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body1 (n.) bleayst, colught, mean, sthockan; callin: The resurrection of the body - Irree seose reesht y challin. DF idiom; colb; corp: Commit a body to the deep - Corp y cheau harrish boayrd. DF idiom; corpane; shlig

body2 (n.) (of plant) sthockan

body3 (n.) (of church) mean

body4 (n.) (of people) colught

Inexact matches:

body building fehaghys

body colour daa stooalt

body politic (n.) stait

body search ronsey colbey

body searches (intimate) ronsaghey callin sleih dy geyre, ronsaghey colbey

ecclesiastical body (n.) clere ny h-agglish

foolish body (n.) peccagh ommijagh

heavenly body (n.) corpane speyr; corpane speyrey

legislative body (n.) coyrle slattyssagh

main body (n.) trome-chooid

ore body (n.) ard-chuishlin

public body (n.) boayrd scrutee

vertebral body (n.) corpane vertebragh

vile body (n.) corp marvaanagh

body and soul (adv.) corp as annym

body searches intimate ronsaghey colbey

intimate body searches ronsaghey colbey

of the body kirpey: Part of the body - Ayrn kirpey. DF idiom

ronsaghey colbey body searches intimate; intimate body searches; body searches

ard-chuishlin (f.) lode, ore body

boayrd scrutee public body

corpane body

corpane speyr heavenly body

corpane speyrey heavenly body

corpane vertebragh vertebral body

coyrle slattyssagh (f.) legislative body

daa stooalt body colour

fehaghys body building

ronsey colbey body search

sthockan (f.) body, small stock

body-building troggal kirpey

body-snatcher (n.) roosteyr ruillickey

clere ny h-agglish (f.) ecclesiastical body

roosteyr ruillickey body-snatcher

troggal kirpey body-building

ronsaghey callin sleih dy geyre body searches

stait (f.) body politic; state: Agglish y stait. DF

trome-chooid (f.) main body: Yn trome-chooid jeh'n armee. DF

bonnag (n.) bonnag: A crooked bonnag straightens the body - Ta bonnag cham jeeraghey y corp. DF idiom; soddag verrin

crooked1 (adj.) cam, camm: A crooked bonnag straightens the body - Ta bonnag cham jeeraghey y corp. DF idiom; camlaagagh; camstram; neuyeeragh

decent (adj.) dy cooie, dy doaieagh, dy resoonagh, feeudagh; coar: He's a decent old body - T'eh ny henn ghooinney coar. DF idiom; doaieagh: He's a decent sort - T'eh ny ghooinney doaieagh. DF idiom; cooie

dispute argane; pleadeil: he disputed about the body of Moses - veh pleadeil mychione corp Voses Bible; resooney: There the righteous might dispute with him - Ayns shen oddagh yn dooinney cairagh resooney rish Bible

member (n.) (limb) olt: For the body is not one member, but many - Son cha vel y corp un olt, agh ymmodee Bible; (of group) oltey

more feeble (comp./sup.) smeilley: those members of the body, which seem to be more feeble, are necessary - ta ny oltyn shen jehn chorp, smeilley ta shin coontey jeu foast ymmyrchagh Bible

net (v.) ceau lieen er, cur 'syn ingagh, jannoo jeebin; (n.) ingagh: Shoot the net - Cuirr yn ingagh. DF idiom; jeebin; lieen: We fished up a dead body in the net - Hrog shin corp marroo 'sy lhieen. DF idiom; (adj.) moggyllagh

straightens (v.) jeeraghey: A crooked bonnag straightens the body - Ta bonnag cham jeeraghey y corp. DF idiom

bleayst (=Ir. blaosc) (f.) pl. bleaystyn body, crust, gill cover, hull, husk, pod, shell, shield; bang, peal; (impv) burst

callin (f.) 1 body, human carcase, torso a: bee callin Jezebel myr eoylley er eaghtyr y thallooin Bible; b pl. callinyn; 2 constitution: T'ad er n'aase roauyr, t'ad ayns callin vie Bible; 3 carcase

colb (f.) body, frontage, torso, trunk: Va'n colb echey er ny lostey dy h-olk kyndagh rish taghyrt ec y thie. BS

colught (=Ir. comhlucht) pl. colughtyn body, company, firm: cha nel claaryn ry-hoi sleih ta gynsaghey Albinish goll er creeley ec Colught Chellveeish Border Carn

corp 1 pl. kirp body, physique a: Agh ta Jee cur corp da myr saillish hene Bible; 2 corpse; 3 (of tree) trunk; 4 hull; 5 solid [L. corpus]

corp as annym body and soul: Va ny cummaltee boght, tayrn veih ooir as faarkey cooid veg dy reayll dy cheilley corp as annym. Coraa

corp marvaanagh vile body: yn Chiarn Yeesey Creest nee caghlaa yn corp marvaanagh ain Bible

kirpey (gen.) of the body: Ny cowraghyn smoo cadjin, ta'd coayl ymmyd as kyrloghid ayns ayrn kirpey. Dhoor

mean (=Ir. meán) average, body, carrier, centre, interior, medium, middle, midst, nerve centre: hug eh ny torchyn 'sy vean eddyr y daa amman Bible; middlemost [L. medias]

peccagh ommijagh foolish body: Tan peccagh ommijagh er ghra ayns e chree: Cha vel Jee erbee ayn. Bible

shlig (=Ir. slig) (f.) (pl -yn) body, scale, scale pan, shell, test: As ghow eh shlig chrockan dy screebey eh-hene; Bible; splinter

vile1 (adj.) drogh: and there come in also a poor man in vile raiment - as dy jig stiagh myrgeddin dooinney boght ayns drogh choamrey; Bible; dwoaieagh; dwoaiagh: then thy brother should seem vile unto - dy bee dty vraar eisht dwoaiagh ayns dty hilley Bible; fardailagh; melley; neu-chooie: For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections - Er-yn-oyr shoh livrey Jee ad seose gys yeearreeyn neu-chooie Bible; feohdagh: but unto this man do not so vile a thing - agh rish yn dooinney shoh, ny jean-jee lheid y peccah feohdagh Bible; mollaghtagh: er-yn-oyr dy ren e vec ad-hene mollaghtagh - because his sons made themselves vile Bible; marvaanagh: Who shall change our vile body - Nee caghlaa yn corp marvaanagh ain; (n.) moodjeen: The vile person shall be no more called liberal - Cha bee yn mooidjeen ny smoo enmyssit feoilt Bible


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