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Boddagh Boyde: Hug mee jerrey er y vlieauney dy moghey, ta Ned Boddagh geddyn poost jiu, t'ou cooinaght, as ghiall mee dy gholl sheese as cur daue car er y fiddle. Coraa

boddagh boor, countryman, farm servant, peasant, yokel; old man: Ayns corneil yn thalley va Isabel ny soie dy tashagh as boddagh beg fritlagh, cho shenn as yn kay, jiole e keeaghyn. GB

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Croit Boddagh Boyd's Croft

boor (n.) boddagh, fadaneagh

Boyde (n.) Boddagh

Boyd's Croft (n.) Croit Boddagh

farm servant (n.) boddagh

yokel (n.) boddagh

peasant (n.) boddagh, fer jeh'n theay

countryman (n.) boddagh, co-heeragh, dooinney cheerey; fer cheerey

old man (n.) shenn dooinney: We will call in at the old man's - Vermayd stiagh er y chenn dooinney. DF idiom; boddagh

Balley Laagh See Balley ny Loghey (village) Ballaugh: Shoh daa skeeal er nyn inshey dooys liorish Chalse Mooar Balley Laagh; hooar eh veih Harry Boddagh ad as eshyn nyn glashtyn voish e yishag vooar. GB


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