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bold1 (adj.) geyre, mooar; daanyssagh; doo; meenearagh; trome; daaney: It is good to be bold, but evil to be too bold - S'mie ve daaney agh s'olk ve ro ghaaney. JJK idiom; creeoil; dunnal

bold2 (adj.) (promontory) geyre, mooar

Inexact matches:

bold person (n.) fer daaney

bold type (n.) clou doo, clou trome

too bold ro ghaaney: It is good to be bold, but evil to be too bold - S'mie ve daaney agh s'olk ve ro ghaaney. JJK idiom

daanyssagh bold

ro ghaaney too bold

clou trome bold type, clarendon

clou doo black letter, bold type

creeoil cheerful, hearty, inspiring: Bee-jee dunnal as creeoil, ny gow-jee aggle roue Bible; fearless; bold: Ta ny kyndee chea, tra nagh vel fer erbee er nyn eiyrt's: agh ta'n ynrick creeoil myr lion. Bible; courageous; cardiac; openhearted; valiant; blithe

daaney (=Ir. dána) bold, cheeky, cocky, confident, daring, free, impudent, presumptuous, rude: T'ad jannoo ad-hene daaney ayns olkys Bible; brazen

doo (=Ir. dubh) black, dark, dirty, ink, inky, negroid, sable: As yeeagh mee, as honnick mee cabbyl doo Bible; black-haired, black headed; bold [O.Ir. dub]

dunnal (=Ir. duiniúil) brave, daring, heroic, manful: kiare cheead three-feed as hoght dy gheiney dunnal Bible; fearless; bold; courageous: Bee-jee shiuish er-y-fa shen feer dunnal Bible; valiant: As Benaiah, mac Jehoiada, mac dy ghooinney dunnal, jeh Kabzeel Bible

fer daaney bold person: Lurg bleaystanyn Birmingham blein er dy henney, hie y slattys tranlaasagh shoh trooid Ardwhaiyl Hostyn gyn boirey erbee - ga dy loayr fer daaney ny ghaa noi. Carn; saucy person

geyre abrupt, acrid, acute, austere, bitter, cutting, discerning, edged, hard, high-pitched, incisive, knifelike, penetrating, piercing, poignant, pointed, pungent, sharp, sour, stiff, twinging; strict, stringent: hug eh currym geyre er Bible; (promontory) bold; (of sight) quick [O.Ir. gér]

meenearagh audacious, bold, brazen, immodest, imprudent, ribald, shameless, unashamed, unblushing: Cha meenearagh as muc. DF; impudent; (of injustice) glaring

mooar (=Ir. mór) pl. mooarey See vooar big, capacious, chief, commodious, extensive, extravagant, familiar, grand, great, heavy, intense, intimate, loose-fitting, major, marked, mega, mighty, powerful, tall: bee'n aarkey mooar hene eu son cagliagh Bible; (promontory) bold; (Jur.) grievous; difficult; huge [O.Ir. mór]

trome (=Ir. trom) pl. trommey 1 heavy a: Agh va laueyn Voses trome; as ghow ad clagh, as hug Bible; 2 bold, burdensome, deep-drawn, difficult, emphatic, expectant, gruelling, hard, harsh, heavyweight, high pressure, intense, laborious, onerous, ponderous, severe, sledgehammer, steep, stodgy, substantial, sweated, unwieldly, wearying, weighty; 3 (oppressive) close; 4 (burden) crippling; 5 (of smoke) dense; 6 (Jur.) grievous, grave a: As va shoh feer trome er aigney Abraham er coontey e vac Bible; 7 (of sea) rough; 8 deep a: As hug y Chiarn Jee cadley trome dy huittym er Adam Bible; 9 expecting, pregnant, with child a: ta ny shioltaneyn as ny immanyn trome ta mârym Bible; 10 great a: honnick Jee dy row mee-chraueeaght dooinney trome er y thalloo Bible; 11 sore a: As van ghortey trome ayns y cheer ad fo eh Bible [O.Ir. trom]


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