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blood (n.) fuill: Blood is thicker than water - Ta fuill ny s'chee na ushtey. JJK idiom

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blood bank (n.) stoyr folley

blood brother (gen.) braar folley, jarroo-vraar

blood cleansing glenney folley

blood clot (n.) glubbey folley

blood corpuscles (npl.) corpeen folley

blood group (n.) possan folley

blood guilt kyndid folley

blood heat (n.) chiass folley

blood orange (n.) oranje yiarg

blood plasma (n.) plasmey folley

blood poisoning (n.) pyshoonys folley

blood pressure1 (n.) broo-folley, trimmid folley

blood pressure2 (n.) (illness) ard-hrimmey folley

blood pudding (n.) putage folley

blood red fuill-yiarg

blood relation (n.) mooinjer folley

blood relationship (n.) caardys, caarjys, fuilleeaght, mooinjerys, mooinjerys folley

blood shedder (n.) fuillaghtagh

blood sugar (n.) shugyr folley

blood tax (n.) shirveish hidooragh

blood transfusion (n.) tessen-chaghlaa folley

blood vessel (n.) cuisle, feddan folley, fuilleydane

blue blood (n.) fuill ooasle, fuill reeoil

life blood (n.) fuill chree

noble blood (n.) fuill ooasle

of blood (gen.) folley: Their drink-offering of blood will I not offer - Nyn ourallyn-iu folley cha jean-yms y hebbal Bible

poor blood (n.) drogh 'uill

pure blood (n.) fuill ghlen, glen-folley

royal blood (n.) fuill reeoil

shed blood (v.) deayrtey fuill

shedding blood fuillaghtagh

blood as hounds cur blass folley da

high blood pressure (n.) ard-vroo folley

in cold blood (adv.) dy feayr-chooishagh

Point of Blood (n.) Gob yn Uill

purification of the blood glenney folley

revenger of blood (n.) cooilleeneyder-folley

river of blood (n.) strooan foalley

Rock of Blood (n.) Creg Foalley

sea of blood (n.) logh vooar folley

stopping a blood flow (v.) castey folley

fuill reeoil (f.) blue blood, royal blood

glenney folley blood cleansing, purification of the blood

fuillaghtagh passive, patient, suffering; homicide; bloodthirsty, shedding blood; endurable, sufferable, tolerable; blood shedder

ard-hrimmey folley (illness) blood pressure

braar folley blood brother

broo-folley blood pressure

chiass folley blood heat

corpeen folley blood corpuscles

cuisle (f.) blood vessel

drogh 'uill (f.) poor blood

feddan folley blood vessel

fuill chree (f.) life blood

fuilleydane blood vessel

fuill ghlen (f.) pure blood

fuill ooasle (f.) blue blood, noble blood: YEE Ooilley-niartal nyn Ayr flaunyssagh, t'er chionnaghey dhyt hene Agglish harrish y slane seihll, lesh fuill ooasle dty Vac deyr PB1765

fuill-yiarg blood red

glen-folley pure blood

glubbey folley blood clot

jarroo-vraar blood brother

kyndid folley blood guilt

mooinjer folley (f.) blood relation

mooinjerys folley blood relationship

oranje yiarg (f.) blood orange

plasmey folley blood plasma

possan folley blood group

putage folley (f.) blood pudding

pyshoonys folley blood poisoning

shirveish hidooragh (f.) blood tax

shugyr folley blood sugar

stoyr folley blood bank

tessen-chaghlaa folley blood transfusion

trimmid folley blood pressure

blood-clotting glubbaghey folley

blood-guilt loght folley

blood-guilty fuill-chyndagh

blood-letter lhiggeyder folley

blood-letting lhiggey folley

blood-warm fuill-vlah

shed (n.) bwaag; bwaane: Lean-to shed - Bwaane rish boalley. DF idiom; dreeym; (v.) shilley; shill, shillit; skah; skahit, skaht, tilgit; deayrt; gheayrt: And shed innocent blood - As gheayrt ad yn uill gyn loght; deayrtey: For their feet run to evil, and make haste to shed blood - Son ta ny cassyn oc roie gys olk, as jannoo siyr gys deayrtey folley Bible

ard-vroo folley high blood pressure

Creg Foalley Rock of Blood

fuill-chyndagh blood-guilty

fuill-vlah blood-warm

glubbaghey folley blood-clotting

lhiggey folley blood-letting

loght folley blood-guilt

strooan foalley river of blood

castey folley stopping a blood flow

cur blass folley da blood as hounds

dy feayr-chooishagh in cold blood, unemotionally

fuilleeaght (f.) blood relationship, breed, consanguinity, descendant, lineage, pedigree

Gob yn Uill Point of Blood

lhiggeyder folley blood-letter, phlebotomist; bloodletter

logh vooar folley (f.) sea of blood

folley (gen.) consanguinity, of blood: Smerg da'n ard-valley folley! Bible; bloody

fuill (=Ir.,Sc.G. fuil) (f.) (pl -yn) 1 blood a: t'ad ooilley lhie cooyl-chlea son fuill Bible; 2 breeding, kindred [O.Ir. fuil]

circulation (n.) kiarkley: The circulation of the blood - Kiarkley ny folley. DF idiom; lhaihderaght; gleashaght; ym-stroo

I will avenge kerree-yms: I will avenge the blood of Jezreel - kerree-yms fuill Yezreel Bible

shall pour deayrtee: and shall pour out all the blood at the bottom of the altar of the burnt offering - as deayrtee eh ooilley yn uill rish grunt altar yn oural losht Bible

slayer (n.) marrooder: Then the congregation shall judge between the slayer and the revenger of blood - Eisht nee ny briwnyn yn chooish vriwnys, eddyr yn marrooder as yn cooilleeneyder-folley Bible

sprinkle breckey; craa; skeaylley; spreih: Aaron's sons shall sprinkle the blood thereof round about upon the altar - nee mec Aaron yn uill echey y spreih mygeayrt er yn altar Bible

thicker (adj.) chee: Blood is thicker than water - Ta fuill ny s'chee na ushtey. JJK idiom; cheey

wrestle gleck noi: For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities - Son cha vel shin gleck noi feill as fuill, agh noi ard-reilltee Bible; gleckey noi; kestal; streppey noi; gleck

caardys allied to, blood relationship, friendship, genealogy, kin, kinship, pedigree, wood sanicle: Cha jig fer erbee eu er-gerrey jeeish ta faggys caardys da, dy phoosey ee Bible

caarjys (=S. G. cairdeas, Ir. cardach) (f.) 1 blood relationship, cordiality, intimacy, relationship; 2 friendship a: nagh vel fys eu dy vel caarjys y theihll noidys rish Jee Bible; 3 amicableness; 4 amity [L. caritas]

cooilleeneyder-folley avenger: nee'n whaiyll livrey yn marrooder veih laue yn cooilleeneyder-folley Bible; revenger of blood

deayrtey fuill shed blood: Ta shiu gee lesh yn uill, as troggal seose nyn sooillyn gys ny jalloonyn eu, as deayrtey fuill Bible

jeh'n uill (of animal) well-bred; of the blood: As ghow Moses yn derrey lieh jeh'n uill, as hug eh eh ayns siyn; as spreih eh lieh jeh'n uill er yn altar. Bible

mooinjerys (f.) blood relationship, connection, consanguinity, domestic service, kinship: As dooyrt Naomi r'ee, Ta'n dooinney faggys mooinjerys dooin, fer jeh nyn gynney sniessey. Bible

mingled (ny) chione: And every meat offering, mingled with oil - As dagh oural-arran, ta ooil ny chione Bible; covestit; fud; mastey: whose blood Pilate had mingled with their sacrifices - yn uill oc va Pilate er gheayrtey mastey (fuill) ny ourallyn oc Bible; (ny) vud; seiyt; roie fud-y-cheilley: fire mingled with the hail - yn aile as y sniaghtey-garroo roie fud-y-cheilley Bible; mestit: a tenth deal of flour mingled with the fourth part of an hin of oil - omer dy flooyr mestit lesh yn chiarroo ayrn jeh hin dy ooil Bible; seiy: and mingled my drink with weeping - as er heiy my yough lesh jeïr Bible

unto me dou: where thou anointedst the pillar, and where thou vowedst a vow unto me - raad ren oo ooillaghey yn phillar, as raad ren oo breearrey dou: Bible; dooys: thy mercy, which thou hast shewed unto me in saving my life - dty vyghin tou er hoilshaghey dooys ayns sauail my vioys Bible; hyms: the voice of thy brother's blood crieth unto me from the ground - ta coraa fuill dty vraarey geamagh hyms veihn ooir Bible; rhym: What is this that thou hast done unto me? - Cre shoh tou er nyannoo rhym? Bible; rhym pene


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