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bolgagh abdominal, bellied, billowy, blister; bulging, puffy: V'ee jeeaghyn orrym lesh sooillyn bolgagh. DF; measly; bog, moss

Inexact matches:

bolgagh baa cowpox

bolgagh frangagh pox

bolgagh muickey swine pox

bolgagh vreck (f.) variola

bolgagh vuc (f.) swine pox

famlagh bolgagh bladder wrack, bottle wrack

gurrin bolgagh vesicle

muinneelyn bolgagh (f.) puff sleeves

swine pox (n.) bolgagh muickey, bolgagh vuc

bellied (adj.) bolgagh

blister (n.) bolgagh; mamm

bulging attit; bolgagh; poagaghey

measly (adj.) bolgagh, druightagh, peajeogagh

pox (n.) bolgagh frangagh

puff sleeves (npl.) muinneelyn bolgagh

variola (n.) bolgagh vreck

vesicle (n.) bolgan, gurrin bolgagh

volgagh (f.) See bolgagh (yn) smallpox

billowy (adj.) bolgagh, freaynagh, tonnagh, tonnoil

cowpox (n.) breck ollee, bolgagh baa

abdominal (adj.) bolgagh, bolgey, brooinnagh; (y) volgey, vrooinney

bladder wrack (n.) famlagh bolgagh, famlagh crammanagh

bog (n.) boglee; bolgagh; curragh; curree; moanee; reaisht

bottle wrack (n.) costrayl ferrish; famlagh bolgagh

puffy (adj.) ass ennal, bolgagh, puissagh, readanagh, sheebagh

moss (n.) bolgagh; keynnagh: A rolling stone gathers no moss - Cha nel clagh rolley chaglym keynnagh erbee. JJK idiom


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