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bolt1 (v.) barrey, creearrey, boltal, boltey; (n.) boult, bout; (v.) orraghey; (v.) roie; (n.) side; bolt: The bolt slipped home - Hie y bolt 'sy ghlass. DF idiom

bolt2 (sieve) creearrey

bolt3 (v.) (as food) hompsal

bolt4 (sieve) creearrey

bolt pl. boltyn bolt, bar: Hie y bolt 'sy ghlass. DF

Inexact matches:

bolt in (v.) boltal stiagh

bolt lever (n.) barrey gunney

king bolt (n.) ard-voltey

ring bolt (n.) boult fainey

ard-voltey king bolt

barrey gunney bolt lever

boltal stiagh bolt in

boltey bolt

boult fainey ring bolt

bolt-head (n.) kione bout

bolt-hole (n.) guaig

bolt-rope (n.) tead coadee

screw-bolt (n.) scrod-voltey

U-bolt (n.) U-volt

guaig (f.) bolt-hole

kione bout bolt-head

scrod-voltey screw-bolt

tead coadee bolt-rope

U-volt U-bolt

boult bolt: boult yn dorrys ny jei. Bible

bar1 (n.) barr, bolt; barrey, sparrey; (v.) cur maidjey, cur yiarn rish uinnag

boltal bolt: Ren ad boltal stiagh eh. DF; key

bout bolt: Yn bout y ghooney. DF; bout, fall, round

hompsal 1 (as food) bolt a: Ny bee hompsal dty vee! DF; 2 raven

barrey bar, bolt: ver ad orroo coodagh dy chraitnyn broc, as ver ad eh er barrey. Bible; barrow; boat passage, channel

creearrey bolting; (sieve) bolt; sift: nee'm creearrey thie Israel mastey dy chooilley ashoon, myr ta arroo er ny reealley ayns creear, ny-yeih, cha bee yn grine sloo caillit er y thalloo. Bible

orraghey bolt, charge, round of ammunition, shot; cast, discharge, sling, throw, flight; (at fair) shy; stroke: cur twoaie nagh bee oo goit ersooyl lesh orraghey baaish Bible

side (f.) pl. sideyn arrow, bolt, dart, shaft: t'eh ny oard, as cliwe, as side gyere. Bible

roie (=Ir. rith) bolt, burst, cursive, dart, flow, full retreat, melt, race, range, run, scurry, slip, sprinting: roie dy mooar ayns eash Bible; raced; smuggle, smuggling; (as animals) charging; (as pain) shooting; (ale) draught; ladder; flowing, flying, running; See roïe before: Myr dooyrt shin roie Bible; ran; rushed; See roïe previously; heretofore


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