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boayl (=Ir. bólaí) pl. boayllyn, buill centre, indentation, location, pitch, place, scene, spot, stand: ta shin ayns shoh ayns boayl faasagh Bible; where: son ta Jee er choyrt eh gys syn laueyn; boayl ta messoil ayns dy chooilley nhee ter y thalloo Bible; locality

Inexact matches:

boayl aahoiaghey resettlement centre

Boayl Aalin Beautiful Site: Cur-my-ner, ta shin guee ort, ta'n ard-valley shoh soit er boayl aalin, myr ta my hiarn fakin Bible

boayl aalin (place) beauty spot, pleasant place: Cur-my-ner, ta shin guee ort, ta'n ard-valley shoh soit er boayl aalin Bible

boayl aash layby

Boayl Ard High Place

boayl ard high place: tra vees aggle orroo dy hooyl er boayl ard, as atchim rhymboosy raad Bible

boayl arrey look out

boayl breck mottle

boayl cadlee dormitory

boayl chaglym venue

Boayl Chirrym Dry Place: Cha nel Juan cur fys dooin foast cre'n obbyr ry yannoo, agh dooyrt eh dy vel boayl chirrym, as cooie da pairkal ny gleashtanyn reihit echey son yn astyr shoh. Dhoor

boayl cloie playground

boayl co-haglee focal point

boayl coptyragh helidrome

boayl couyr aid post

Boayl Creoi Hard Place

Boayl Daly Daly's Place

Boayl Dawson Dawson's Place

boayl doo (roses) black spot

Boayl Dooin Place For Us

boayl eaishtaght listening post

Boayl Ein Place of the Birds

boayl eirinagh steading

boayl elley elsewhere, another place: Tar, ta mee guee ort marym, gys boayl elley, raad yiow shilley jeu Bible

boayl ennagh somewhere: Boayllagh shin goll shooyl boayl ennagh dagh Ghoonaght, foddee gys Langness Coraa

boayl erbee any place, anywhere, any whither, wherever: Son ta ooilley ny buird sollit lesh skeay as broïd, myr shen nagh vel boayl erbee glen. Bible; at any place, in any place, to any place; nowhere

boayl etlee aerodrome

boayl faagee departure point

boayl faarkee watering place

boayl fadanagh recess

Boayl Fadane Solitary Place

boayl fahrane beauty spot

boayl fakin (beauty spot) viewpoint

boayl farkee waiting place

Boayl Fasnagh Winnowing Place

boayl fasnee winnowing place

boayl fastee sheltering place

Boayl Fea Place of Rest

Boayl Feagh Quiet Place

boayl follit private place: dirree Abimelech, as y pobble va marish, veihn boayl follit Bible

boayl follym vacant space

boayl gammanyn amusement arcade

boayl glen 1 clearing in forest; 2 clean place a: ver eh lesh magh y leoie cheu-mooie jehn champ, gys boayl glen. Bible

boayl gorrym bruise

boayl heear westerly

Boayl Injeigyn Place of the Nooks

Boayl Injil Low Place

boayl jiarg birthmark, blotch

Boayl Jiass South Place

Boayl Joogh Greedy Place

boayl keiltynys hiding place, lurking place

boayl lheiltys gymnasium

boayl lhiggey shooting range

boayl margee marketplace

Boayl Mooar Big Place

boayl mooiney urinal

boayl mooynlee sewage plant

boayl oanluckee burial place

boayl obbree workplace

Boayl Olley Place of Wool

boayl ooashlee place of worship

boayl pairkal parking place

boayl quaaltys rendezvous

boayl raun seal rookery

boayl rauney seal rookery

Boayl Rea Level Place

boayl reaghit trysting place

Boayl Rhennee Ferny Place

boayl ruggyree birthplace

Boayl Ruy Red Place

boayl ruy strawberry mark

boayl scuirr layby

boayl s'faggys perigee, perihelion

boayl shappal shopping centre

Boayl Sheeant Place of Peace

boayl shelg hunting ground

boayl shellee osier bed

boayl sodjey apogee; aphelion

boayl sollagh black spot

boayl sollys flare

boayl sollysh light spot

Boayl Stack Stack Place

Boayl Taitnys Place of Pleasure

boayl teeal teeing ground

boayl troghan rookery

Boayl Ushag Bird Place

Boayl Voyle Boyle's Fold

Boayl Yrjey Highest Spot

boayl ennagh mygeayrt neighbourship

boayl er lheh private place, reservation: Çheet fy yerrey hoal wass dys Sellafield, dy firrinagh she boayl er lheh t'ayn nagh vel yn un red as Windscale. Dhoor

boayl kiarail yeean intensive care unit

boayl kied chouyr (place) ambulance

Boayl ny Beisht Beast's Place

Boayl ny Blockan Coalfish Place

Boayl ny Frog Frog Place

Boayl ny Geayee Windy Place

Boayl ny Gerragh Place of the Sheep

Boayl ny h'Ayrey Place of the Gravel

Boayl ny h'Eaynin Place of the Precipice

Boayl ny h'Oaie Place of the Graves

Boayl ny h'Ughtee Place of the Height

Boayl ny Jough Place of the Drinks

Boayl ny Muc Place of the Pigs

Boayl ny Niee Place of the Washing

Boayl ny Rhennee Ferny Place

Boayl ny Skeiy Place of the Wing

Boayl Troailtee Varrey Vannin Isle of Man Sea Terminal

Boayl y Carn Place of the Cairn

Boayl y Churree Place of the Marsh

Boayl y Croaw Place of the Tree

Boayl y Daahder Dyer's Place

Boayl y Gaaue Place of the Smith

Boayl yn Edd Place of the Nest

Boayl yn Ushag Booilushag, Place of the Bird

Boayl y Spital Hospital Place

Boayl y Trooan Place of the Stream

Boayl y Vayr Place of the Road

Cronk Boayl Rhennee Richmond Hill

cur boayl ayn indent

gow toshiaght dy chummal ayns boayl settle

Ferny Place2 (n.) Boayl Rhennee, Boayl ny Rhennee

layby (n.) boayl aash; boayl scuirr

private place (n.) boayl er lheh, boayl follit

seal rookery (n.) boayl raun, boayl rauney

Place of the Bird (n.) Boayl Ushag; Boayl yn Ushag

nowhere (n., adv.) boayl erbee: I went nowhere - Cha jagh mee boayl erbee. DF idiom

aid post (n.) boayl couyr

ambulance2 (n.) (place) boayl kied chouyr

amusement arcade (n.) boayl gammanyn

another place (n.) boayl elley

any whither (adv.) boayl erbee

aphelion (n.) boayl sodjey

apogee (n.) boayl sodjey

Beautiful Site Boayl Aalin

Big Place (n.) Boayl Mooar

Bird Place (n.) Boayl Ushag

birthplace (n.) boayl ruggyree

black spot1 (n.) boayl sollagh

black spot2 (n.) (roses) boayl doo

blotch1 (n.) boayl jiarg

Booilushag (n.) Boayl yn Ushag

Boyle's Fold (n.) Boayl Voyle

centre cree, laare, ynnyd; mean: The centre of the table - Mean y voayrd. DF idiom; boayl: Shopping centre - Boayl shappal. DF idiom; laaragh, meanagh

clean place (n.) boayl glen

Daly's Place (n.) Boayl Daly

Dawson's Place (n.) Boayl Dawson

departure point (n.) boayl faagee

dormitory (n.) boayl cadlee

Dry Place (n.) Boayl Chirrym

focal point (n.) boayl co-haglee

Greedy Place (n.) Boayl Joogh

Hard Place (n.) Boayl Creoi

helidrome (n.) boayl coptyragh

Highest Spot (n.) Boayl Yrjey

High Place (n.) Boayl Ard

hunting ground (n.) boayl shelg

indentation (n.) boayl, jingey

Level Place (n.) Boayl Rea

light spot (n.) boayl sollysh

listening post (n.) boayl eaishtaght

locality (n.) ynnyd, ynnydys; boayl: The locality served by the railway line - Yn boayl ta'n raad yiarn shirveish er. DF idiom

Low Place (n.) Boayl Injil

lurking place (n.) boayl keiltynys

mottle boayl breck; breckey

neighbourship (n.) boayl ennagh mygeayrt

osier bed (n.) boayl shellee

parking place (n.) boayl pairkal

perigee (n.) boayl s'faggys

perihelion (n.) boayl s'faggys

place2 (n.) (spot) boayl: A place quite new to me - Boayl nagh vel enney erbee aym er. DF idiom; ynnyd: It's in place now - T'eh ayns ynnyd nish. DF idiom

pleasant place (n.) boayl aalin

Quiet Place (n.) Boayl Feagh

resettlement centre (n.) boayl aahoiaghey

rookery (n.) boayl troghan

sheltering place (n.) boayl fastee

Solitary Place (n.) Boayl Fadane

South Place (n.) Boayl Jiass

spot ard: Beautiful spot - Ard aalin. DF idiom; boayl: Sheltered spot - Boayl fasteeagh. DF idiom; spoht, spot, ynnyd; breck, cron; crottey; breckey, faagail cron er, spohttey; cur tastey da, fakin; jeir

Stack Place (n.) Boayl Stack

steading (n.) boayl eirinagh

strawberry mark (n.) boayl ruy

teeing ground (n.) boayl teeal

trysting place (n.) boayl reaghit

vacant space (n.) boayl follym

viewpoint2 (n.) (beauty spot) boayl fakin

waiting place (n.) boayl farkee

wherever (adv., conj.) boayl erbee

Winnowing Place (n.) Boayl Fasnagh

winnowing place (n.) boayl fasnee

workplace (n.) boayl obbree


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