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boalley See voalley, pl. boallaghyn bulwark, dyke, wall, wall building: Cur piobyn trooid boalley DF

Inexact matches:

blaa boalley wallflower

boalley bane blank wall

boalley bouyr acoustic wall

boalley caglee party wall

boalley chirrym dry wall

boalley claare hoarding, wallboard

boalley cloaie fell dyke, stone wall

boalley coadee bulwark

boalley drappal climbing wall

boalley feayr dry wall

boalley glonney glass partition

boalley lhuingey bulkhead

boalley marrey breakwater, mole, revetment, seawall

boalley meanagh partition wall

boalley scarree dividing wall

boalley sthie scarp

boalley uinnagagh (f.) clerestory

bracket boalley wall bracket

caillin boalley pin-up

caslys boalley mural

caslys-cheerey boalley wall map

clag boalley wall clock

colloo boalley pilaster

map boalley wall map

pabyr boalley wallpaper

plaastrail boalley parget

snaueyder boalley wallcreeper

billey mess boalley wall fruit

cur boalley mygeayrt er wall

glasseyr ny boalley wall lettuce

jeen rish boalley lean to

wall1 (n.) boalley: Wall five feet high - Boalley queig trie er yrjid. DF idiom; (n.) boal, voalley; (v.) cur boalley mygeayrt er

dry wall (n.) boalley chirrym, boalley feayr

wall map (n.) caslys-cheerey boalley, map boalley

bulwark (n.) boalley; boalley coadee; bullick; bulwark; calloo; cashtal; mooiraghan

acoustic wall boalley bouyr

blank wall (n.) boalley bane

breakwater (n.) boalley marrey, calloo

bulkhead (n.) boalley lhuingey, bulcaid

clerestory (n.) boalley uinnagagh

climbing wall (n.) boalley drappal

dividing wall (n.) boalley scarree

mural (n.) caslys boalley

partition wall (n.) boalley meanagh

party wall (n.) boalley caglee

pilaster (n.) colloo boalley

pin-up (n.) caillin boalley

revetment (n.) boalley marrey

scarp (n.) boalley sthie

seawall (n.) boalley marrey

stone wall (n.) boalley cloaie

wallboard (n.) boalley claare

wall bracket (n.) bracket boalley

wall building boallaghey, boalley

wall clock (n.) clag boalley

wallcreeper (n.) snaueyder boalley

wallpaper (n.) pabyr boalley; pabyr-voalley

dyke (n.) boalley; cleigh marrey; kione

fell dyke (n.) boalley cloaie, bun-chleighan

lean to jeen rish boalley

wall fruit (n.) billey mess boalley

glass partition (n.) boalley glonney, skiart glenney

mole (n.) boalley marrey; fahrane, kyaghan; mole

parget garroo-phlaastrail; garroo-phlaastyr; plaastrail boalley; plaastyr

wall lettuce (n.) glassan y voalley, glasseyr ny boalley

fo brat coated: Boalley fo brat hibbin. DF

hibbin (f.) ivy: Boalley fo brat hibbin. DF

hoarding boalley claare; boayrd fogree; chymsagh; pruggal; stoyral; stoyrey; tashtagh

of stone cloaie: Wall of stone - Boalley cloaie. DF idiom

jannoo ushtey leak: Boalley ta jannoo ushtey. DF; (of boat) take in

slaait daubed, painted, plastered, smeared: Boalley slaait ass y noa. DF; blotchy; dauby

China (n.) (Yn) Cheen: The Great Wall of China - Boalley Mooar ny Sheen. DF idiom

newly (adv.) ass-y-noa: Newly painted wall - Boalley slaait ass y noa. DF idiom; dy noa

painted daahit; slaait: Newly painted wall - Boalley slaait ass y noa. DF idiom; tayrnit; paintit

pipes (npl.) feddanyn; lhiggaghyn; piobyn: Running pipes through a wall - Cur piobyn trooid boalley. DF idiom

slab (n.) leac: Let a slab into the wall - Leac y yingey stiagh ayns boalley. DF idiom

wallflower (n.) blaa boalley; blaa Feill' Eoin: Here's a fine wallflower - Er hoh blaa Feaill' Eoin aalin. JJK idiom; lus yn voalley

arjid highness: As yn oie shen ren ad towse arjid boalley yn ardvalley as lurg shen jannoo ymmodee aaraghyn cooie cour goll seose y voalley ass feygh ass y cheyll v'er gerrey da. GB

booghey billow; bulge: My va sleih laccal tooilley spoarcadlee, hrog ad sorch dy hamyr-cadlee va booghey magh boayl ennagh ayns boalley. Carn

eerey (f.) pl. eeraghyn furrow length, plough length: as eisht geddyn greim er y cheeaght as geiyrt er seose yn eerey cha moal as crammag snaue seose y boalley. Dhoor; swirl

leac (=Ir. leac) (f.) (pl -yn) pl. lic flagstone, monolith, sheet, slab, slate: Leac y yingey stiagh ayns boalley. DF; headstone, plaque; (of engine) foundation

listal list, recruit; enlist, enrol, join up: Dy listal 'syn armee. DF; enlistment, enrolment, recruitment; leaning, tilting: Ta'n boalley listal. DF; appointing

shed (n.) bwaag; bwaane: Lean-to shed - Bwaane rish boalley. DF idiom; dreeym; (v.) shilley; shill, shillit; skah; skahit, skaht, tilgit; deayrt; gheayrt: And shed innocent blood - As gheayrt ad yn uill gyn loght; deayrtey: For their feet run to evil, and make haste to shed blood - Son ta ny cassyn oc roie gys olk, as jannoo siyr gys deayrtey folley Bible


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