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bock glass smooth hound

bock pl. buick buck, gelding, he, josser, male, swell: Yn coo, as bock ny goair, as ree er kione e heshaght-chaggee Bible

Inexact matches:

bock bouyran blockhead, ignoramus, laughing stock

bock eaddagh clothes horse

bock goayr billy-goat, he-goat

bock mooar bigwig, toff

bock Voayldyn wild boy

jannoo bock-lheim buck-jump

Bock Juan Fannee See Bock Yuan Fannee Shank's pony

Bock Yuan Fannee Shank's pony: Ta cuirrey er ve currit dys Bock Yuan Fannee dy gholl dys three jeu mleeaney nastee. Carn

bock Yuan Fannee walking stick

Cro ny Bock Gelding's Pen

Shank's pony (n.) Bock Juan Fannee, Bock Yuan Fannee: To go on Shank's pony - Dy gholl er Bock Yuan Fannee. DF idiom; (dy) gholl er chosh

bigwig (n.) bock mooar

josser (n.) bock

smooth hound (n.) bock glass

toff (n.) bock mooar

wild boy (n.) bock Voayldyn

billy-goat (n.) bock goayr; goayr firryn

buck jump bock-lheim; jonse

buck-jump jannoo bock-lheim

Gelding's Pen (n.) Cro ny Bock

ignoramus (n.) bock bouyran, meehushtagh; ommidan

bock-ghoayr male goat

bock-lheim buck jump

buck bock; buggley, jonseragh, lheim, lhoobaghey

clothes horse (n.) bock eaddagh, cleeah eaddee

gelding (n.) bock, giarran, garran, spoiyaght; (v.) spoiy

he-goat (n.) bock goayr, goar-fyrryn; heurin; goayr-yrryn

laughing stock (n.) blebbin, bock bouyran, cooish gharaghtee, sthowran

male goat (n.) bock-ghoayr, goayr irryn

walking stick (n.) bock Yuan Fannee, maidjey shooyl

blockhead (n.) awaneagh, bock bouyran, bolvane, bouyran, kione shoggyl, kione teayst, poltag, thollane; spoagee

male bock, fyrrynagh; collagh; fer, fyrryn; firrynagh, yrrynagh; (pref.) fer-

swell (v.) att, bolgey, gatt, lhoau, puissal, puissey; mooadaghey: Swell the crowd - Yn theay y vooadaghey. DF idiom; (n.) bock, fashanagh; faarkey; sogh

coo pl. coyin cur, dog, greyhound, hound, wolf-dog: Yn coo, as bock ny goair, as ree er kione e heshaght-chaggee. Bible [O.Ir. cĂș]

fannee (of wind) bitter; draughty; flaying: Va paart jeu er shen roie marish Bock Yuan Fannee Carn

gholl er (dy); (to) take to: Dy gholl er Bock Yuan Fannee. DF; go on: Dy gholl er laghyn seyrey veih'n ollooscoill. DF

he bock; collagh; eh: He hasn't been there yet - Cha nel eh er ve ayns shen foast. JJK idiom; eh-shen; (emph.) eshyn: He who acknowledges no judge condemns himself - Eshyn nagh gow rish briw erbee t'eh deyrey eh hene. JJK idiom; firryn; firrynagh


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