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block y Nollick Yule log

block1 block, glack, glout, jeenysal, kiap; cur lhiettrimys er: They tried to block the bill in Tynwald - Hug ad lhiettrimys er y villey ayns Tinvaal. DF idiom; dooney; tarmestey

block2 (n.) (for burning) kiap

block3 (n.) (of shares etc) glack

block4 (v.) (as wheels) jeenysal

block5 (n.) (of buildings) glout

block pl. blick block, log, paving set; (of soap) cake; (of paper) pad

Inexact matches:

block capital (n.) kione-lettyr bluick

Block Hill (n.) Stockfield

block letter (n.) block-lettyr, kione-lettyr

block maker (n.) blockeyder

block out (v.) dolley magh

brake block (n.) block glackan

breech block (n.) block thoanney

breeze block (n.) breek smarageagh

chopping block (n.) block teiy

horse block (n.) ardane markee

keel block (n.) blick chiouyl

little block (n.) kiappag

mounting block (n.) tarlheiman

pulley block (n.) block ullag

snatch block (n.) block foshlit

stumbling block (n.) kiap snapperal: take up the stumblingblock out of the way - scugh-jee yn kiap-snapperal ass raad my phobble Bible

wood block (n.) block foiee

wrest block (n.) pinney-chlaare

block aile fire log

Block Eary Black Shieling

block foiee wood block

block foshlit snatch block

block glackan brake block

block sheeabinagh (of soap) tablet

block teiy chopping block

block thoanney breech block

block ullag pulley block

block of flats (n.) block dy chummallyn-rea

block of peat (n.) foaid, foaid moaney

block dy chummallyn-rea block of flats

Black Shieling (n.) Block Eary

cake2 (n.) (of soap) block, caabaig

pad5 (n.) (of paper) block

paving set (n.) block

tablet2 (n.) (of soap) block sheeabinagh

ardane markee horse block

blockeyder block maker

block-lettyr block letter

breek smarageagh (f.) breeze block

kiappag (f.) little block

kione-lettyr bluick block capital

pinney-chlaare wrest block

Stockfield Block Hill [Scand]

breech-block kiap thoanney

chock-a-block (adj., adv.) lhome-lane; lung-lane

fiddle-block (n.) ullag fidlee

hat-block (n.) kiap edd

horse-block (n.) tarlheiman

monkey-block (n.) ullag

wig-block (n.) kiap mwashag

foaid moaney block of peat

kiap edd hat-block

kiap mwashag wig-block

kiap thoanney breech-block

ullag (f.) monkey-block, pulley, trochlea

ullag fidlee (f.) fiddle-block

fire log (n.) block aile, kiap aile

Yule log (n.) block y Nollick, darrag ny Nollick

blick chiouyl keel block, keel blocks

kione-lettyr (f.) block letter, capital, initial letter

lhome-lane See lung-lane chock-a-block, chock-full, cram-full

tarlheiman alighting stool, horse-block, mounting block, stepping stool

log (n.) block, darrag, gleash-veih, kiap, log; (v.) cowraghey; (n.) lioar lhuingey

jeenysal (as wheels) block; chock up, embed, fasten down, steady, wedge

chip1 (v.) glenney, scolbey, speiltey; (n.) spollag: There is a chip out of the saucer - Ta spollag ass yn skaal. DF idiom; speilt: He is a chip off the old block - T'eh ny speilt jeh'n chenn villey. DF idiom

cur lhiettrimys er ban, block, circumscribe, disqualify: My vees ad cur lhiettrimys er giarrey fammanyn quallianyn sy Reeriaght Unnaneyssit, oddagh y red cheddin taghyrt ayns Mannin. BS; handicap; head off

dolley magh abolition, abrogate, abrogation, block out, cancel, cancellation, delete, erase, obliteration: T'ad dolley magh y cheilley. DF

dooney (=Ir. dĂșnadh) barricade, block, button up, cadence, clench, close, closure, filling, imprisonment, lay siege, occlude, occlusion, secure, shut, shut down, stop up, swing: haink eh gy-kione mysh traa dooney ny giattey Bible; shutting; closing

foaid pl. foaidyn block of peat, clod, divot, sod, turf: Foaid mooar moaney. DF

glack (=Ir.glac, glacad.) (f.) pl. glick :1 (of hand) hollow; palm; narrow valley; (of shares etc) block; (v.) lay hold: glack fer jeh ny deiney aegey, as gow yn eilley-caggee echeysyn. Bible; seized; confiscate

glout (of buildings) block; bolus, chunk, clump, dollop, lump: Surree eh y flout my yiow eh y glout. AC

kiap pl. kip :1 pl. kiapyn 1 (for burning) block, butt, log a: Tra ta kiap [cainle] lostey ec dagh kione cha jean ee shassoo agh tra gherrid. EF; 2 pad, pillow, snag, socle, stock; 3 (of tree) trunk, tree stump

kiap snapperal pl. kiapyn snapperal impediment, snag, stumbling block: scugh-jee yn kiap-snapperal ass raad my phobble Bible

lung-lane chock-a-block, cram-full, top-full: t'ad er dty lhieeney lung-lane dy hranlaase Bible

tarmestey (v.) ban, block, blocking, check, checkmate, chip in, debar, foil, frustrate, interdict, proscribe, thwart: Ny bee tarmestey ooilley'n traa. DF; (annoy) cross; (n.) discouragement, encroachment, frustration, interdiction, interference, proscription, taboo; stonewaller


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