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board1 (n.) aaght, argid beaghee, cur aaght da, goaill aaght, jannoo oastys da, lhongee, oastys; boayrd: Place a board edgeways - Boayrd y chur er e oirr. DF idiom; claare; faill; (n.) oik; (v.) cur claare er, cur claare rish, cur laare ayns, goaill lhuingys, goll er boayrd

board2 (n.) (food) oastys

board3 (v.) (of people) cur aaght da, jannoo oastys da

board4 (v.) (dwell) goaill aaght

board5 (wages) argid beaghee; lhongee

board table: : yn altar airh, as yn board airh Bible

Inexact matches:

above board (adj.) dy foshlit

annunciator board (n.) claare sansheragh

asbestos board (n.) claare asbestos

back board (n.) boayrd lout

barge board (n.) claare mullee

board out (v.) cur aaght er, cur magh

bread board (n.) claare arran

checkers board (n.) boayrd tawlish

diving board (n.) boayrd hummee

drainer board (n.) sheelane

draught board (n.) claare tawlish-beg

drawing board (n.) claare linneeaght

fibre board (n.) boayrd frauaigagh

Forestry Board (n.) Boayrd ny Keylljin

full board (n.) lane-veaghey

gable board (n.) claare gaabyl

half board (n.) lieh-veaghey

Highway Board (n.) Boayrd Raaidyn Mooarey

ironing board (n.) boayrd-smoodal, claare smoodee, claare yiarnal

knife board (n.) claare skynney

medical board (n.) boayrd lheeys

mill board (n.) boayrd walkee

notice board (n.) claare fogrey

paste board (n.) pabyr chiu

sandwich board (n.) claare braghtan

sign board (n.) boayrd shapp

skirting board (n.) claare chemmal

sleeve board (n.) boayrd muinneelagh

statutory board (n.) boayrd slattyssagh

surf board (n.) claare tonn

Tourist Board (n.) Boayrd Failt

travis board (n.) boayrd tessen

water board (n.) boayrd ushtey

windsurfing board (n.) deal-shiaullee

board of directors (n.) boayrd ny stiureyderyn, oik ny stiureyderyn

dash board light (n.) sollys pannyl

It went by the board Hie ny mucyn ny hrooid

Southern Civic Amenity Site Board (n.) Boayrd Ynnyd Jeelym Theayagh y Jiass

Waste Management Board (n.) Boayrd Oaseirys Smooirlagh

argid beaghee (wages) board

Boayrd Failt Tourist Board

boayrd frauaigagh fibre board

boayrd hummee diving board

boayrd lheeys medical board

boayrd lout back board

boayrd muinneelagh sleeve board

boayrd shapp sign board

boayrd slattyssagh statutory board

boayrd-smoodal ironing board

boayrd tawlish checkers board

boayrd tessen travis board

boayrd ushtey water board

boayrd walkee mill board

claare arran (f.) bread board

claare asbestos asbestos board

claare braghtan sandwich board

claare chemmal skirting board

claare fogrey notice board

claare gaabyl gable board

claare linneeaght drawing board

claare mullee barge board

claare sansheragh annunciator board

claare skynney knife board

claare smoodee ironing board

claare tawlish-beg draught board

claare tonn surf board

claare yiarnal ironing board

cur claare er board

cur claare rish board

cur laare ayns board

deal-shiaullee windsurfing board

jannoo oastys da (of people) board

lane-veaghey full board

lieh-veaghey half board

pabyr chiu paste board

earth-board (n.) (on plough) boayrd ooiree

gang-board (n.) daayl coshey

lee-board (n.) boayrd cheu fastee

mould-board (n.) sock

pedal-board (n.) claare coshal

Boayrd ny Keylljin Forestry Board

boayrd ooiree (on plough) earth-board

Boayrd Raaidyn Mooarey Highway Board

claare coshal pedal-board

cur aaght er board out

daayl coshey gang-board, gangplank

sollys pannyl dash board light

boayrd cheu fastee leeboard, lee-board

boayrd ny stiureyderyn board of directors

Boayrd Oaseirys Smooirlagh Waste Management Board

goll er boayrd board, boarding, embark, embarkation

oastys (f.) (food) board; boarding, hostel; public house licence

oik ny stiureyderyn board of directors

sheelane (f.) drainer board, percolator, refinery, strainer; ovary

Boayrd Ynnyd Jeelym Theayagh y Jiass Southern Civic Amenity Site Board

cur aaght da (of people) board; harbour, house, lodge, put up, room

jed1 (=Ir. gaid) clergyman, minister, priest: Ta jed er board urree. DF; daddy, pa

aboard (adv., adj.) er lhuingey; er-boayrd: There is a clergyman aboard - Ta jed er board urree. DF idiom

clergyman (n.) jed: There is a clergyman aboard - Ta jed er board urree. DF idiom; coillar bane, saggyrt, shirveishagh

edgeways (adv.) er beeal, er foyr; er oirr: Place a board edgeways - Boayrd y chur er e oirr. DF idiom; lesh foyryn ry-cheilley

forestry (n.) forsteragh, forsterys, obbyr cheylley; keylljyn: The Forestry Board - Boayrd ny Keylljin. DF idiom

table1 (n.) leac varmyr, taabyl, board; boayrd: There's but one inkstand on the table - Cha nel agh un dooagan er y voayrd. JJK idiom

aaght 1 accommodation, board, digs, lodging a: ghow ad aaght ayns shen reesht Bible; 2 covert; 3 den

boayrd (=Ir. bórd) pl. buird board, plank, shelf of rock, table: ny hoie ec boayrd y cheesh Bible

claare (=Ir. clár) (f.) 1 batten, board, stave; 2 bar counter; 3 charger, dish, platter a: hoie ee roish eeym ayns claare stoamey Bible; b pl. claareeyn; 4 playbill, programme, program: Va claare ayn er y radio tammylt beg er-dy-henney Carn; 5 (list) table

faill (=Ir. páigheáil) (f.) board, employment, fare, fee, hire, pay, reward, salary, stipend, wage, wages: bee shen son faill da'n cheshaght-chaggee echey Bible

goaill aaght (dwell) board; lodge, sojourn: T'eh goaill aaght ayns shen car y touree. DF

goaill lhuingys board, embarkation: As chelleeragh hug Yeesey er e ostyllyn goaill lhuingys, as goll harrish gys y cheu elley roish, choud as v'eshyn lhiggey yn raad da'n pobble. Bible

Hie ny mucyn ny hrooid It went by the board; (the) pigs went through it

lhongee (wages) board; (of) food: Hooar mee ny eieyn lhongee shoh voish lioar enmyssit 'Manx Cookery Book of Favourite Dishes' clouit 1908, as reaghit liorish Sophia as Louisa Morrison. Dhoor

oik (=Ir. oifig) bishopric, board, bureau, office, post: ghow eh stiagh yn ard-vutler gys e oik reesht Bible

cur magh (v.) board out, bring forth, deal, delegate, dispatch, dispense, displace, eject, emit, evacuate, exude, give out, issue, lay out, publish, put forth, put out, send out, yield: t'eh cur magh tendreilyn lesh fliaghey Bible; utterance; edition, publication; delegation, dispensation, ejection, emission, evacuation

dy foshlit avowedly, frankly, professedly: hoilshee eh daue, kys v'eh er vakin y Chiarn er y raad, as dy row eh er loayrt rish, as kys v'eh er preacheil dy dunnal as dy foshlit ec Damascus ayns ennym Yeesey. Bible; above board, publicly; openly

sock (f.) 1 pl. sick bow, horn of anvil, nose, snout, toe a: Cur scain er y sock. DF; 2 mould-board, ploughshare, share; 3 jet, nozzle, rose


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