill, agh liorish yn ansoor dy chooinsheanse vie gys Jee Bible; pollution: Son lurg daue ve er haghney broid y theihll trooid tushtey jeh'n Chiarn as Saualtagh Yeesey Creest Bible; corruption: Te er ny chuirr ayns broid; te troggit seose ayns glennid: Bible; impurity

gennalys gladness, mirth: nee eh yn aasagh eck myr Eden, as yn eaynagh eck myr garey yn Chiarn ; bee boggey as gennalys er ny gheddyn ayn, toyrt-booise as coraa dy vingys. Bible

oddys mayd can we: Son cre'n booise oddys mayd reesht y choyrt da Jee er y lieh eu Bible; shall we: Kys oddys mayd arrane y Chiarn y ghoaill: ayns cheer yoarree? Bible; should we: kys oddys mayd eisht cummal rish dy ve bio? Bible

son dy bragh as dy bragh for evermore: As choud as ta ny cretooryn shen coyrt gloyr, as ooashley, as booise dasyn va ny hoie er y stoyl-reeoil, as bio son dy bragh as dy bragh. PB1765; for ever and ever


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