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boirit (=Ir. buartha) agitated, bothered, concerned, confused, disturbed, edgy, embarrassed, grieved, perplexed, pestered, preoccupied, teased, uptight, vexed, woeful, worried: As ny smooinee dy vel Lunnin boirit mychione chengaghyn aa-vioghit. Carn

Inexact matches:

bothered boirit: I am not bothered - Cha nel mee boirit. DF idiom; fo boirey

concerned (adj.) ayndagh; boirit; imneagh

edgy (adj.) boirit; friogganagh

grieved boirit; seaghnit

pestered boirit

preoccupied (adj.) boirit; goit

teased boirit; kereit; speeinit

uptight (adj.) boirit; corree; imneagh

disturbed anaashagh; anveaghit; baanrit; boirit

embarrassed (adj.) boirit, fud y cheilley

worried1 boirit, jeeillit; imneagh; voir

vexed boirit, fargagh, seaghnit, sneihagh, sproghit, gonney, gonnit

agitated (adj.) boirit; seiyt: The water was agitated - Va'n ushtey seiyt. DF idiom

confused (adj.) boirit, currit magh, fud y cheilley, mestit, nearildagh

woeful (adj.) boirit, donney; seaghnagh: neither have I desired the woeful day - chamoo ta mee er yeearree son y laa seaghnagh Bible; seiyjagh

breimmey fart: Foddee nagh vel Dalyell boirit dy row (as dy vel) wheesh smaght ec Sostnee er Albinee nagh vod ny Albinee breimmey gyn kied veih Lunnin. Carn

bwooisal gratitude, pleasing, thankful: Va ny jeshaghteyryn shoh boirit mysh y phrowaltys as lhisagh shin ve bwooisal daue son loayrt er ard. Carn

Covargey Common Market: Oddagh oo gra nagh lhisagh shin ve boirit mysh Reiltys Hene Albinagh as y Covargey goll dy gheddyn rey rish steatyn ashoonagh. Carn

eeastyn fish: Ny laghyn t'ayn jiu, ta dy chooilley pheiagh boirit dy bee ny skeddanyn (as eeastyn elley) scughit veih'n cheayn dy bollagh. Carn

faggys da shen thereabouts: Miranda Fozard, ta cummal faggys da shen ayns Thie Steoin, t'ee gra dy vel ee cho boirit as dy reagh ee yn aghin. BS

jeeaghyn mysh look after: Nish, t'ad shirrey coyrle as ymmodee Manninee boirit dy liooar mychione lhiass feallagh aeg syn Ellan, erskyn ooilley mychione yn aght ta sleih jeeaghyn mysh persoonyn aegey hie er cur ayns kiarail. BS

lhimmey (=Ir. leith amuigh) (er) exception: Er lhimmey jeh cooney lesh sleih ta boirit liorish mee-startaght as y lhied Carn

maddaght (=Ir. matamaitic) (f.) mathematics: As t'ad boirit nagh vel fir as mraane-ynsee dy liooar ayn son sheanse as maddaght. Carn

myn- (pref.) diminutive, lesser, little, minced, miniature, minor, minute, petty: T'eh jeeaghyn dy vel ny Sostnee as ny Yernee boirit mychione ceau argid er myn-chengaghyn (Yernish ayns Nerin!) Carn; filings; elaborate, exhaustive: Myn-choontey jeh'n skeeal. DF; niggling, trifling

sheanse science: As t'ad boirit nagh vel fir as mraane-ynsee dy liooar ayn son sheanse as maddaght. Carn

shid hoal yonder: Ta shenn ghooinney baghey shid hoal as ta Gaelg vie echey agh cha nel eh ymmyd erbee dy gheddyn magh eh son cha vel eh laccal dy ve boirit rish joarreeyn. Dhoor

Shirveishagh Arraghey Transport Minister: Ta'n Shirveishagh Arraghey, John Shimmin, boirit ec ny caghlaaghyn syn emshyr feiy ny cruinney, as y gaue smoo dy bee thooillaghyn ayn kyndagh rish shen. BS

strughtooroil structural: Va sleih boirit neesht kyndagh rish stayd strughtooroil ny troggalyn er Straid Skylley Chreest ny h-Ayrey BS

veih'n fraue fundamentally: Va bun yn choloayrtys ain dy row eh boirit dy row bing ny fainaghyn cur magh fainaghyn myr v'ad taffeeyn, as va dooghys y Ghaelg loayrit caghlaait veih'n fraue. Dhoor

perplexed anveaghit; boirit; seaghnit: the herds of cattle are perplexed, because they have no pasture - ta ny shellooyn ollagh seaghnit, son nagh vel aber oc Bible; êginit: are perplexed, but not in despair - ta shin êginit, agh cha vel shin fo meehreishteil Bible; fud y cheilley


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