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bochilley baa cowherd

bochilley (=Ir. buachaill) pl. bochillyn herdsman, shepherd: Smerg da'n bochilley liastey Bible

Inexact matches:

bochilley anmey cleric, pastor

bochilley goair goatherd

bochilley guoiee gooseherd

bochilley muickey swineherd

bochilley ollee cowherd

bochilley skeddan rabbit fish, rabbitfish

cowherd (n.) bochilley baa, bochilley ollee, guilley ollee

shepherd bochillaght; bochilley; bochill: The shepherd leads the flock - Ta'n bochilley leeideil yn shioltane. JJK idiom

goatherd (n.) bochilley goair

gooseherd (n.) bochilley guoiee

herdsman (n.) bochilley

rabbit fish bochilley skeddan

swineherd (n.) bochilley muickey

cleric (n.) agglishagh, bochilley anmey, cleragh

pastor bochill anmey; bochilley anmey

bwaag (f.) pl. bwaagyn booth: T'eh dy hroggal e hie myr lhemeen, as myr y bwaag ta'n bochilley dy yannoo. Bible; bower, cabin, lodge, hut, pavilion, shed; small shop; cot, cottage: Nee'n thalloo leaystey noon as noal myr dooinney meshtal, as bee eh er ny astyrt myr bwaag Bible; tent: Ta my eash er n'gholl shaghey, as te scughit voym myr bwaag bochilley Bible; round stone, cobble

rabbitfish (n.) bochilley skeddan, ree yn skeddan

S'merg (intj) Alas: Smerg da'n bochilley liastey Bible

liastey idle, negligent, slothful: Smerg da'n bochilley liastey, ta treigeil e hioltane! Bible

flock (n.) flockys, possan, shelloo; shioltane: The shepherd leads the flock - Ta'n bochilley leeideil yn shioltane. JJK idiom; sholtane; (v.) shioltaney

troubled1 (of water) seiyt, faitagh; seiy; seaghnit: they were troubled, because there was no shepherd - vad seaghnit, er-yn-oyr nagh row bochilley erbee harrystoo Bible

failt (=Ir. fáilte) employed, hired, salaried: eshyn ta failt, as cha nee yn bochilley hene Bible; ave; (f.) welcome: Cha dooar mee failt erbee. DF

freayll arrey er 1 chaperon; 2 tend a: Nish vayns y cheer cheddin bochilley mooie er y vagher freayll arrey er nyn shioltaneynsyn oie Bible; 3 watch a: nee leopard freayll arrey er ny ard-valjyn oc Bible

pardoonit pardoned: Tra ren yn ree clashtyn jeh, ren eh goardrail yn lion dy ve soit ec rheamys reesht, as yn bochilley dy ve pardoonit, as currit thie reesht gys e chaarjyn. EF; remitted

roym before me, in preference to me: quoi yn bochilley shen oddys shassoo roym Bible

scughit removed, shifted: Ta my eash er n'gholl shaghey, as te scughit voym myr bwaag bochilley Bible


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