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boirey (=Ir. buaireamh) confusion, disruption, distraction, embarrassment, heartache, molestation, nuisance, perturbation, row, strife, trouble, unrest: bee dy chooilley pheeikeyr jannoo boirey Bible; worrier; (v.) annoy, care, confuse, disturb, preoccupy, worry; altercation

Inexact matches:

ass boirey off the hook

boirey chynskylagh industrial unrest

boirey craiu gnawing care

Boirey Eash Age Concern

boirey er aggrieve, bother, disconcert, disrupt, distract, embarrass, madden, niggle, perplex, perturb, pester, put upon, trouble, unsettle, vex, worry: Ta'n feeyn boirey er y volg echey. DF

boirey kirree sheep worrying

fo boirey bothered

gyn boirey abandon, happy-go-lucky, imperturbed, unmolested; without worry: Dreggyr eh mish gyn boirey erbee. DF

Boirey Eash Ellan Vannin Age Concern Isle of Man

coadey noi boirey protection from harassment

goaill yn boirey jeh disembarrass

Ny jean boirey (impv) Don't worry: Dooyrt eshyn, kiart, agh ny jean boirey. Cha bee red erbee taghyrt diu. Dhoor

bother boirey: He does not bother about anything - Cha nel eh boirey e chione mychione red erbee. DF idiom; boiraghey er; boirey er; fillosher; killjeh

trouble1 boir, seaghyn; boirey: She has nothing but trouble - Cha nel veg eck agh boirey. JJK idiom; boiraghey, boirey er, jannoo er, seaghnaghey; trubbyl; tooilleil

puzzling (adj.) boiragh; keishtagh; (v.) boirey: I am puzzling over it - Ta mee boirey er. DF idiom

aggrieve (v.) boirey er; seaghnaghey

disconcert (v.) boirey er

disrupt (v.) boirey er

disruption (n.) boirey

distract (v.) baanraghey; boirey er

embarrassment (n.) boirey, nearey

gnawing care boirey craiu

happy-go-lucky (adj.) gyn boirey

heartache (n.) boirey, pian cree

imperturbed gyn boirey; neuvoirit

industrial unrest (n.) boirey chynskylagh

niggle (v.) boirey er, flustyrnee

nuisance (n.) boirey; boireyder

perplex (v.) anveaghey; boirey er

perturbation (n.) boirey

pester (v.) boirey er

put upon (v.) boirey er

sheep worrying (v.) boirey kirree

worrier (n.) boirey; boireyder

worry1 boirey: Worry kills people quicker than work - Ta boirey marroo sleih ny s'tappee na obbyr. DF idiom; (n.) imnea: Don't worry! - Ny bee imnea ort! DF idiom; (v.) cur imnea er; (to); (dy) voirey

distraction (n.) boirey, ceau yn traa

madden (v.) boirey er; jannoo keoie

off the hook (adj.) ass boirey

preoccupy (adj.) boirey, goaill yn aigney

altercation (n.) streeu; troiddey; argane; çhengleyrys; boirey

annoy (v.) anveaghey; boirey; cur ass; cur stiagh er

confuse (v.) boirey, cur fud y cheilley, mestey

disembarrass (v.) goaill yn boirey jeh, seyrey

molestation (n.) boirey, cur stiagh er, deiney

perturb (v.) cur fud y cheilley; boirey er

protection from harassment (n.) coadey noi boirey

unmolested gyn boirey; gyn cur stiagh er; neuvoirit

abandon (v.) cur ergooyl, faagail, lhiggey lesh, treigeil; (adv.) gyn boirey, gyn lhiettrimys

Age Concern (n.) Kiarail y Çhenndiaght; Boirey Eash; Eie Eash

Age Concern Isle of Man (n.) Boirey Eash Ellan Vannin

Don't worry (impv) Ny bee imnea ort, Ny jean boirey

embarrass (v.) boirey er, cur nearey er; cur fud y cheilley

unrest (n.) anvea: Labour unrest - Anvea lught obbree. DF idiom; boirey, neuaash

unsettle (v.) boir er, boirey er, jannoo corragh seiy, jean corragh

bothered boirit: I am not bothered - Cha nel mee boirit. DF idiom; fo boirey

care arrey: Take care not to cut me - Gow arrey nagh giar shiu mee. JJK idiom; boirey; currym; imnea; kiarail: He'll take care of me - Gowee eh kiarail jeem. JJK idiom; (v.) jannoo imnea

confusion (n.) boirey, branlaadee, bun ry baare, corvaal, fud y cheilley, mestid, shaghrynys, tharmane; rouailley: It is unspeakable confusion! - Yn rouailley, cha nel insh er! DF idiom

considerable (adj.) geiltagh; mooarane: I had considerable trouble at first - Va mooarane boirey aym ec y toshiaght. JJK idiom

creator (n.) crootagh: He is the creator of the trouble - T'eshyn y crootagh jeh'n boirey. DF idiom

disturb (v.) anveaghey; boirey: Don't disturb me while I'm writing - Ny boir mee choud's ta mee screeu. JJK idiom

filling (v.) dooney; lughtaghey; pronney; taah; lhieeney: He is filling the house with trouble - T'eh lhieeney yn thie lesh boirey. DF idiom

pronunciation (n.) coraaghey; fockley magh: It's the pronunciation that puzzles me - She yn fockley-magh ta boirey mish. JJK idiom

row (v.) boirey; caggey rish; (n.) coorse: And the third row a ligure, an agate, and an amethyst - As been trass choorse ny figure, as agate, as amethyst Bible; jastan; linney; musthaa; rhenk; roa; straih; strane; roaghey; troiddey; ymmyrt

strife (n.) anvea, boirey, musthaa, ymmyr; (v.) streeu: They are at strife - T'ad streeu rish y cheilley. DF idiom; irree-magh

take1 (v.) goaill: I would not like to trouble you - Cha b'laik lhiam boirey shiu JJK idiom; troggal; gow: Take off thy cap - Gow jeed dty edd. JJK idiom; trog-jee

Ard-whaiyl High Court: hie y slattys tranlaasagh shoh trooid Ardwhaiyl Hostyn gyn boirey erbee Carn

assey easier: Te ny saasagh [= sassey] dy gheddyn ayns boirey na dy gheddyn ass. EF

ass y cheer abroad: Nish fod Mnr Jenkins, Scrudeyr Hostyn, ceau magh ass y cheer peiagh erbee t'eh coontey y ve ny 'er-atchimys - gyn boirey mychione cooyrtyn as nyn lheid. Carn

bwoallit beaten, sounded: coyrle shoh clashtyn y bun jeh boirey dy liooar: y doilleeid jeh goll tessyn raad gaueagh, lectraghys goll er giarrey voish thie ennagh, guilley va bwoallit dy holk ec armee Hostyn. Carn

drogh-choardail conspire: Boirey shee deiney mie, jarrood thurnyn dooie, tayrn anmeenyn fo peccah, caghlaa dooghys, drogh-choardail 'sy stayd-phoosee, brishey-poosey, as neu- ghlennid gyn-nearey. Apoc

fer daaney bold person: Lurg bleaystanyn Birmingham blein er dy henney, hie y slattys tranlaasagh shoh trooid Ardwhaiyl Hostyn gyn boirey erbee - ga dy loayr fer daaney ny ghaa noi. Carn; saucy person

gyn lhiettrimys abandon, freely, stintless, unconstrained, unconstrainedly, unhampered, unhindered, unimpeded, unobstructed, unrestrained, untrammelled, without reserve: Agh moddee ta lowit rouail gyn lhiettrimys, t'ee credjal dy vel ad boirey er dy chooilley pheiagh. BS

harree over her: Dod Shoanie clamberagh harree gyn boirey erbee, agh haink beggan dy ghoilleeid er y duchess jannoo drappal urree as fy yerrey dooyrt ee, "Nee trooid y chleigh ta mee nish? GB

jannoo er ail, prey upon, trouble, wage war: Er aght ennagh, ta'n boirey cheddin er ve jannoo er ny Celtiee ooilliu. Carn

neuchiart (=Ir. neamh-cheart) amiss, incorrect, inexact, partial, unjust: Ec yn un cheayrt, foddee dy vel 'boirey' yn fockle neu-chiart er y fa dy vel fo ghlaraghyn berchaghey chengey dy mennick. Carn; uneven, not level

raghtal impatient, impetuous, obstinate, rash, stubborn; violent: t'eh so-hoiggal dy vel boirey ayn er y fa dy row dooinney abyl dy yannoo yn loght cheddin reesht lurg da v'er soie er mraane dy raghtal sy traa hie shaghey. BS; unruly

shappyn shops: Agh son y chooid smoo, va boirey goaill toshiaght trooid ferg dowin noi lught-reill erbee, as lurg shen va sleih spooilley shappyn myr sorch dy spooyrt. Carn

symnaghyn summonses: va boirey s'odjey ayns Aignish as ny Gaeil soiagh er ny meoiryn shee haink dy livrey tooilley symnaghyn. NNS

Ugh (=Ir. ogh) (intj) Oh: Ugh cha nee, boirey er lheh - Vel shoh jerrey Jishag y Nollick? Dhoor

voirey See boirey (dy); (to) afflict, worry: as ren ee toshiaght dy voirey eh, as hie e niart veih Bible

first (yn) chied: You have been the first to come to see us - Ta shiu yn chied phersoon dy chur shilley orrin. JJK idiom; kied; toshiagh: I had considerable trouble at first - Va mooarane boirey aym ec y toshiaght. JJK idiom; (suf.) -toshee; hoshiaght: First the house was burnt and then the church - Hoshiaght va'n thie loshtit as eisht yn cheeill. JJK idiom

free feaysley er, follym, seyrey; nastee: Fishing is free here - Ta eeastagh nastee ayns shoh. DF idiom; seyr: Free from worry - Seyr veih boirey. DF idiom; daaney; feoiltagh; seyrsnys: They themselves were free - Va seyrsnys oc hene. DF idiom

vex (v.) boirey er, cur farg er, maghlaghey, jannoo seaghyn, seaghyn; cur sneih er: and vex them in his sore displeasure. - as ver eh sneih orroo ayns trimmid e yymmoose Bible; seaghney: Thou shalt neither vex a stranger, nor oppress him - Cha jean oo seaghney joarree, chamoo hee oo tranlaase er: Bible; cur seaghyn er: Neither shalt thou take a wife to her sister, to vex her - Chamoo ghoys oo ben as e shuyr, dy choyrt seaghyn urree Bible; (y) chraghey: for God did vex them with all adversity - son nee Jee ad y heaghney lesh dy chooilley arkys Bible; (y) heaghney

gunney gun: Va polt myr gunney ayn as hilg y chryss veih ny greieyn as va boirey kiart ayns y uhllin. JyC; of a gun: Hug yn daa çheu oaie er y cheilley er quing hallooin eddyr Point as Steòrnabhaigh, ny meoiryn shee as sidooryn lesh cliwenyn gunney, ny cotteyryn lesh maidjaghyn as claghyn. NNS


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