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bleayst chro (f.) nutshell

bleayst (=Ir. blaosc) (f.) pl. bleaystyn body, crust, gill cover, hull, husk, pod, shell, shield; bang, peal; (impv) burst

Inexact matches:

bleayst ghalchro (f.) walnut shell

bleayst ooh eggshell

bleayst phisheragh (f.) peapod

bleayst shligganagh (f.) tortoise shell

crust bleayst; scroig; scrug

eggshell (n.) bleayst ooh

gill cover (n.) bleayst

hull (n.) bleayst, corp; (v.) roostey

nutshell (n.) bleayst chro

peapod (n.) bleayst phisheragh

shell1 bleayst: The chicken is breaking the shell - Ta'n eean scolbey yn bleayst. DF idiom; bleaystan; coodagh; finneig; shlig; shliggan; bleaystaghey, bleaystaney, skilley

tortoise shell (n.) bleayst shligganagh

walnut shell (n.) bleayst ghalchro

pleayst (=Ir. plaosg) See bleayst husk

peal bleayst, claggintys; rooit: Peal of thunder - Rooit haarnee. DF idiom

pod (n.) fynneig; lhiannag; bleayst; roost; (v.) goaill ny fynneigyn jeh, jannoo fynneigyn

bang bleayst; bwoalley; crankal; feeam; frap; polt; bleaystey: It went bang! - Ren eh bleaystey! DF idiom; vleayst: It went bang - Vleayst eh. DF idiom

body1 (n.) bleayst, colught, mean, sthockan; callin: The resurrection of the body - Irree seose reesht y challin. DF idiom; colb; corp: Commit a body to the deep - Corp y cheau harrish boayrd. DF idiom; corpane; shlig

burst1 bleastey; brishey; fosley; raght; roie; sceilt; scelt; scoltey: Ready to burst - Er chee scoltey. DF idiom; scoltey piob; scoltit; skioot; (impv) bleayst; vrish: He burst his bonds - Vrish eh ny geulaghyn v'er. DF idiom

husk (n.) bleayst: from the kernels even to the husk - veihn mess hene eer gys y vleayst. Bible; fynneig; lhiannag; coghyl, jeeas, lhiannag; (v.) crottal; (n., v.) skilley

shield (n.) bleayst, scaap, scape cruinn, skaa, skæ; (v.) coodaghey: Shield the eyes - Ny sooillyn y choodaghey. DF idiom; scape: The shield surmounts it - Ta'n scape er e skyn. DF idiom


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