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booiagh (=Ir. buíoch) acceptable, agreeable, contented, pleased, sufficed, willing: va mee booiagh fys y ve ayd er Bible; content

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aigney booiagh contentment

jannoo booiagh content

Magher Booiagh Pleasant Field

content (v.) jannoo booiagh, jannoo magh, booise; meenit; booiagh: Are you not content? - Nagh vel shiu booiagh? JJK idiom; (n.) lught, stoo-sthie

agreeable1 (adj.) booiagh; (comp./sup.) taitnyssee

contented booiagh; jeant magh

contentment (n.) aigney booiagh, saasaght

Pleasant Field (n.) Magher Booiagh

sufficed booiagh

contentedly (adv.) dy-booiagh

pleased booiagh: We shall be pleased - Beemayd booiagh. JJK idiom; my-haittin, my-haittyn: they told Saul, and the thing pleased him. - dinsh ad shoh da Saul, as byhaittin Bible And the thing pleased the king - As myhaittin lesh y ree, Bible; by-haittin: His advice pleased the king, the ministers, and parliament - By haittin lesh yn ree, ny hirveishee as yn ardwhaiyl, yn choyrle echey. JJK idiom

dy-booiagh contentedly

willing aggindagh; aignagh; arryltagh: She would be willing to do that - Veagh ee arryltagh dy yannoo shen. DF idiom; booiagh; bwooiagh; joinagh: I am most willing - Ta mee ro yoinagh. DF idiom; (more); (ny) s'aggindee

aaghiennaghtyn regenerate: Va mee booiagh dy akin dy row paart jeh keylley laurys aaghiennaghtyn raad va ny biljyn er lhieggey son eirinys bleeantyn er dy henney. Dhoor; regeneration

boggysagh boastful, brag, smug, triumphant in nasty way: Son myr vee boggysagh ec dt'assee, as booiagh jeh dty lhieggey: shen myr vees ee seaghnit son y traartys eck-hene. Apoc; pl. boggyssee boaster

cloie er y viol fiddling: V'ee cliaghtit çheet gys Yn Chruinnaght 'sy '80yn cloie er y viol as t'ee mie booiagh çheet er ash reesht. Dhoor

liauyr (=Ir. leabhair) 1 big, drawn out, far-reaching, lengthy, long, long-distance, prolix, sustained, tall, vermiform, wordy a: Lesh bea liauyr neem's eh y yannoo booiagh Bible; 2 (of hair) flowing

ny-yeih 1 howbeit, nevertheless, notwithstanding, yet: ny-yeih, cha vel ny chiarnyn booiagh jeed Bible; 2 albeit a: Tan Chiarn er ghra eh, ny-yeih cha vel mish er loayrt? Bible

Oltey jeh'n Choonceil Slattyssagh Member of the Legislative Council: Eddie Lowey, oltey jeh'n Choonceil Slattyssagh, t'eh gra dy vel eh jeant booiagh dy chlashtyn dy bee ad jeeaghyn mysh droghad ny maynee ny share. BS

preish press, busy: Son va Paul kiarit dy hiaulley shaghey Ephesus, er-y-fa nagh row eh booiagh yn traa y vaarail ayns Asia; son v'eh ayns preish siyr. Bible

Roosh (f.) (Yn) Russia: bee Lunnin jerkal rish Divlyn cheet stiagh ayns Nato (dy follit?) dy yannoo ny Americanee booiagh ayns nyn gaggey casherick noi'n Roosh. Carn

scrabey scratch: Tee son knittal as whaaley as scrabey puddaseyn as lhissagh oo ve booiagh er lheid er y haartyn. EF; paw

skedjal schedule: T'eh gra dy nhegin da reddyn sharaghey, agh t'eh jeant booiagh dy vel yn obbyr goll coardail rish y skedjal. BS

stuirt manciple, officer, servant: As dooyrt y stuirt rish, Foddee nagh bee'n ven booiagh cheet marym gys y cheer shoh Bible

yeearreydys application, candidature: Va shoh yn trass yeearreydys echey bentyn rish yn ynnyd shoh, as t'eh jeant booiagh dy vel reddyn goll er oi fy yerrey. BS

acceptable (adj.) booiagh; booisal: Proving what is acceptable unto the Lord - Prowal shen ny ta booisal dan Chiarn Bible; cooie: In an acceptable time have I heard thee - Ayns traa cooie ta mee er dty chlashtyn Bible; s'taitnyssagh: To do justice and judgment is more acceptable to the Lord - Dy yannoo cairys as briwnys kiart, te ny staitnyssagh dan Chiarn Bible; taitnyssagh

foddee (=Ir. b'fhéidir) can, mayhap, maybe, perchance, perhaps, possibly, probably: Foddee dy der Joseph dwoaie dooin Bible; may: Jeh mess ooilley biljyn y gharey foddee oo dy arryltagh gee Bible; peradventure: Foddee nagh been ven booiagh cheet marym gys y cheer shoh Bible; able


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